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    Trizzo2 reacted to BrobaFett in Is Tagge secretly better than Motti?   
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    Trizzo2 reacted to ForceSensitive in Viable Thrawn Builds   
    I had great success and fun with this list. My view on Thrawn isn't that he gives your fleet versatility like many would say, but instead a solid backbone. I say this because the Thrawn dials are the most advanced set commands of any vessel, lasting until likely turn 4 so therefore planned as though you had a command four ship. I'd rather have something else for my different ships that I plan as the game progresses. Like when I see which ship is going to be taking the brunt of the attack, I want it to set engineering while the other ships focus the attack. And since the Thrawn dials are locked from the beginning they have no changeability as circumstance reveals how the game will unfold. Also, the dial you select for the turn is applied to every ship, so it could totally whiff if you Thrawn up squads... And have no squads in range. Or engineering... And have not been shot. Or concentrate fire!... And have no targets. So to my mind, the one command that every ship likely wants to do EVERY turn if it had the choice is navigate. Navigate is never really a misplaced dial, even to a ship which is already in a good position and had the maneuver available that it wants, taking an extra click can keep it that way. So with a fleet that had access to navigate every round for three rounds straight on top of the ability to adapt to the situation by seeing each their own commands, I can make faaaaar better plans based on consistency.  So I came up with this list and it worked incredibly well.:
    Blast 'Em (398/400)
    Cymoon 1 Refit (112 + 74)
        + Grand Admiral Thrawn (32)
        + Minister Tua (2)
        + Gunnery Team (7)
        + Intensify Firepower! (6)
        + Spinal Armament (9)
        + XI7 Turbolasers (6)
        + Avenger (5)
        + Electronic Countermeasures (7)
    Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 6)
        + Slaved Turrets (6)
    Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 6)
        + Slaved Turrets (6)
    Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 6)
        + Slaved Turrets (6)
    Gozanti-class Assault Carriers (28 + 4)
        + Suppressor (4)
    Opening Salvo
    Contested Outpost
    Solar Corona
    Avenger might seem off here but when it activates last after three Arquitten cruisers have fired with 5 reds, one auto hit, they realize all too late that Avenger is just as good a sniper as a brawler. Eventually I cut Supressor title from the build and put in a simple comms net to feed tokens to the Avenger. And that seemed to do even better as a fuel source for IF. Tua makes the ISD a hard target. And the cruisers punish you with a solid base of attack as of they were three Ackbar buffed Assault Frigates. Thrawn sets three navigate dials, or two nav and one repair if I'm feeling cautious since even late game there's a chance the majority of ships can fix at least something. And the ships plan their turns as normal plotting which they expect to talk damage, which they need to have focused on shooting, and that's it folks. 
    Never forget. These truths to Armada:
    Concentrate fire gets you ONE die. Controling what range you are at with navigate can bring in a whole pool of dice or prevent a whole pool from shooting at you. 
    Engineering can cover up a damage or two, but navigate can get you out of a dangerous arc and save you entirely.
    Squadrons might be dead or not in range when you activate, but navigate can get you out of their strike range altogether.
    Navigate... For... The... Win.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Daht in Just once... I mean come on, just for fun.   
    [ EMPIRE FLEET (400 points)
    1 • Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat Refit - Admiral Motti - Strategic Adviser - Boarding Troopers - Assault Proton Torpedoes - Leading Shots (152)
    2 • Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat Refit - Boarding Troopers - Assault Proton Torpedoes - Leading Shots (124)
    3 • Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat Refit - Boarding Troopers - Assault Proton Torpedoes - Leading Shots (124)
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    Trizzo2 reacted to BiggsIRL in Just once... I mean come on, just for fun.   
    3 Cymoon Tarkin - 399 / 400
    Cymoon, Tarkin, Sovereign, Intensify Firepower!, Strategic Advisor
    Cymoon, Entrapment Formation!
    Cymoon, Shields to Maximum!
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    Trizzo2 reacted to PartyPotato in Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer   
    Hold my beer @Darth Veggie...
    TFA was ok with the saving grace that it laid the ground work for the next films to build upon.  Mainly disappointed with “lets just make everything bigger/better”.  IE Star Killer Base and Rey being a Mary Sue (perfect at everything with no negative traits).
    TLJ... Did Rian Johnson even bother to watch TFA?  Absolutely no continuity between the films except for the “Lets continue to make everything bigger/better”.  IE Star Destroyers are bigger, and Rey is somehow even MORE of a Mary Sue than in TFA.  Finn and Rose story arc was a complete waste of 30 minute of screen time.  Finn literally failed at everything his character tried to do.  At that point just cut him out of the movie.
