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  1. This thread is going off track. Think we need to stick to PS11 Han builds and his partner in crime. Not branch to Expertise Rey, or Predator Han, etc. Yes, they are good builds, but not countering the current meta. Rey crew is really nice in Han. Boosting into range 1 and bringing that focus, or with my navigator build, just Nav and land range 1 and TL and bring the focus. Hits hard. And endgame, you can boost away and stock a focus or two while turning around and go back into the fight. Or those times you roll a focus and two blanks and can just save the focus for later.
  2. Put inquisitor in your list. He is your counter to Dash. Fill rest of your list as you want. Inquisitor w/ PTL, Title, Autothrusters Add Proton Rockets if you have the points. Inquisitor stays in Dash donut hole and even if Dash gets shots, unless Dash gets four hits, probably wont touch him. EDIT: Also, Inquisitor shuts down range 3 bonus, so Dash isnt rolling 3 green die at range 3 against Inquisitor.
  3. The main complaints of the current meta being bombs, is not bombs themselves, but the lack of defense against bombs. There is none, zip, zilch. You roll two hits, you suffer two damage (three with Sabine, yay!). Meanwhile, other players plan ahead, get their position perfect, predict the other players move, gets a focus and TL and rolls three hits and two get evaded, then Lowrick adds an evade or some chump with DTF takes the other hit, so the ship you targeted takes 0 damage. Point being, there NEEDS to be defense against bombs. Especially when infinite bombs are here. Some way to avoid damage through like 1 pt discard upgrade at least. Auto bomb damage is too powerful not to have a counter of some kind. Same with reinforce, as there is no Palob ability to steal that reinforce token, or Wes or Teroch who can discard it. Reinforce has no counter, and that makes it very powerful. It's a guarantee in every match you play, in game of RNG, without any fear of that token being stripped. Just like bombs. Why not take bombs? When I know there is no ship in the game that can counter them? My damage is good if I get ya. You cant evade nothin. Everything needs to have some type of counter, that is called "balance". All that said, I am having a great time in this meta. Im not a bomber and have never really flown Miranda except a few times here and there. I love the scurrg and use the PS1 all the time now. One of those with TLT and a Cruise Missile/or bomblet is 33pts of trouble for my opponent to try and deal with. Im mainly an imp player and we have everything to deal with anything in the meta, just not something to deal with everything in the meta. Basically, I can beat Nym/Miranda but then lose to FSR. Or beat FSR and lose to Miranda/Nym. That is the imp life at the moment and why tournaments are not looking good for them. The only guarantee they had was Palp and he is nerfed, so now its all RNG in a GUARANTEE world EDIT: And to the OP, guarantees in a game of RNG takes the edge off, hence why they may seem calm as hindu cows, cause it has turned into a game of chess for them instead of craps. People still have fun playing chess, they just dont "ooh and aww" cause they knew it was coming so nothing to get excited about.
  4. He could adv sensors Boost, reveal a green to barrel roll, then PTL off that. But not two b-rolls in a row.
  5. Corran/Ewing with Adv Sensors Bwing with Adv Sensors my favorite Sabines attack shuttle (TLT,Chewie,Hull upgrade, EPT to taste like Lone Wolf, Juke, etc.) Sabines TIE Fighter Nym/Scurrg w/ Adv Sensors Cassian/Uwing with Adv Sensors + Experthandling
  6. 1) Yes, but not the exact same list. I will bring Han + friend. Or Vessery + friends, etc. I usually will never bring to casual night what I intend to run at tourney time. I will bring Nym and then Wedge and Cracken for instance. Nym is who I am practicing with, Wedge and Cracken are mostly for funsy. Then next match I will play a game with Han but with something like two Awings. Again I practice with Han techniques and fun with two awings. Also keeps casual night from not turning into meta night. Then my real list might be Han/Nym which I work out tactics etc with my brother or more competitive local players but I have practice with each ship. 2) I write battle reports for most tournaments I play in (check the battle report section). I do this because while i am writing the match details, I remember instances where I screwed up. Writing battle reports helps a lot in diagnosing my play. Usually after most games, I ask my opponent what his thoughts were on why he went after a particular ship first, or if he felt threatened by an upgrade (like ion projector) even if it never proc'd during the game. This is important because you might have ion projector on a ship that never procs in three games, but drastically affects your opponent's decisions. You will never know unless you ask, or else you will think it's useless and want it removed. 3) Oh yes! This is very important. If Ketsu/Bossk is deployed opposite of you, I hope to gawd your engagement tactics are different then if Dash/Miranda is deployed across. You have to know how to engage different archetypes. 4) Fly casual. We are 'pew pew-ing' with plastic ships to win cardboard and acrylic.
  7. It is written kinda dumb. Should just say in arc or out of arc. Not reinforce fore or aft, cuz that makes people think they can attack your rear even if they are in your arc (parrel line rule, for instance).
  8. YT2400 comes with everything you need. Lone Wolf, HLC, Outrider, and even Countermeasures. OP, Heroes of Resistance is a great rebel buy. Lots of good stuff like PS9 Poe, Jess Pava, Nien Nunb, Snap Wexley, Black One Title, pattern analyzer and primed thrusters that make the T70 feel like a T70!! And of course you get Rey as well. If you like T70s, HotR box is a must.
  9. I think what would be sweet, and what this could lead to is an A.I. system that you can play against. Show it the board state and it calculates its maneuvers.
  10. I would rather find a way to make lower PS more useful. If PS aces want to have a PS war, go for it. Lower PS ships should have a chance against them though. Swarm Link Mod - 1pt During the combat phase, when your ship activates, you may receive a weapons disabled token, if you do, choose a friendly ship at range 1 with Swarm Link, that ship receives a swarm token. When attacking, you may increase your attack dice by 1 for each swarm token removed (to a maximum of 3 additional attack die). At the end of the combat phase, remove all swarm tokens from your ship. Basically what this does, is only require one ship to have arc on the high PS ships, and as long as the others are close by, even if they don't have a shot, they can help out in combat by giving the swarm an extra attack die. Basically what swarm leader tried to be.
  11. It would have to be a "condition" outmaneuver. 'A Few Maneuvers' - small ship only - 0pts At the end of the end phase, you may choose an enemy ship in your arc, if you are not in its firing arc, assign an 'I Have You Now' condition' to that ship. When attacking a ship with an 'I Have You Now' condition that is in your firing arc, reduce that ships agility by 1. 'I Have You Now' Condition - EDIT: At the beginning of combat phase, if the ship with 'A Few Maneuvers' does not have you in it's firing arc, or you have that ship in your firing arc, remove this card. Basically, its outmaneuver with a turn to setup, and either forces enemy into engaging next turn or else suffer the consequence. Can be an EPT, or Mod that allows another mod.
  12. Problem solved once again by the great one known as "NERF"
  13. (26pt) OL (29pt) Double edge w/ LW,TLT,LWF 45pts left over for kylo Or 34pt vader or quickdraw (21pts) Zeta Leader w/ Wired 45pt Kylo
  14. Bomb dice, regular 12 sided die with numbers. When a bomb detonates and you are in range. Roll the bomb die after rolling for the bomb damage. If you roll less than your printed pilot skill, you may cancel any 1 die from the bomb.