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  1. Energy shells are wack. Go with the tried and true first version. Personally I would drop soulless one and two struts for a couple discords. They pay off big vs aces
  2. His invocation cards look powerful. Is Strange all about just using those badboys? I opened his deck and got him sleeved, but no games yet!
  3. We wont do another Kickstarter (at least not for token holder, we have other xwing ideas 😉), but once all backers from Kickstarter are fulfilled, we will start doing individual orders. You can signup onto our mailing list on our website, and when that happens we will shoot an email out.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, we are all good. Dealing with some production issues, and trying to find solutions. Fun times 😐 Stay safe!
  5. There will be an update later today. We have lacked in communication department, but we still are fulfilling last of the orders. COVID shutdown made this quite complicated for us. Sorry for delays. More info will be in KS update.
  6. That is because Marauder + Han crew was like 8pts combined?
  7. Like others said, get a 4th ship, lol. They are fragile ships. Any 4th ship will do. Wampa or Gideon in tie fighter gets you another 3 die gun for cheap. With pure sabaac on the board, people wont be shooting wampa first. Gideon will mostly go untouched until sabaac and vermeil get taken off the board. I use to run Vader, Vermeil, Countdown, Gideon and Gideon was mostly ignored and put in a lot of work.
  8. wurms

    What’s your theme?

    Mauler is thematic, he is black squadron and is vaders wingman in trench run. Its a good/decent list vs most anything except better swarms. Block and kill.
  9. wurms

    What’s your theme?

    I like Vader and a bunch of ties Darth Vader (67) Sense (5) Passive Sensors (3) Afterburners (6) “Mauler” Mithel (31) Academy Pilot (22) Academy Pilot (22) Academy Pilot (22) Academy Pilot (22) Total: 200
  10. Proton torp kylo, naked vonreg, and naked ps1 silencer made top 4 or 8 in a big tourney before covid. So maybe something like Vonreg and malarus. Vonreg i6 and can help against i5s you lose bid too. And good blocker versus those i6s. Malarus. Not a name you hear...ever, and not a silencer, but in a 3 ship list he can just tank anything. I feel like a third ship for 40ish points is almost giving opponent points versus swarm lists. Backdraft, scorch, etc will get obliterated in a round or two. Super kylo and vonreg are elusive. Going after malarus is basically a waste of their first two attacks. Versus a droid swarm, all with calcs. Four at range 3, four at range 2. Malarus takes an evade, and triggers his ability. The aces are gonna be spread enough to where you know malarus needs to trigger his ability or not. After attack #8 Expected Total Hits: 0.606
  11. Its a good list. I took Maul with sense and tractor, Chertek, and 4 drones to Worlds. This isnt much different, other than chertek and the nantex were broken 😛 I took maul for higher PS, you may want heightened on Dooku instead of Impervium on grievous.
  12. Pretty much what @theBitterFig said. Get rid of a little bloat and streamline them. Passive on redline allows him to get locks on any in combat phase. He takes a the calc action and aquires lock with his ability for double mods. This lets him shoot torps at i5s and i6s. Removing concussion missiles allows more bombs. Aces will flank the squad and bombs keep them honest. “Redline” (52) Passive Sensors (3) Proton Torpedoes (13) Seismic Charges (3) Major Rhymer (37) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) Proton Bombs (5) Academy Pilot (22) Academy Pilot (22) Saber Squadron Ace (36) Crack Shot (1) Total: 200
  13. EMPIRE: Darth Vader (67) Instinctive Aim (1) Passive Sensors (3) Cluster missle (5) Afterburners (6) Fifth Brother (42) Instinctive Aim (1) Passive Sensors (3) Homing Missiles (5) Total: 133 Co-Starring: Soontir Fel (53) Crack Shot (1) Shield Upgrade (8) Targeting Computer (3) TOTAL 65 Or “Whisper” (57) Crack Shot (1) Fire-Control System (2) BT-1 (2) Targeting Computer (3) Total: 198 TOTAL 65 Or Grand Inquisitor (52) Sense (5) Fire-Control System (2) Proton Rockets (7) Total: 66 TOTAL 66
  14. Game would become super ace wing, as they are the ones able to protect their points.
  15. Been messing with Holdo on Rey and there are some powerful tricks. Nien Numb allows rey to pass stress to him and stress goes poof if he is range 1 of enemy. Also, Nien can 4k, grab a lock, and rey can pass a focus to him for a full mod shot without pattern analyzer. Zizi allows her to shoot before Rey, grab an evade or focus, which rey can then activate and take. Rey can take the stress from a slamming kaz, to open his dial every round. With adv slam, he can dodge lots of arcs and evade and keep rey evaded. Holdo opens up tons of possibilities, not just strengthening rey, but the entire squad. Im looking at Rey, Nien, Zizi right now. Was using lulo, trying to have lulo be unstressed with 3 green dice vs i6s and i5s, and then rey passes stress to lulo and she is now 3 red dice after the i5s and i6s shot. Was not working as I hoped, cuz Awings boost or rotate like every round.
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