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  1. If anyone has questions let me know. The book covers most of the equipment and vehicles in Rogue One.
  2. From the DK Rogue One Visual Guide, co-wrote by Pablo Hidalgo. It states the U-wing's height is 3.35m (11ft) and length is 24.98m (82ft) with S-foils forward. Crew of 2 plus 8 passengers. I believe this information is canon.
  3. IMO the Darth Vander scene attacking the troopers is the best Star Wars scene of all time.
  4. Well I just wanted to post I did received my copy of the book today. I plan on reading it in the next couple of days. So far first impression is good.
  5. Son of a gun. They sent me the wrong book. I even double checked my order. They sent me Savage Spirts. All well, I didn't have the book but now I do. Sorry for the confusion!
  6. Well I just received the book in the mail. If people have questions about the book let me know. But taking a quick look at the book it has some interesting rules for aminals as pets (NPCs) and a compound bow with arrows that reminds me of the Green Arrow.
  7. Just wondering if people can give their first impressions of the Endless Vigil book. My book should be here soon but I couldn't wait to here from others.
  8. I agree with the above post. I would also like to know what art program you used.
  9. Hopefully you can find the book. It has a great section on building droids.
  10. Yes I second about getting the Special Modification book if you don't already have it. I would suggest that your Java becomes a Droid tech. He would have a lot of fun. Now about the droids. You could go into two different directions. First you could put all your cash into 1 assassin droid and trick it out with weapons and armor. Secondly (which I suggest) you could go for a minion group combat/shield droids or mechanical/medical helper droids.
  11. I found a minor misprint. Under the Technician: Droid Tech Talent Tree (pg. 31 of Special Modifications Book). Supreme Speaks Binary needs to be an Active (red) Talent not a Passive (black) Talent. Thanks for all the good work on this BTW.
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