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  1. Just bought back into the game after a long hiatus. Know almost nothing about 2.0. I'm wanting to throw together something for Hyperspace events. Playing either FO or Imperial. Anybody care to share what they're working with?
  2. I thought about making a build similar but also using his new persistent ability and pairing him with Vader's Tie Advance
  3. I typically run Vader, Soontir, and OL. Which one of these could I swap out with Inquisitor and how should I build him?
  4. I like Mira with 3-po, a stress Y, a TLT Y, and a Z wing
  5. I think this would be the way to go if you're dead set on playing 3 T-70
  6. VI is a must on Poe. Otherwise he's a Bullseye for an ace
  7. I like the BB-8 PTL shenanigans a lot. That being said, an ace list would wreck this list. Maybe it's my piloting, but I get absolutely destroyed when I don't have VI on Poe.
  8. I'm not sure I like AT on the A. The main idea of having a cheap A wing is to do some blocking, which is usually going to put you in somebody's firing arc. Just my .02
  9. R5 has more synergy with Poe and makes you less predictable in your maneuvers
  10. If you're going to spend $100, you need to include a Star Viper in that list of purchases. Next should be a K wing. TLT adds a lot to a list when you have little to work with. And I agree with a previous statement that Phantom would help a lot. Or..... You already have Slave 1 and IG. You could scrap your rebel list and buy Most Wanted, then still add in a Star Viper to that list, and possibly an HWK and a K
  11. I'm not sure I like Regen on a Y TLT. You should be using your actions for a target lock every turn, unless you didn't need to spend it the turn before
  12. I personally like 3PO on Miranda. She has a lot of hits to take, and 3PO makes her even more of an annoyance, plus you can give up a shot to Regen next turn. Makes her incredibly frustrating to fly agaonst
  13. This build sounds scary to fly. Vader is an elite Hunter. I use him purely for arc dodging and getting in close, then blowing up your opponent. Not to mention you do a "2" maneuver when decloaking, which could put you in scary situations if too close to Vader. Not saying it's bad at all. Just feel like it requires a LOT of piloting skill to play properly
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