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  1. I've found an issue, not sure if its ever been addressed or talked about. But attachments for beasts are listed as for Mounts. However all beasts are either listed as Riding Beasts or Trainable Beasts, not Mounts, so these attachments, like Saddlebags or the Pannier Modular Cargo Handling System, can never be added or even viewed when buying equipment. They exist in the data, just can't be accessed except in the Data Editior.
  2. So, you're saying that in my above example, the range would be 1? Even with the wall between them?
  3. Now, I understand Trick Shot can be used with her interrupts and that you count from her figure. But what hasn't been answered is does the range follow the path to the square establishing LOS and then continue on to the target or is it the direct path between her figure and the target? Example of shooting around a corner: 4 3 2 | 1 J |T 1 2 With the wall between them, could use Trick Shot to Shoot the Target (T) as a space is within 3 spaces to draw LOS from. But is the range 4, following the path of that you have to establish the LOS from then from there to the target or 1 the distance between Jyn and her target. It would seem to me to be 4.
  4. I sent in the question too, only got the response this morning as I was way busy yesterday.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I figured it was an oversight as I stated in my original post, but with everything else being spelled out on when it does what, really wanted to know the thinking behind this.
  6. This is probably a stupid question but do conditions disappear or carry over between missions in a campaign? Thing is, the rules specifically state the following on page 9: Each Condition card lists when it is discarded. When this situation occurs, discard the card or token; the figure no longer follows the rules listed on the Condition card. None of which say anything about post-mission clean up. And the post-mission cleanup says nothing about removing such cards either. Now I know that likely they are supposed to be removed, but with everything else being spelled out about what happens and when, its a bit odd that no where does it mention conditions being removed in any way other than doing the listed action to get rid of them.
  7. Getting an unhandled exception when trying to modify any entry through the data editor, including things I added myself. Can add the whole message if you want but it is on the long side.
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