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  1. really cool design, buuuut i they will change how reinforce works for epic ships. Also, I think - if they stay with energy tokens - they will use it like force (a simple use, like eye-to-hit) and upgrades doing more specific things. just like I think they will change how Jam action works for epic ships.
  2. instead of nerfing everything, why not bring supbar to the level? nerf the msot broken, and the second most broken takes its place.
  3. really guys? FFG past articles are a mess. how about Miranda, droping a bomb befoer slaming?
  4. Gotta Say. As one who used to works with software, kits bafling the low quality of thesw builders (web and Android). Its a glorified selector and list save. How cheap ARE your devs when its code that an intern should nail in a month. Sometimes I think ffg is way smaler than It looks
  5. What is lore, anyway? is it the movies? are the books, but only ones that the OP/the designers think cool? Do we need little bear people to win the empire all over again?
  6. another of those posts: "I was wrong, but I was right..." Sry dude, no sympathy here. those things are better when you just chill and reply: Yeah, I was wrong. and leave that there for some time.
  7. lets see. its niche now, no other ship can: you can drop banking mines. deathfire can attack AND drop a mine when die. captain jonus can reroll own missiles, too major rhymer can attack in range 0 too tomax can recharge epts when he reloads. I really hope you can use Skilled Bombardier in either Bomber and/or Punisher
  8. better start crying now, if you think that dark force power will come in any kit other than imperial.
  9. someone call Minority Report we have here some kind of PRE-CRY here.
  10. Came for xxx, gol disapointed
  11. Tycho is no more. But we can has Tico.
  12. the problem is design philosophy. Ofc you can adjust the cost so isn't much broken. But really? You go and made yt1300 and yt2400 dual mobile arcs, and you go and make a crew/gunner that let it change FOR FREE (yeah, a force token, that recharge every turn), at the START of combat phase. really, i want to say F*** you. what are you using?
  13. I plan to print some stickers and glue in my old decks too (specially the ones from red cores sets) so people in the store can have access to them too.
  14. Oh boy do I want to chip in too? OF COURSE. First 40k, started around 5th edition (mechanized, blood angels, grey knights, you name it). Oh boy, Orks using a 4th edition codex, sometimes playing with people using a 3rd edition codex. Every new codex, good units were bad, new models are the best. Buy more! New subfactions got own codexes. 6th came with allies. more codex to buy. more models. 7th, YAY NOW THERES DATASHEETS TOO to buy! dont forget codex fixes sold at full price (maelstrom of blood for khorne) and now in 8th, dear god. they sold indexes, and strict better codexes after that. but their models are really cool, so. Bought for the models anyway now let me tell a tale. A Wizkids tale. I started Collectible Minaiture Games with Mage knight, the first of the flix famility, the first big game from wizkids. You think you have it bad? First, booster packs with random figurines, because of course! Their promos (things you gain as prize or attending cons) were also randomized, and some were strictly better than any counterpart you could pull off from a booster. They did rebelion, lancers, whirlwind, dungeon, sinister, minions, uprising, and more (in some one, from 200 figures, JUST one was competitive enough). Then, 2.0 came. With good and expanded rules. And "was" retrocompatible, except it was not. Very few pieces from 1.0 would play in competitively in 2.0. Random promos (called LE, as in Limited Editions) still a thing, stronger than ever. Then, they altright banned 1.0 in tourneys when they would just support the pure, not the eternal, format. Ohh the booster got pricier and now, you also need to collect cards to equip some miniatures (not all of them could), the cards? where 95% trash, of course, save the rarest ones. Every new expansion (Dark Riders, introduced more cards and cavalry, sorcery introduced spell cards and spell mechanics, omens introduced leveled heroes) introduced complexity (and power) creep, in a new 2.0 enviorment. Then they launched Nexus, and went silent. Forever. dear god, never saw a playerbase so annihilated. Cool thing, wizkids stil do this these days, in Star Trek: Attack Wing. The bullet I dodged not playing that game... never again I will buy a randomized pack or play something with power based promo figures.
  15. I saw GW's name tossed around here. "they are not that evil, ffg is worse?" Oh yeah, go ahead. have a small collection, of three factions. See how much you need to spend just on books. They even SOLD indexes this time, just to sell the update again as a codex, later.and the rules aren't free either. And zero courtesy, if you buy the real book, you need to spend again for the ebook (well it was like this in 7th) "but but but... i play casual, and can play with the indexes." Yeah, and you can play casual with 1.0 rules that you already have. or use stickers and proxies and play 2.0 rules, that are all free. Look, I get it. Nobody likes to spend money this. It's the crux of adult life. Want a cheap hobby? go to casual sports. I heard that one leather sphere, and four markers can be used for 22 players in a casual soccer game. hard to get cheaper than that.
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