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  1. Maybe drop one ion missile for baffle on quickdraw and fcs on Backdraft. Also, with target synch on an S/F with FCS, Deathfire can have guidance chips, and the TL is immune to Black One title and countermeasures since it's established during combat.
  2. Still not as broke as the jumpmaster.
  3. Arvel Crynyd in a VCX. Ram people and fire five dice and they can't return fire. Wedge in an ARC. -1 agility from both ends. Regen, C3PO, barrel rolls, PTL, PS9, oh yes! Turr Phennir in a Decimator! Roll or boost after attacking. Yikes! He can miss, boost into range 1, then gunner! Then barrel roll out of arc! Epsilon Ace in a Tie Phantom. PS12!!
  4. My list: (35) Vessery w/ VI + MK.II + x7 Title (34) Backdraft w/ Swarm Leader + FCS + LWF + Title (31) Inquisitor / PTL + AT + Title Total: 100 Got two games in so far. One vs Fenn,Terri,Guru. Other vs two Torp boats and Terry. Both games went 100-0. One rounded a Torp boat. Vessery gets full mod shot, Inquisitor gets full mod shot. Shields gone from Scout. Backdraft took a TL and was range 2. Swarm Leader for 5 dice. Rerolled two for five hits. Torp blanked out. Dead boat. Wont expect it everytime obviously, but nice to know I can take a boat about before a second shot can happen, or to Dengar, lol. A few more games running the list to get better with my approach and I'm thinking store champs.
  5. The system slot is almost as useless on a Uwing as it is on a lambda because of the dial. Cassian can make use of it quite well, generics not so much. If you have flown a Uwing, or Upsilon, trying to keep the same target in arc is a **** chore. Yes, its a great upgrade on most ships, but I was considering System and two crews even vs crew,agromech,and illicit. Both ships combo well with those upgrades. The other stuff separates the ships by a whopping two points. And there is no standard loadout on a Uwing. I like EU on them if I am bringing them has fighters, so your "standard loadout" is now 32pts. Calling boost and b-roll even, Still lacking PS, EPT, agility, hull, torp slot and the dial.
  6. Can dodge arcs with Han and shoot twice. Chewie provides more beef. Poe is PS10, and regens. If you dont have IA, borrow it or forget it I guess. Xwings and T-70s need it! For more fun Poe, can do PTL + BB8. Lets him barrel roll, PTL off the barrel to focus, do a green to clear stress, then gets his action to boost or target lock. Han Solo (46) Veteran Instincts (1) Luke Skywalker (7) Chewbacca (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Millennium Falcon (1) Poe Dameron (31) Veteran Instincts (1) R2-D2 (4) Integrated Astromech (0) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder EDIT: Just noticed Falcon only comes with 1 VI, so can add adrenaline rush for a 1 round white tallon roll, or do expert handling to get a barrel roll. With R2-D2, you will be doing greens to regen anyhow.
  7. If Biggs gets nerfed, all rebel ships from wave I-XI need to be buffed, because they were designed with him in mind. My solution I wrote in another nerf thread was to include a Mod upgrade for rebels only: Modification "Rebel Only: Your ship gains +2 Hull if your agility is 1. Your ship gains +1 Hull if your agility is 2. You may equip another modification. You cannot equip two of the same modification." With the extra hull, rebels without Biggs can stay on the table longer to actually compete with the red dice frenzy.
  8. Removing the PWT, it is still a disgustingly undercosted ship VS Assuming it doesnt have PWT. For 2pts it has one more PS, a barrel-roll, an EPT, two Torp slots, an extra Hull, .5 extra green, AND THAT DIAL. Uwing has 1 more red die that is restricted because of its dial. I would gladly have the jumpmaster dial for the cost of a red dice. There is your fix for both ships, swap the dials!