    Although my 2 biggest complaints against TLJ
    1.  Snoke took over the galaxy in the screen crawl.  Took good ole uncle palp 3 movies and subtly subverting the galactic Government to conquer the galaxy.  Rian Johnson ain’t got time for that.  Just throw a sentence in the screen crawl so we can have a super boring chase scene that makes no sense.
    2.  There are no bad guys left.  Snoke is dead.  Hux is now the equivalent of Wily Coyote, a complete joke.  Kylo is most likely another redemption story.  Phasma is dead but oh well she sucked anyways.  So now we are entering the final chapter of the saga and there is no antagonist left to fight.  Perfect.  Lets just pull an RR Martin and introduce more characters in the 11th hour of the story. (Before you nerd rage on me... GoT books... show sucks now too though... just for different reasons)
    3.  Where the **** are the knights of REN?  I know I said only 2 major things bothered me but this one just hit me while typing.  
    JJ Abrams is definitely going to be retconing a bunch of the stupid ***** Rian Johnson did.  
    Final word... Rian Johnson is a talented director, TLJ was beautiful, just keep him away from the script.  TLJ was terrible and if you thought it was a good movie then Disney should just bring in Michael Bay to do IX.  Because you got the Transformers of the Star Wars universe in TLJ. 
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Drasnighta in How to curb all this low bidding nonsens in tournies ;)   
    You're...   A good 2 waves too late on that one.
    The Bidding Arms Race was back when Demolisher was the be all and end all...  Avenger BT kind of rides on the coattails, but really, you either Bid for first, or you don't.
    There certainly gets to a point where you're bidding so much, it costs you a ship, and that ship is almost always going to be worth it intsead.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to thecactusman17 in Chimera pack ISDs are useless   
    Not sure what type it is, but if you really hate the ISD paint job you can repaint it easily.
    Bathe it in a tub of 70+ percent isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes, and scrub off all the default paint with a toothbrush.  It's easy! (note:  this ONLY applies to the default FFG paint, anything you apply will be much more difficult to fix)
    Spray it with a basic gray primer spray paint.  Your local FLGS probably has guys playing games like Warhammer or similar who can help you do this if you're not used to it.  You just want a light coat that will not obscure any details of the model.  Before you spray, either remove the clear plastic piece on the bottom or tape over it to keep it transparent.
    Take a decent sized hobby brush, and dip it in the preferred default model paint of your choice.  Wipe it nearly dry on a piece of paper towel.  Then scrub it vigorously along the outer armor shell of the model.  you'll see that it gets the top layer of whatever it hits while leaving the recesses your gray  base color to pick out all the panels for awesome detail.
    If you want to, repaint the interior your engine nacelles with a white undercoat, then light blue, light orange, or light pink (mix with white then water down).
    If you want to add an extra detail like a ship name or design, now's your chance.
    And bam, instant fully-painted custom ISD paint job!

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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from MandalorianMoose in Thrawns Ability...   
    Yeah...he is surely one of the strongest Admirals off the bat. Remains to be seen just how good this is. It does so much for so many different fleet types.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Ginkapo in Thrawns Ability...   
    I love Thrawns ability. Its thematic. Its strong and most of all, its easy to errata in the word "different" to his wording. 
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Undeadguy in Should Concentrate Fire command have an FAQ?   
    I've thought of a change before:
    CF Dial
    Small ships: Add 1 die
    Medium ships: Add 1 die and reroll
    Large ships: Add 2 dice
    CF Token:
    Small ships: reroll 1 die
    Medium ships: reroll 2 dice
    Large ships: Add 1 die and reroll
    It makes larger ships much scarier, and thematically, it would make sense for them to throw more power behind their attacks. It's a small adjustment but really puts the firepower back into larger ships. Leia on MC80s would be adding 3 dice and 1 reroll. But you're also spending about 150 points to do that. And Comms Net gets a major boost by passing CF tokens around. It also keeps Demo and Admo in check, while providing a buff to Vics and Dics.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Truthiness in Making Armada a better competitive game   
    No to all of it.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to draco193 in The Forgotten Armada Scenario:Take the Station!   
    Take The Station was released nearly a year ago now. I remember when it was released there was some significant interest but it seems to have faded quietly away. Our group now is a bit more stable in being able to all meet up so we can plan on giving it a whirl sometime in the near future.
