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  1. Hi there! either o forgot or this is my first post on this forums. I bought xwing a while ago, but not play as much as i want to. We recently began to play with 3 more guys and between us we have, two core sets, the imperial aces ( the red painted interceptors) the rebel aces with the a and a b wing one blue core set an extra NO tie fighter The milleniun falcon the slave 1, the tie phantom, an y wing. Maybe some of you like nien numb are already making faces of disgust, kidding The saw the guide and pretty much we got that part understood already. The thing is that there is no bridge between BASIC knowledge and way more advanced xwing-phd science!!!. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS META!!! Dont understand half of the abreviations, english is not my first language so that doesnt help a lot. So my question is where can i find step 3 4 5 6 7. We got step 1 and 2, but any other info i have manged to find is like STEP 9 and 10 way beyond our little feeble minds. we manouver pretty well, we play now with obstacles and even invented satellites that you can blow up with your shots and damge nearby ships. We play with the upgrades and critical. We have a common pool of ships so we take turns to pick up perks and upgrades at the begginig (pathetic arent we?). Its a lot of fun, and at least with us is (we are all dumb as a brick) the game is ballanced and with a couple of six packs its a complete blast! Where can i find info or strategyes to breach from kindergarten to maybe high school level of xwing. THANK YOU !!!!
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