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  1. Thanks for demonstrating you're a jerk yet again
  2. I personally think if half the deck is made up of stuff from other expansions it would negate the feel of having a new expansion. If half the bridge deck was old stuff I would have felt taken when I opened it up.
  3. I side with bludgeon on this one. To infer that just because they used a comma instead of a period means that both must occur for the spell to be cast introduces something to the rules that has no backing officially anywhere. You might say it doesn't make sense, but I would see it as the torc imbues a certain amount of never failing strength, so the syphon strength spell is able to suck a strength away from the player but the torc instantaneously replaces it.
  4. second edition has a king sitting right in the middle of the city.
  5. I'm good on talisman until I'm an old man lol
  6. I doubt they are in a big rush to do a fifth edition, and I'm one hundred percent positive that they aren't going to try and find someone to take over production of a fourteen box game that has already used up its profitability.
  7. I don't know of any offhand, but if there are any second edition must have cards that are currently MIA this might be a good chance to incorporate them.
  8. I would not count on months to get these. Reports on BGG and my own observation has shown these are flying off the shelves! As an example, the day of the announcement I repurchased the dungeon because my current dungeon board is damaged. It was $23 on amazon. Two days later I decided I wanted a backup/sealed everything. The dungeon was $27. Four days later and the dungeon is now up to $31. These things will always be available on eBay but the prices will likely inflate, unless you get thoroughly used items.
  9. I really don't see the point of a possible 5th edition. 4th edition is pretty damned good. A new edition would probably be worse, just like comparing third edition to second edition. Time will tell i suppose.
  10. There's just been soooooo much.
  11. I highly doubt it. And for I think the second time ever agree with uvatha, who cares about the Timescape? Lol. I would be extremely surprised if we see anything talisman related within the next ten years and would not be surprised at all to never see another talisman product. I love talisman but I do not think that it could ever be completed more completely and then some than 4th edition has done.
  12. I had to pay way too much for it on amazon (49.95) to get the extra copy
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