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  1. No table time with Wave 7 (this changes tomorrow) but is the ability to simply push squadrons for half the game whilst ship X can do any other command not enough utility already?
  2. Oh man oh man it's a good time to be getting back into armada, these lists are ridiculously fun looking
  3. Lol Yeah...he is surely one of the strongest Admirals off the bat. Remains to be seen just how good this is. It does so much for so many different fleet types.
  4. noun: flotilla; plural noun: flotillas a small fleet of ships or boats."a flotilla of cargo boats" Why do they travel in pairs? Cause they hauling space nazis or freedom fighters. So carrying more is better! And it looks more like a floatilla and bigger is better despite what they say.
  5. As somebody who rus a lot of Victory lists, especially carrier ones, I too have begun to question what its role might be in a post Quasar world. There a ton of carrier options for Imps but i generally think of it as "Pure Carrier" and "Fighter Carrier" Goz: Expanded or Boosted/Token Vic: Expanded or Boosted/Token/Flight Controllers These are pretty cheap for what they do. They don't get much dice into the fray so surely if you can shave 15-25 points off a pure carrier surely that's bargin? Especially since the Qusar could conceviablly take a Squadron Officer/Offensive Retro Fit/Flight Controllers and hiy Squadron 6! But enter the the Fighter Carrier: VSD/Tua/ECM/Titles ISD I or II/Avenger/Flight Commander/Gunnery Team/Flight Controllers The Fighter Carrier is what makes a lof of Imp Squadron lists tick. For Wave 5 tournies H9+Tua+Warlord has been straight up winning me games given its new resilience with ECM. Flight Commander is a solid addition the already proven ISD/Avenger/Rhymer mixes. You've got an ISD with up to 4 small ships or you have a VSD with various mixses of Demo/Arquitens/Raider/Goz. You still need the ability to throw around dice! For example x2 VSD and x2-3 other ships/bombers is pretty solid. I hardy think replacing the x2 VSD with x2 Quasar would be as good. But there are a few things going in the favour of the Quasar. If we go back the the previous exmaple of simply replacing our x2 VSD we could be saving the the regional of 20-30 points. There is a lot you can upgrade to or buy for this! As for the Quasar what's really good about it is that it sits a 4 Squadron natural. This gives you the perfect Jendon/Shuttle Command you you can throw in Flight Controllers/Admiral Chiraneau. Four is great Squadron Number and the ability to get up to 6 with Flight Controllers/Fighter Officer for not ISD I price is bonkers! Last, in a vaccum people say "rush it". If that is a serious suggestion I'd question your expierence in "just rushing" bomber swarms. tl:dr Imp Squadron list rely on Fighter Carriers to do a lot of the combat. The need to throw these extra dice around will still exist with or without the Quasar. The Quasar itself is awesome because it has Flight Controllers and squadron 4-6 for less than a VSD/ISD I. This is nutty. Oh yeah, Victories still rock! A Quasar doing the squadron lifting along side Victories? Why not both?
  6. I want to like the show, this is the problem The issue is the writers make it very difficult to do so. I don't go soft on a show because I like the lore. 1) I was not talking about value in terms of material. Of course they lost material value. But it doesn't have any emotional pay off. All these ships were hyperspaced in from essentially nowhere. They were not especially earned, they just appeared, strangely enough in time for a grand finale big battle! And now they are all gone. Well that was an interesting albeit pointless exercise. But hey cool explosions. 2) Again, Sato is material value to the Rebels only. He has been a mainstay of the series yet his death has less emotional impact than a no name Hammerhead Corvette crew we see for 10 seconds! (Rogue One) 3) The plot armour is ridiculous. I don't think any examples need to be pointed out, surely not? This is a problem. There is no sense of threat to any of the characters. At every turn the writers undermine themselves. They wanted this to be a serious season. If you match this "new threat" with an increase to plot armour it isn't interesting viewing. 4) All the things to look foward to a just filler bits of lore. Why do we care about Gerrer based on anything he did in the show? Kallus plays the part of a turn coat rebel feeling isolated and abandoned by a cold indifferent Empire? Yawn, its been done before and better. Why do we care about the Mon Cals? Almost nothing outside of being a fan of a the lore makes this show good viewing. The characters don't sell it. The writing doesn't. The lazy episodic structure doesn't. Give me a reason to care beyond 'hey these idiots will consume anything if we put Starwars in the label'. Plot or character development? Nah...let's make a jumble of random episode you could watch in any order and be none the wiser. 5) Ezera. I gave him a chance this season. He is consistently the worst aspect of the show. He is tonally deaf ("I hope they are having better luck", he says as he watches his fleet blown to pieces), his writing is lazy and simplistic, he has no emotional range or depth, he is terrible at the comic relief role. He ruined Twin Suns, the best Episode of Rebels peroid. So why bother at all? Take Twin Suns. They defy Star Wars convention and fanboy expectation. They give us flashes of strong writing (Obiwan/Maul, Ezera not included), great character representation through "showing", seeing Obwiwan change expression, the lightsaber reflected in the face, the change of stances, seeing the realisation of a life wasted on Mauls face and "he will avenge us". Most of the time we have every piece of information spoon fed to us through lazy, poorly written dialoge. I was close to gobsmacked with Twin Suns. They took risks and an original approach and delievered something with narrative and emotional heft. That is the Rebels I want to see. Not turds masked by green and red laser fire with barely a reason in the universe to care. The OT is grim (up to RotJ, which is not suprisingly the weakest link), emotional and exciting. When Rebels hits these similar notes it shines. When it plays to the "young adult" crowd and kids it's nothing more than Star Wars flavoured filler. -edit- done editing, except for typos
  7. +1 Not only that but somehow destroying a Gravity Well with light anti personal weapons (fail) destroys the ENTIRE ship... Nothing of value was acutally lost. A Redshirt Fleet being destroyed along with the do nothing Sato amounts to almost no emotional investment to mourn the loss of. Structurally you get reset to Season 2. Great! So now we can wallow through an episodic structure that is bound to have little character development and lower stakes. Yawn... Tuned into the promise of a stronger season, left when it was clear nothing was happening, came back for the "big finale", left dissapointed (overall) but not suprised. There is very little talent being put into the show. -edit- and between all the Destroyers there appeared to be 4 Tie Fighters and 2 Bombers in combat at any one time....
