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  1. You're just jealous that I profile pic better than you.
  2. go take your hug session to another thread here boys. This is America and we aren't quite sure if thats ok here yet.
  3. Should I change it to ObiWan just for you?
  4. That statement went so far over your head it must be in orbit. If a ship is bad, play it if you want, but don't take it to competition. If all the xwing you actually can do are tournaments, then play what you want and don't expect to win if you bring a crappy squad. I don't care that ships are bad, I will still play them in casual cause casual doesn't matter.
  5. Why can't you understand that I am ok with this? I dont give 2 craps that a naked hwk is bad. I also give less craps that 3 xwings aren't good. If i want to play them I will, but not at a large event because I want to actually compete at those. Forum Better. Git Gud. and Fly Casual (when you want to).
  6. Because I play with Firesprays and Khiraxz whenever I feel like it. I just don't take it to large tournaments. The whole point of this thread is that competitive is different and that they should be BETTER. Better means: 1. pick the meta better 2. Pick a better squad 3. Practice more 4. Do something else that inst competitive better does not mean: Bitching endlessly on a forum because you cant play the game you want. No one cares about your feelings, you are not important. THAT is the point of the post.
  7. Again, while I am in no way the best Xwing player, with a dual s/f list i made the cut at Detroit, Ohio, and day 2 at Hoth. You know... without LWF.
  8. Seriously though, what podcast are you talking about? I seriously remember every podcast I listened to calling them trash and or not good. I also remember being at regionals and people coming up to me going, "wow, you're running s/f, brave" So cut that **** out right there. Put up or shut up. Also, in competetive play how did YOU do with tie s/fs? GTFO.
  9. Hey now, I am pretty sure I explicitly stated that I do not necessarily consider myself a good player, just a non complainer about the competetive scene. Why? Because last year at this time Brobots were crazy good and imperial aces were just starting their rampant run across the meta. Also, how dare you compare me to PGS. I'm not actively cheating, or causing a negative play experience. I am telling you that all this time you waste on whining about how [insert ship name here] doesn't work could be spent making that ship work. When I started playing tie s/fs earlier this season, they were trash by all standards. Locally, making multiple cuts at regionals pretty much changed everyone's view of that. In short, be the change you want to see, you know by not being so awful at this game that you have to complain on a forum that the designers designed it poorly.
  10. Filthy casuals. We don't need their scum.
  11. The point is that at a regional, why are you there? To win or have fun? I'm sorry you only play competitive. I play lots of rando crap just to practice. Yeah it's potentially silly to see the same squad all day, but it's not every day, and if it is, get out more.
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