    Has anyone played it recently? Any house rules folks would suggest? 
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from evanger in Flotillas!   
    noun: flotilla; plural noun: flotillas   a small fleet of ships or boats."a flotilla of cargo boats"   Why do they travel in pairs? Cause they hauling space nazis or freedom fighters. So carrying more is better! And it looks more like a floatilla and bigger is better despite what they say.        
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from Lemmiwinks86 in Flotillas!   
    noun: flotilla; plural noun: flotillas   a small fleet of ships or boats."a flotilla of cargo boats"   Why do they travel in pairs? Cause they hauling space nazis or freedom fighters. So carrying more is better! And it looks more like a floatilla and bigger is better despite what they say.        
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from HoundsTooth in Flotillas!   
    noun: flotilla; plural noun: flotillas   a small fleet of ships or boats."a flotilla of cargo boats"   Why do they travel in pairs? Cause they hauling space nazis or freedom fighters. So carrying more is better! And it looks more like a floatilla and bigger is better despite what they say.        
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from Darth Sanguis in Flotillas!   
    noun: flotilla; plural noun: flotillas   a small fleet of ships or boats."a flotilla of cargo boats"   Why do they travel in pairs? Cause they hauling space nazis or freedom fighters. So carrying more is better! And it looks more like a floatilla and bigger is better despite what they say.        
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Ardaedhel in Regionals Data - The Impact of Flotillas   
    Wait wait wait.
    So you're saying the mechanic that was introduced to mitigate the impact of activation advantage of MSUs...

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    Trizzo2 reacted to shmitty in Regionals Data - The Impact of Flotillas   
    Been looking through the 3 seasons of Regionals data for a blog post.  As Flotillas have been a hot-button issue I was looking to see what can be said of their impact.
    The most obvious would be that since their introduction fleet size has increased by a little less than 1 ship per fleet.  (.6 ships over all and .8 ships in the Top 4).
    But I was curious how that change was manifesting.  We weren't getting ridiculously larger fleets on the top end.  For Wave 2, the average largest fleet was 5.75 and for Wave 5 it was 6.
    So, if the top end wasn't moving much where is the change?  This data is for the Top 4 finishers:

    # of Ships Wave 2 Wave 3/4 Wave 5 2 15% 7% 2% 3 32% 11% 7% 4 28% 39% 44% 5 20% 27% 37% 6 5% 14% 7% 7 0% 2% 3% Since the arrival of the flotilla, the 2 and 3 ship fleet has essentially disappeared.  Everything is now clustered in the 4-5 ship range.  The high activation fleets have not grown as fast as the low activation fleets have shrank.  Things have pushed towards the middle.
    Flotillas don't seem to have made swarms any swarm-ier than they already were, but have helped the low activation fleets to better compete.
    The large ship numbers seem to agree with this.  Fleets with Large ships are doing much better since the release of the flotilla:

    Large Ships All Top 4 Wave 2 52% 39% Wave 3/4 52% 43% Wave 5 51% 49% Taking a large ship no longer hampers your activation count nearly as much as it used to.
    More to come as I continue writing and crunching numbers, but thought I would share this bit now.
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    Trizzo2 reacted to WWPDSteven in Fuel for the flotilla fire   
    You guys are really amping this up. I thought the rage was pretty contained, and people did a pretty reasonable job of articulating their viewpoints. Standard tack, I suppose. Gotta make people with an opinion different than the groupthink seem unhinged. 
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Matt Antilles in Fuel for the flotilla fire   
    So what the graph is really telling us is that flotilla usage as a percent of total fleet points is declining. 
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Snipafist in Fuel for the flotilla fire   
    "Daddy, what were the Armada forums like back in 2017?"
    "Well son, people argued about flotillas so much that we were desperate. So desperate we even would've taken Harambe memes. Anything that wasn't about flotillas or squadrons."
    "Wow Daddy, that sounds terrible!"
    "They were dark times. Very dark times. The kind that try a man's very soul and make him wish in some small way that his internet would cut out just so he couldn't bare witness to the hopelessness of it all. The kind that break lesser men."
    "Daddy needs some alone time now, so go along and play."

    (staring into distance intensifies)
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Democratus in Rebels Season 3 finale spoilers   
    So long as the main characters are immune to real harm, the story has no tension.
    Rebels is unique in that it portrays characters who are not required to survive (just like Rogue One). The writers should use this power to show how deadly and dangerous the empire can be. I think they missed a real opportunity here when all of the core characters survived the climax of the season.
