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    Karhedron reacted to FTS Gecko in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    So how many Porgs do we think Luke has eaten, then?  He's on a remote island, on a remote planet, with no shops, no restaurants, no way of procuring supplies...
    ...I'm thinking the frightened Porg with Chewie in the trailer has just seen the Falcon's kitchen.
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    Karhedron reacted to Ccwebb in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Vader....Palpatine.... maybe Ben...
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    Karhedron reacted to Viktus106 in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Also, can we all acknowledge that Luke didn't actually do anything on his own prior to this?

    Before the droids, he worked on a farm, helping his dad. 
    He let R2 escape and only found him via C3PO.
    He got ambushed by Sand People but was saved by Obi.
    Han helped him with transportation. 
    Leia saved herself once Han destroyed the door controls.
    Red and Gold Squadron AND HAN set up/died/handed a straight shot for Luke at the Battle of Yavin.

    Saved by Han on Hoth.
    Has his X wing saved by Yoda
    Loses to Vader (and his hand)
    Saved by Lando/Chewbacca/Leia

    Leia saves Han
    Leia saves herself from Jabba
    Han saves Lando
    Han/Leia/Chewbacca and the population of Endor shut down the shields.
    Luke then stands around and watches everyone die as they tackle a fully functional battle station.
    Luke just about knocks Darth over, which is essentially a death sentence since he has the mobility of a dalek in RotJ. 
    Darth saves Luke from the Emperor
    Lando and Wedge destroyed the second Death Star. 

    Point is, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY Luke has had help, except now as Leia joins the Repubic, Han/Chewbacca go back to smuggling and Luke tries to restart a religion, on his own. . with his track record. .  it really is no surprise he is found hiding on a rock. He can't mess things up if he doesn't get involved.  