  8. Well i don't have a pic of that game but here is my CC game...using Attacking to full effect on x2 the Raider/Flachette/OE/Title setup. Shut down 7-8 squadrons in range. Had to HS retreat after this. Raider didn't clear the guppy and was popped by the MC30, the other died after a miraclous survival against a H9 Side Arc wiff...or lived but got a structural damage. Either way both died due to a structural damage on 3 damage with a crit to hull Never got a game with Montefert/Kallus, lost the CC after this Round.
  9. Never noticed that grit thing lol...Interesting, a great squadron to have it on. That damage potential and speed makes it pretty darn useful. Can immediately think back on times it could have been useful for extra tricks.
  10. Trizzo2


    Loving relay. Took a 1st and 4th a regional event with * Squadrons: Lambda, Jendon, 3 Defender, Marek Stele, Mauler, Zertik Storm * Tarkin/Goz & Goz/Chireneau/Expanded Hanger * VSD/Tua/ECM/H9+Warlord/Flight Controllers * Arquitens/Neda/TRC No Float is ever at hazard really and Jedon+Stele punishes small pursuers. In the winning game i deployed my VSD on the opposite side of the board due to clutter and ion cannon triangle just doing 4 flight controller from range 30 or so. With the speed and jendon/stele i chase down the weakest arc (think gup/vsd rear) and punish their tokens. Great at caching cr90 and floats with jendon/Stele and following up with 3 blue bomber/storm and maybe 3 blue battery. A well timed/positioned mauler can survive with 1 escort hero, aiming to proc him twice and H9/Warlord is an investment I'm happy to make with Tua and it is devastating especially along side Mauler. Shepherd your squadrons in auto damage zone if facing superior numbers/anti fighter. Lack of pure bombing so you need the warlord arquitens dice to help vs large ship and also struggled against a flacehte raider mus
  11. Some thoughts & experience. Hand of Justice + ECM/Interdictor/Targeting Scrambler is so ******* awesome but also...really expensive for the damage output. I'm usally the last person to whinge about efficeny and what not but it's hard to dole out damage to multiple threats Combat Retro really helps if tons of Squadron players Always be able to Eng for 8 or 9 (Eng Team) first activation as first or second player so tokens are very important Have not tried as a carrier but with FCT maybe you have something there? Also you squadron 2, expanded hang, token you can get it up to 4 which at least lets it work in a squadron/relay list. Was running a pretty good build wave 3/4. Pairs very well with Demolisher if you have Targeting Scrambler.
  12. https://pawarmada.podbean.com/e/episode-6-floatilla-are-love-floatilla-are-life/?token=a40c16d6076cfeb8038065efba56989f or download Tua + ECM + Gozanti = a Regional Winner? We talk about the final Regionals and Dan's success at Parramatta and why there won't be Nats for some time. Then more CC experiences. As one campaign comes to a sad end for the one Empire, Alex -Rebel Strategic Advisor- begins a new campaign at a new community and is up to all his filthy rebels tricks to ensure the win! Confession session within. I channel my inner Leonard Cohen to help throw down the gauntlet....I'll say it clear, i'll say it cold, we love floatillas, and it aint going any further? Also join us on facebook Now that the forum sigs are gone join as on facebook for links to all the good content, keep up to date with posts, writings and events. Cheers
  13. I have long experience in GSD II running after somebody in Wave 2 killed 2 of 3 firepsrays with a squadron command, ruthless strat (rs) and a tsunami of flank. What we both found in the long run was while a RS/GSD II Demo is the most brutal anti squadron combo in the game it is far to limiting/fagile/compliated compared to running Ordnance Experts and doling pretty consistent flak anyway. I ran it against squadron lists in practice games and sure it worked well but in random tournment games and a wider field i never went well until I swtiched back to OE. Since Wave 2 there are more options for a Demo+RS, Skilled First Officer, Flight Commander, Relay, which will help proc the essential squadon command and get the best possible timing but none of this addresses the issue that without OE you are hampered in the anti ship game. Kallus is the simplest addition because you get a black dice at medium and can reroll it. Rhymer/Biggs/Jan/Rieekan they all have uniques for Kallus nomnoms and up to 4 blue flak on squadrons is enough in it's own right.
  14. Win what? A deathmatch? Armada isn't this. Vacuum comparisons and declarative statements are useless. I can play this game too! I use my 'inefficient' squadron token on my ISD I to send 5 squadrons as an alpha strike vs your dripped 2 squadrons via 3 CR90s. My alpha strike on average cripples your squadron element so badly I always win the squadron fight because you can't activate them because they are dead because you thought you were being efficient. The firepower comparisons are fraught with issues. My ISD can actually destroy your CR90 outright in a single shot and all of your dice that count to bring you up to the ISDs power will never actually be brought to bear as the most your B throws is 3 front, 2 side + potential CF. If I bring my two best to bare on you, as you did, thats 12 dice. Don't play this game. It is not constructive. As for the issue of tokens causing imbalance no I don't think so. How do you qualify that a cmd 3 ship can issue 4 command effects in a turn vs two on a small ship?
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