    In particular, Kanan's death could have demonstrated the seriousness of the Rebel plight AND pushed Ezra's character development.
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from Undeadguy in Rebels Season 3 finale spoilers   
    I want to like the show, this is the problem The issue is the writers make it very difficult to do so. I don't go soft on a show because I like the lore.
    1) I was not talking about value in terms of material. Of course they lost material value. But it doesn't have any emotional pay off. All these ships were hyperspaced in from essentially nowhere. They were not especially earned, they just appeared, strangely enough in time for a grand finale big battle! And now they are all gone. Well that was an interesting albeit pointless exercise. But hey cool explosions.
    2) Again, Sato is material value to the Rebels only. He has been a mainstay of the series yet his death has less emotional impact than a no name Hammerhead Corvette crew we see for 10 seconds! (Rogue One)
    3) The plot armour is ridiculous. I don't think any examples need to be pointed out, surely not? This is a problem. There is no sense of threat to any of the characters. At every turn the writers undermine themselves. They wanted this to be a serious season. If you match this "new threat" with an increase to plot armour it isn't interesting viewing.
    4) All the things to look foward to a just filler bits of lore. Why do we care about Gerrer based on anything he did in the show? Kallus plays the part of a turn coat rebel feeling isolated and abandoned by a cold indifferent Empire? Yawn, its been done before and  better. Why do we care about the Mon Cals? Almost nothing outside of being a fan of a the lore makes this show good viewing. The characters don't sell it. The writing doesn't. The lazy episodic structure doesn't. Give me a reason to care beyond 'hey these idiots will consume anything if we put Starwars in the label'. Plot or character development? Nah...let's make a jumble of random episode you could watch in any order and be none the wiser.
    5) Ezera. I gave him a chance this season. He is consistently the worst aspect of the show. He is tonally deaf ("I hope they are having better luck", he says as he watches his fleet blown to pieces), his writing is lazy and simplistic, he has no emotional range or depth, he is terrible at the comic relief role. He ruined Twin Suns, the best Episode of Rebels peroid.
    So why bother at all? Take Twin Suns. They defy Star Wars convention and fanboy expectation. They give us flashes of strong writing (Obiwan/Maul, Ezera not included), great character representation through "showing", seeing Obwiwan change expression, the lightsaber reflected in the face, the change of stances, seeing the realisation of a life wasted on Mauls face and "he will avenge us". Most of the time we have every piece of information spoon fed to us through lazy, poorly written dialoge. I was close to gobsmacked with Twin Suns. They took risks and an original approach and delievered something with narrative and emotional heft. That is the Rebels I want to see. Not turds masked by green and red laser fire with barely a reason in the universe to care.

    The OT is grim (up to RotJ, which is not suprisingly the weakest link), emotional and exciting. When Rebels hits these similar notes it shines. When it plays to the "young adult" crowd and kids it's nothing more than Star Wars flavoured filler.
    -edit- done editing, except for typos
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    Trizzo2 got a reaction from Undeadguy in Rebels Season 3 finale spoilers   
    Not only that but somehow destroying a Gravity Well with light anti personal weapons (fail) destroys the ENTIRE ship...
    Nothing of value was acutally lost. A Redshirt Fleet being destroyed along with the do nothing Sato amounts to almost no emotional investment to mourn the loss of. Structurally you get reset to Season 2. Great! So now we can wallow through an episodic structure that is bound to have little character development and lower stakes. Yawn...
    Tuned into the promise of a stronger season, left when it was clear nothing was happening, came back for the "big finale", left dissapointed (overall) but not suprised. There is very little talent being put into the show.
    -edit- and between all the Destroyers there appeared to be 4 Tie Fighters and 2 Bombers in combat at any one time....
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    Trizzo2 reacted to Undeadguy in Rebels Season 3 finale spoilers   
    So why were pistols effective at getting past capital ship armor? But the orbital bombardment from ISDs cause little puffs of smoke when they hit the ground, instead of explosions. And the AT-ATs, or whatever designation they have, has enough firepower to take out a GR-75, but someone can stand literally right next to a shot that misses them and walk away. Inconsistencies bother me, even more so than the poor writing in some scenes, like Bendu and that dumb musical scene with the inventory droid from an earlier show.
    Besides Thrawn, it appears the competency of the Imperial leadership is on par with the accuracy of Storm Troopers. No wonder they lose all the time.
    Decent episode. I thought there was going to be more capital ship action with MC80s joining the fight, or like others have said, it was previewed to be that way.
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