    So yeah, he is scared. He has a side role in a film, a critical one at that and so far all side roles have been at least helpful, unlike him, who, in the trailer, falls over at least once. Now we have Rey who has the power level of Goku, more plot armour than Superman and she is looking for Luke to help, like he is some God of force abilities when in reality he could barely put together an IKEA shelf unit with clear instructions. 
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    Karhedron reacted to MaxPower in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    I think a thoughtful, cowardish luke makes perfect sense.
    Lets see: the OT was all about his rash decisions putting him and his loved ones in danger. He was already very calm and thoughtful in jabbas palace and when talking to leia at the end.
    Every instinct he had led to the demise of his friends: biggs dying. Vader died. Leia was in grave danger. Han tortured. All because of him, the "chosen one". Then his nephew, whom he trained(!) Did exactly what he was supposed to prevent and took vaders path.
    His friend han died because of it. A lot of people did.
    Things like that change a man.
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    Karhedron reacted to Dr Zoidberg in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    I think you're reaching...
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    Karhedron reacted to DarthEnderX in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Constantly.  And they're always wrong.
    Rey is the reincarnation of the Force Convergence inside Vader.
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    Karhedron reacted to Captain Lackwit in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Yeah lol Disney doesn't have much in the way of balls, there was supposed to be this scene in rogue one where Vader slaughtered tons of Rebels alone, and all the heroes of the story were supposed to die. Luckily everybody made it out alive.
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    Karhedron reacted to Darth Meanie in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Seat warmer.  But it draws a lot of energy from the main engines, so in the middle of combat, you gotta weigh the risk-reward. . .
    And who cares!!
    I'll take my Star Wars intravenously, please. . . . 
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    Karhedron reacted to Wiredin in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    You nailed it exactly. All the hate for Ep7 and already prehate for Ep8. I loved 7! I watched it again last night with my son as he's on a huge star wars kick right now (he's 4) and he loved it! I am very excited after watching the trailer for 8! Even my wife, who doesn't like SW very much is very interested as she also enjoyed 7.
    It seems as if LFL can't do anything right.... too much Luke, people will whine and complain. Not enough Luke, people will whine and complain. The new movies are about the new characters and how they fit into the Skywalker saga. Vader and Obi Wan are a supporting cast to the original troupe of Luke/Leia/Han in the OT. in the new trilogy Luke/Leia/Han are supporting Kylo/Rey/Finn.
    I've said it once, I'll say it again, I for one support and welcome our new mouse overlords and have really enjoyed the content they have created for us. AND I LOVED the EU!
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    Karhedron reacted to InterceptorMad in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Yeah, I mean everyone was convinced Finn was a Jedi because of those trailers
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    Karhedron reacted to Rogue_Group1 in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Kylo is around 10 years older than Rey. Therefore, Reylo is slightly creepy...
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    Karhedron reacted to Ccwebb in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Rey isn’t a Kenobi. Behind the scenes, too much back story is needed.  Kenobi did not have children to be the parent of Rey.
    Rey isn’t a Palpatine.  Same as my comment above. 
    Rey isn’t a Solo.  That would be very bad writing; both Leia and Han spoke with her and neither showed any signs of being her parent.  
    Rey could be a Skywalker.  This is plausible with only a simple monologue to explain. 
    Rey could be a clone, though I hope not.  That seems like lazy writing to me.  (This includes Palpatine or Luke or anyone else)
    Rey could be like Anakin, created by the force to bring balance. 
    My bet is on Skywalker. 
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    Karhedron reacted to kris40k in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    Mid-flight snack for Chewie.
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    Karhedron reacted to GrimmyV in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    There are puppets of the porgs and ‘salt wolves’ so maybe you are confusing Good puppets with bad cgi?  I dunno I thought everything looked awesome.
    and I sure hate how Obi Wan was turned into a side character in ANH and just a ghost in the rest of the movies.  He was totally a main character for 3 movies and then nope, step aside old man, it’s time to get these good looking youngsters to take your place.
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    Karhedron reacted to LordBlades in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    The best thing in the trailer IMO is that this doesn't appear to be an ESB remake
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    Karhedron reacted to BVRCH in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    I think there were a few red herrings in there.
    I'm hoping that's what Johnson meant when he said there was too much info given, meaning there's too much hand holding and it's not what it looks like.
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    Karhedron reacted to Ccwebb in The Last Jedi Trailer   
    I  going to quote Luke, “This is not going to go, the way you think”
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    Karhedron got a reaction from schmidty1701 in How would you build your Auzituck Gunship?   
    Looks like it but it wouldn't be the first time FFG have got the wrong cards/tokens on the initial images.
    I can't see the need for 2 Reinforce tokens unless one of the pilots or upgrade cards allows you to Reinforce a second time. The ability to negate the first 2 hits from every attack sounds like verging on NPE though, even for an Agility 1 ship.
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    Karhedron reacted to BlodVargarna in Tie x7 nerf   
    Execute 3 maneuver, get free evade action. Perform action (e.g focus) PTL for barrel roll to dodge arc, or TL for fully modded shot. 
    Its still a **** good ship with 3 primary, 3 evade, 3 shield, and 3 hull. Oh and white K turns. 
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    Karhedron got a reaction from admat in Best 35-8 pt Wingman for a Fat Han list?   
    My go-to choice in that price bracket would probably be Nora. She really needs R2-D2 to shine to I would remove him from the Falcon and probably replace him with Chewie. Chewie guarantees you at least 2 damage mitigation and is also handy for spoiling ISYTDS once at least.
    61 Han Solo (45), Expertise (4), C-3PO (3), Chewiw (4), Engine Upgrade (4), Millenium Falcon (1)
    38 Nora Wexley (29), PTL (3), Tailgunner (2), R2-D2 (4), Alliance Overhaul (0)
    That leaves you a 1 point bid for facing Fenn etc
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    Karhedron reacted to Admiral Deathrain in The New Imperial Toolbox?   
    I like your list, but since Guidance Chips don't do anything for Deathfire, I'd look into getting him LWF by stripping OLs Engine. Though the frame could also go on Countdown. In that case Deathfire should get LRS for some mods when he can't use the Rockets or if he is at range one.
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    Karhedron reacted to Admiral Deathrain in Praise for the ARC-170 expansion   
    So, with the ARC being out for a good time now, can we just take a break for a second and appreciate just how awesome of a ship the ARC is? It looks great. More importantly, every single pilot has seen competetive play at some point with reasonable success, but without creating massively bad gameplay experiences.
    Norra has always been well appreciated and has two good builds as BB-8-ballerina or R2-D2 regenerator. She has seen the most consistent amount of play.
    Braylen was destined to become a great stressbot-carrier and is arguably stronger than the Stresshog in that regard. It took a while for him to become popular, but he is undenieably powerfull. However, his pricetag prevented him from pushing out the traditional Stresshog, which is great for diversity.
    Thane was popular for his great action economy in the early days of the ARC, but then was overshadowed by stress-Braylen. However recently he found his way into 4 ship rebels as relatively inexpensive damagedealer again.
    And finally Shara, the bad egg of the bunch. At least that was the initial consensus - however she actually was part of one of the best finishes the ARC ever had!
    The only other ship that sees this many pilots being played is the Jumpmaster, which is a lot more popular on a whole and therefor pretty problematic. The ARC is not dominating top tables, but it has realistic chances at getting there with the right builds. You can never be 100% sure what exactly the ARCs someone is playing are. It really is among the best designed ships in the game.
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    Karhedron got a reaction from TgLoki in Rebel Intensity   
    For the same cost you can get PTL + PA which is more flexible although Intensity Poe is more tanky. The problem comes once you are in battle, it is quite hard to recharge your Comms Relay as Poe will only have a single action and will normally want that to be Focus rather than Boosting just to trigger Intensity a second time.
    If you want to abuse Comms Relay, just pop it on Red Ace and be done with it. I think Poe works much better with PTL + PA.
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    Karhedron reacted to admat in Your best list you've taken to a tournament, that failed miserably...   
    The Inquisitor (Push the Limit, TIE/v1 title, Autothrusters, Proton Rockets)
    Omega LEader (Juke, Comm Relay, Stealth Device)
    Countess Ryad (Push the Limit, TIE/x7 title, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II)
    99 points
    Early last year (2016) I brought this build to a tournament and went 7-0 (I don't remember the number of players but the advanced structure was used), even defeating a Dengar+Manaroo list (final game). Feeling very confident, I later brought it to our Regionals event and went 1-5...
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    Karhedron got a reaction from DR4CO in Your best list you've taken to a tournament, that failed miserably...   
    Not a tourney but I recently flew this list which looked pretty good on paper.
    42 Miranda (29), TLT (6), Homing Missile (5), EMs (2), Chips (0), Chopper (0)
    32 Braylen (25), Gunner (5), R3-A2 (2), AO (0)
    26 Biggs (25), R40D6 (1), IA (0)
    Unfortunately I got comprehensively demolished by a Scum Attanni list (Fenn and dual torpedo scouts). The annoying thing was I flew reasonably well (baring one bump), the dice were adequate and I managed to get the elements of the list working as required but my opponent still beat me comfortably. Even dishing out double Stress doesn't hinder Attanni sufficiently to impede the list (apart from stopping Fenn's red moves) and the Scouts with their darn white sloops and free TL+Focus just keep dishing out the Torpedo hurt.
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