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  1. I enjoyed it. Would love to start a new adventure with the same or addition characters.
  2. Raxle states to the others. I see his datapad has been wipe recently. But the information about the current job has not been erased. There is a kill bounty on RO0k for unspecified amount. But the rest of us don't matter. There are records and notes on his job including a expense report. The expense report includes payments made to a unnamed slicer and the security chief dor 30k. I also found a encrypted transmission. I will try to recover it. Raxle gets to work on the transmission.
  3. So I will have 6 total strain (2 from combat, 2 from first computer check and 2 from current computer check. I will have 8 strain left btw.
  4. Talent Eye for Detail ×2. Like to convert 2 success to Advantages. So end up with net 1 advantage.
  5. Can I use 1 of the Advantages dice to add a boost. (Total of 4eB)?
  6. Hard computers check +3eB for help from Ro0k +1 and +2 from Data Breaker device. : 3eP+3eB+3eD 3 successes, 3 advantage Talent Eye for Detail ×2. Like to convert 2 success to Advantages. Like to use the Advantages to uncover additional information.
  7. "Behind the chair, Raxle pulls a stimpack out from his belt and injects it by one of the wounds, sighing as the bacta and painkillers start their work."
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