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  1. My go-to choice in that price bracket would probably be Nora. She really needs R2-D2 to shine to I would remove him from the Falcon and probably replace him with Chewie. Chewie guarantees you at least 2 damage mitigation and is also handy for spoiling ISYTDS once at least. 61 Han Solo (45), Expertise (4), C-3PO (3), Chewiw (4), Engine Upgrade (4), Millenium Falcon (1) 38 Nora Wexley (29), PTL (3), Tailgunner (2), R2-D2 (4), Alliance Overhaul (0) That leaves you a 1 point bid for facing Fenn etc
  2. I am a fan of Ghost-Dash. Focussing down a Lothal Rebel takes dedicated firepower and it hits (and looks) like a brick. Here is my usual arrangement. 58 Dash (36), HLC (7), Outrider (5), PTL (3), Kanan (3), EU (4) 42 Lothal Rebel (35), Hera (1), Han Solo (2), ABT (2), FCS (2) If you want to run a slightly cheaper Eco-Dash you can do that as it will give you the points to upgrade Han to Ezra (who is both fluffy and works well in this build). 56 Dash (36), HLC (7), Outrider (5), Lone Wolf (2), Rey (2), Smuggling Compartment (0), Cargo Chute (1), Countermeasures (3) 43 Lothal Rebel (35), Hera (1), Ezra (3), ABT (2), FCS (2) I always end up torn between Rey and Recon Specialist.
  3. It's not a bad idea, the only problem is that Garven himself is not especially useful and is hampered by his T65 chassis.
  4. Do you want to kill the enemy faster or survive longer yourself? TB + Prockets is very solid but Ion is powerful against small-base ships. Based on my recent experiences vs bomber K-Wings, I would lean towards Ion cannon. Those expensive bombs and ASLAMs are rather wasted if the K-Wing is stuck on a white 1-forward. Ultimately it depends on your luck on the day who you end up facing off against. Vs large ships, Tractor beam is great for making sure your damage sticks. Against PTL aces and Attanni, Flechette cannon is good. Vs small-base ships in general, Ion Cannon. How well do you know the local meta?
  5. For the same cost you can get PTL + PA which is more flexible although Intensity Poe is more tanky. The problem comes once you are in battle, it is quite hard to recharge your Comms Relay as Poe will only have a single action and will normally want that to be Focus rather than Boosting just to trigger Intensity a second time. If you want to abuse Comms Relay, just pop it on Red Ace and be done with it. I think Poe works much better with PTL + PA.
  6. Not a tourney but I recently flew this list which looked pretty good on paper. 42 Miranda (29), TLT (6), Homing Missile (5), EMs (2), Chips (0), Chopper (0) 32 Braylen (25), Gunner (5), R3-A2 (2), AO (0) 26 Biggs (25), R40D6 (1), IA (0) Unfortunately I got comprehensively demolished by a Scum Attanni list (Fenn and dual torpedo scouts). The annoying thing was I flew reasonably well (baring one bump), the dice were adequate and I managed to get the elements of the list working as required but my opponent still beat me comfortably. Even dishing out double Stress doesn't hinder Attanni sufficiently to impede the list (apart from stopping Fenn's red moves) and the Scouts with their darn white sloops and free TL+Focus just keep dishing out the Torpedo hurt.
  7. Anyone with LRS (I often run Deathfire with HMs and LRS). Miranda (if she moves 2nd) is another regular carrier.
  8. The Synced Turret is a compromise. For some people that will make it the goldilocks choice, for others it is neither one thing nor the other. I guess it depends greatly on your point of view.
  9. The FCS has no arc limitation but the Ghost's primary guns do, FCS can only TL something you shoot from your primary arcs. If you kill your target with your primary shot, you won't be able to use Synched Turret in the end phase. Synched turret is good if you wish to amplify the Ghost's in-arc shooting but not so good if you want to cover your flanks. Yes you can take a TL action but then you are not getting the value out of FCS, nor does that synergise well with Kanan. My feeling is that the restrictions on use make it poor value at 4 points. For 2 points less I can run an ABT which covers my flanks much more easily. For 2 points more I can run TLT which covers more table, has no TL restriction and can double tap.
  10. 36 Ryad (34), PTL (3), /x7 (-2), Tie/Mk2 (1) 36 Vessery (35), Juke (2), /x7 (-2), Tie/Mk2 (1) 28 Delta Squadron Pilot (30), /x7 (-2) Ryad and Delta can both spot for Vessery. Ryad and Vessery are both functionally equivalent to 3 actions per turn. All 3 ships are 6 health behind agility 3 with a free Evade most turns. Ryad is also rather squiggly with he K-Turns.
  11. R4-D6 is good for the fact that he is a 1 point astromech. Given that he doesn't work on crits, I find he rarely triggers as it is not that common for opponents to get 3+ regular hits. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times this guy has triggered. If you have a couple of extra points available then M9-G8 is a good choice since you can TL on turn 1 and then spend the rest of Bigg's (rather short) lifespan focussing. I would rather take Rey or Rec spec than Han on a Kanan Ghost as he really needs more than 1 Focus token per turn to work effectively. I am getting very tempted by Finn though.