  9. No other way to fly Heff, imo. Zeb makes him the scariest ship to bump. In regionals I trapped a fully loaded scum Kath in his arc for two rounds and eliminated her. Trading Biggs for Kath. It was pretty sweet. Especially Heff, because they aren't sure how his ability is going to affect the game until they are faced with the decision to either turn and flee and get no shots, or risk bumping into him with Zeb crew. It's a scary situation. But flying a formation with that large base just creates problems for your opponent. They can't get over the squad, and don't want to just ram it with Heff +zeb. Creates horrible decisions for them. One thing I do with Heff is just leave him in landing mode as long as Biggs is with him. That way I never telegraph if I am spinning around or not. Then once Biggs dies, go to switching back and forth. Seemed to work for me.
  10. Dont forget about Pattern Analyzer if you sloop. If tosses check pilot stress after perform action, so you can sloop, take a TL, then get stress, baffle stress, attack with full mod shot. That is the beauty of Expertise/Baffle/PA. You can just hard 1 turn on someone and range 1 in the face In any case, I dont think Quickdraw is the right endgame ship. Backdraft is probably the better choice here with FCS and Sensor Clusters. Also, when Kylo goes down, IWSYTD crit is still in play, and Backdraft's butt shot has the better opportunity to get it through, and if it drops Fenn to PS0 that can be game changer. Also, for 38pts you can fit in Echo, and with Kylo's ability to PS0 aces. Put rebel captive on Echo to protect against Expertise Dengar, swap Target Synch for Operation Specialist on Kylo and Weapons Guidance for Pattern Analyzer so you can do like a stop maneuver and coordinate for Echo (giving her an evade before she even moves, or a barrel-roll even).
  11. First, we cant help without knowing what you own, since this is a store champ you need to actually have the cards (no proxies). Second, its not Denard, lol. Dengar. Third, the list is severly lacking. Dengar doesnt need help dealing damage and range 1, he needs help at range 2-3, so Plasmas and Protons are usually the ordnance of choice, but doing that really limits options on Kath. Kath doesnt really need help from her rear, she has that in her ability. Give her damage from her front for initial engagement, then rear for the fly by. (53) Dengar (33) w/ Expertise (4), K4 Security Droid (3), Unhinged Astromech (1), Punishing One (12) (47) Kath Scarlet (Scum) (38) w/ Veteran Instincts (1), 4-LOM (1), Homing Missiles (5), Extra Munitions (2), Guidance Chips (0), Slave I (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. What if FFG designs cards around Biggs to give Rebels more power. Rebels Small Ship Only Unique "When attacking, you may roll 1 extra attack die. You MUST treat other friendly ships at range 1 as being at range 2." Now, we can have a flanker like Jake, or Attack Shuttle Sabine or Snap Wexley throwing an extra die, and cant be saved by Biggs. Jess cant use it with her ability, etc. Thoughts?
  13. ^^This The rebels were designed with Biggs in mind, so any nerf on him kills 90% of the entire rebel faction that relies on him cause the designers gave rebel ships 1 and 2 agility with no hard green turns and/or no hard 1's on most of their fleet. To nerf biggs, better bring an expansion pack called "Bye Bye Biggs" and have like 8 mod upgrade cards that says: "Rebel Only: If your agility is 1, add 2 hull: If your agility is 2, add 1 hull to your ship. You may equip another mod of a different name." You gotta make up for XI waves of designing for Biggs. And in this red dice meta, HULL > Agility
  14. Kill Every Ship That's Attanni Linked (35) "Backdraft" (27)w/ Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Targeting Synchronizer (3), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0) (33) Omega Specialist (25) w/ Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Targeting Synchronizer (3), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0) (32) Lieutenant Kestal (22) w/ Crack Shot (1), Synced Turret (4), Homing Missiles (5), Guidance Chips (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Backdraft establishes the TL. Omega gets a full mod shot. Then Kestal gets her homing missile. 4 hits on Fenn pretty much means he is dead unless he gets 2 natural evades, and any damage backdraft or Omega did just makes Kestals job easier, because Kestal will cancel all other dice, no autothrusters, and it doesnt matter how many focus tokens he has from mindlink. After inital engagement, she has synced turret giving her rerolls in arc, and can use TLs from S/Fs for out of arc rerolls and then use ability to push damage through. She will obviously be the number one target, leaving the two S/Fs to clean up. And they will share each others TLs getting full mods every round.