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  1. The pegs that came with my decimator broke right after I assembled the base and the vt-49 together. I've had good experiences with their customer support on missing items for my Imperial Assault expansions so I'm hoping for the same in this instance
  2. I loved battling my friend using my strain squad. It's been awhile but I believe I used Gideon C-3PO TA Bossk E. Wing Guards E. Trandos Hired guns Under Duress and another skirmish upgrade card to round out to 40 Per Indy's post, my squad works for fun/casual play where you don't mind playing to the end but I'd probably bring something else if I wanted to play competitively
  3. minimarket had a backtoschool sale this past weekend and I ended up getting a yt-2400 for ~$16 and a decimator for $20.... My wallet really hates this game
  4. Played a 4-player team battle last month. Very fun but took forever. I wouldn't mind trying a free-for-all next time
  5. I always have negation and take initiative in my cc decks. I know this is debatable but it's a personal preference for me. Other than that it really depends on what your squads are but you definitely want some type of synergy like manateex said above. For the unique cc's some of them are good like son of skywalker, or are kinda terrible (i.e. Leia's there is another). Just because you use a unique doesn't mean you should automatically take their cc, too.
  6. If you plan on just playing the campaign just grab the core set and maybe the expansions. Any of the villain/ally packs you that you like you can grab at your leisure. For skirmish with the intent of playing in tournaments, you'll need the ally packs that contain the maps in the current rotation, the core set/expansions, and what ever ally packs you need to make your squad. For regular skirmish games, grab the core set, maybe the expansions, and ally packs for your squad. I prefer rebel squads for skirmish so I have two sets each of saboteurs, wookies, rebel troopers, and echo base troopers. I also bought r2-d2/3po, and leia.
  7. It would've been cooler if the had a picture of the two buried in the sand with just r2's optic and 3po's feet showing
  8. The issue with printed maps is that they would in theory let you play Skirmish without actually buying a core set.I mean what do you really need to play Skirmish? You need the map, the figures, dice and a few tokens. Other than the tokens if you could use printed maps, you could buy a few A&V packs, a set of dice and be done with it.Even if not having the tokens was a big issue, so everyone bought the core set, it would really damage the sales of the box sets. If you play Rebels, what exactly in that box do you need for skirmish? You can get 3PO and R2 from a A&V pack, you don't need the heroes... Even Imperials only miss out on Heavy Stormtroopers.So if you didn't need the tiles then there isn't a ton of reason to buy that box if you only play skirmish. Or any other box as far as I can tell. Well you do need the command cards from the core set/expansions, too. Although you can get away from that buy buying a bunch of AV packs. i almost exclusively play at my house or my friend's so were eventually going to either buy printed maps or one of us will end up building a gaming table with a built in LCD tv for the playing surface. I really empathize with anyone else who wants to play this game competitively due to the initial cost of getting started but there are worse starting costs for some other hobbies out there yhan this game.
  9. I saw this list on another post and got to try it last night Bantha Rider General Weiss Temp Alliance eStormtrooper Imp Officer Imp Officer Rule by Fear Opponent had Verona, Diala, Gideon, 3PO, MHD, and 2 elite sabs I got initiative and almost had the best possible starting CC you could ask for Jundland, Ferocity, Take Initiative, and Endless Reserves. I did lose the match but the first round and beginning of the 2nd were epic for me. I got a couple extra stampedes in from extra movement from Weiss during the round and from Jundland at the end. The extra-extra attack I got from Ferocity was pretty darn cool, too. I used Take initiative at the beginning of the 2nd and trampled 3 eSabs, and attacked/killed Gideon. His 3PO ended up dieing to stampede damage! It's too bad I didn't end up with the Crush card at the start other wise I probably could've taken out something else before the Bantha died. Definitely a fun list to use!
  10. I wouldn't call that illegal unless you're playing in a tournament. It's probably what me and my gaming group would do to get around the lack of command cards. We already kinda do that with some elite/regular deployment cards (aka I'm not going to buy 4 core sets just to try out a 4x4 squad)
  11. Well it may be possible to carve out the helmet and use it to replace his head but it would require some green stuff and a whole lot of patience to make it look good.
  12. I recently purchased one smuggler ally pack online. Afterward I started to look at his deployment card and was thinking "maybe I should've bought 2-4 total". Anyone have any experience running one or a couple in a skirmish yet? 12 activations is insane, but it's only 14 figures total. My buddy has at least that much in his imperial trooper army
  13. I paint my miniatures to look good enough for he table top. I know I'm not going to win any awards but that's not my goal. Outside of storm troopers, if you have to paint something that's predominately 1 color, it takes hardly any time at all for me. For instance, if I wanted to paint a probe droid, Here's what I would do: Setup and primer black - 5 minutes Dry time - 10 minutes Dry brush dark metallic color - 5 minutes Dry time - 5 minutes Wash in nuln oil - 5 minutes Dry time - 20 to 30 minutes Highlights, coloring any lenses, painting the base - 5 to 15 minutes depending on the detail you're going for Dry time 5 minutes Spray with dullcote - 5 minutes Dry time 30 minutes (you need to air it out becuaus this stuff stinks) You're talking about 20-30 minutes of actual painting with rest/majority of the time waiting for stuff to dry AND if you're painting the other 2 probe droids the time added is pretty minimal because you're working on one while the other 2 are drying. An individual mini like Han Solo would probably take me an hour or two painting due to the extra colors, highlights, and shading I have to do. A uniform squad like Rebel Troopers might take an hour or two as well due to painting multiple figures and colors used w/out giving them the detail I would with someone like Han. I didn't include any time removing mold lines and flash. This can get pretty time consuming and your models will look way better if you take the time to clean everything. Depending on my mood I'll probably clean up some of he more egregious lines/flash but I'm too lazy to make it perfect. Like I said before I paint my models for actual gaming and they look pretty good to me and my buddies. Using painted minis gives a lot more flavor to your total IA experience in my opinion
  14. I used a mix of 1 part Vallejo bright orange and 2 parts Vallejo flat red followed by a wash of citadel carroburg crimson. Pretty happy with the results although I wish it turned out a wee bit darker http://imgur.com/a/b7tv9 Sorry about he crappy picture/lighting. I'll get a solo shot later
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