  12. I don't know about the value of Dauntless and Inspiring Recruit on RAC. Between Gunner and his pilot ability, he just doesn't care that much if he doesn't get his actions. I would be tempted to Drop Dauntless and replace Inspiring Recruit with Vader crew so that you can reliably dish out the hurt to slippery Aces. Gunner RAC is one of the few ships in the game that can be guaranteed to delete Fenn in 2 turns of firing if necessary. I am not convinced that Pattern Analyzer is a great buy for Quickdraw, particularly without a self-stressing mechanism. With RAC to strip Focus tokens, I rather like Sensor Jammer for extra protection and then Predator to provide rerolls. This bumps up the price a bit of course. Here is a PS9 list I have flown a couple of times very successfully. 62 RAC (46), Adaptability (0), EU (4), Gunner (5), Hotshot Copilot (4), Vader (3) 38 Quickdraw (29), Predator (3), Sensor Jammer (4), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0)
  13. I would be tempted to run VI Vessery instead of Brath as your Defender. Free Target locks are more effective than Predator since he has 2 wingmen to spot for him and he comes out 4 points cheaper which could be used to give you a little extra ordnance. 37 Colonel Vessery (35), VI (1), TIE/D (0), Tractor Beam (1) 35 Tomax Bren (24) Homing Missile (5), Plasma Torpedoe (3), guidance chips (0), extra munitions (2), crack shot (1) 28 Deathfire (17) LRS (0), Homing Missile (5), conner net (4), extra munitions (2) 100 Points
  14. If you are looking to run an ace and a freighter, here is fairly successful build I roll out from time to time. 55 Chewie (42), Predator (3), Gunner (5), C-3PO (3), Falcon (1), Tactical Jammer (1)44 Poe (PS9) (33), PTL (3), Pattern Analyser (2), Autothrusters (2), R5-P9 (3), Black One (1) 99 points gives you a 1 point bid which is useful as Fenn is fairly popular but usually runs in 100-point lists. There are a few options, if PS9 aces are rare in your area, you could drop Poe to PS and upgrade the Gunner to Luke. Alternatively you could ditch the Tactical Jammer and do the same upgrade but hit 100 points. Chewie is nice and tanky and takes a while to burn through. Poe balances action economy with regen. I find the trick to getting the best from Poe in this configuration is knowing when to PTL and when not. If you are confident you can pull a green on the opening joust then Focus + TL and then clear the stress with PA. Sometimes you may decide to pull a white and decide that a Focus is good enough for that turn.
  15. This is the biggest issue. If you have a high PS pilot who can fire before the rest of your list then TB is the way to go. Otherwise Ion/Flechette is better.
  16. Any 1 point astromech will give you the same survivability via IA. R4-D6 will give you a little extra every once in a while if you opponent rolls 3 or more regular hits. R7 will give you survivability at 2 points but at the cost of using your action. Simply taking a Focus is probably easier. R3-A2 is useful but already spoken for. Regen might give you survivability but is more expensive and it is questionable whether Biggs will last long enough to make use of it.
  17. If you have the point and don't already have R3-A2 in your list then it is a decent choice to put some Stress on the enemy. Just remember it won't last long.
  18. Predator is not really necessary on Rey. 2 Rerolls on opponents in arc is usually enough, spending 3 points for 1 extra that you will not need all that often is not a great idea. Yes it helps for when targets are out of arc but between EU and Expert Handling, you should be catching opponents in arc more often than not. Expertise is very cool but also very expensive and vulnerable to Stress.
  19. Rey/Poe is tricky as you are trying to run 2 aces without quite enough points. To get Rey in at 55 points means just VI and no EU. At 56 you can run her with Expert Handling. The trouble is that Poe's effectiveness drops rapidly once you start cutting his points. The 44 point build I listed works really well but as soon as you start cutting points he suffers. You could save 2 points and fly the PS8 version if you don't see many PS9 aces in your meta but I rather like PS9 Poe with a 1 point bid for getting the edge on Fenn. For 1 point, Black One is a steal, many opponents will not even try and take TLs on him as a result. I had an opponent leave his ordnance unspent in one game as he considered acquiring the TL a wasted action. That meant my 1 point upgrade negated a 4 point upgrade. A good deal by any measure.
  20. The crucial question for me is whether the bonuses that Jonus hands out are worth more than another Bomber equipped with Torps. I can't decide if stripping one bomber of its munitions to make it a support ship is actually worthwhile.
  21. I still like original Chewie with the original Title for tankiness. Even loaded out you have points for a decent wingman. Here is a list I often roll out when I don't have anything specific in mind. 55 Chewie (42), Predator (3), Gunner (5), C-3PO (3), Falcon (1), Tactical Jammer (1) 44 Poe (PS9) (33), PTL (3), Pattern Analyser (2), Autothrusters (2), R5-P9 (3), Black One (1)
  22. Bomb Miranda, yes. If you are using her primarily for regen as a late-game piece, she is not so bothered.
  23. This is true but it can stop ships like Fenn K-turning or T-rolling behind you after the first joust which can blunt their firepower significantly. Doesn't help against U-Boats and their pesky white sloop however.
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