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  1. Its not bad, you are just instructing people to kill your list in a certain order, Low/2nd ship/Jess, otherwise their fire gets spread to thin. The Biggs/Rex forces you to TRY and kill a ship and then FORCES you to spread fire. Their is no choice with the Biggs list, you ARE spreading fire.
  2. Kestal with VI and cruise missiiles is cool. Run her with Quickdraw or Backdraft with target synch/fcs. Cheap killer. She doesnt need to solo a squad like Whisper or have an endgame like OL. She just needs to solve a problem. She is an ace killer. Fenn,Teroch,Inquisitor,Vader,SFs, even LW Dash. Target synch a lock, fire her cruise or homing missile. Cancel those blanks and eyes. Just her primary+ability punched through tokened up vader. No natural evades is bad news for aces. Is Kestal gonna 1v1 Dengar? No. But I had a Fenn Rau not do a single point of damage for an entire game, and then run for nearly 20 minutes because Kestal was a threat that could one shot him. Shes not a ship like OL where you can just be like "Hmm, i got 26pts left what should I do?" She will take some effort like a Jan Ors HWK. Give aggressor some time. I can see Kestal and Edge doing good things in swarms as well. Kestal with crackshot and her ability in a Howl swarm can punch through two dmg easily, then 1dmg thereafter. Just using her primary.
  3. Think that is what Cassian is for For Cassian, i like VI FCS GUNNER. Same points and action free. Can trigger Jan on the second shot after TL established. Maybe look at decoy on Low. On turns where Cassian doesnt have arc, low can take his PS and trigger Jan, or else just take her PS
  4. Im all for half points on all ships. Doesnt have to HALF hitpoints. I would love a rule of "If a small ship is left with 1 hull when time expires, the opponent receives half points of ships squad point value." This leaves regen ships vunerable. Corran can take a hull damage early game, then run and regen, but late game he is only worth 24pts and has to fight instead of turtle up. Miranda can take a beating early, and regen, but late game she will have to fight and not slam away. Think about all the games you lost because Inquisitor had 1 hitpoint and your Dash had 5 hull, etc. Took all game to get those 3 hits on Inquisitor and it means squat.
  5. Yeah, but in I think the top 4 game, he lost Norra quick and Dash nearly solo'd the list, came down to Rex and Biggs in last round and they were able to get two shields off dash for half points and the win. Dash is a solid choice not just for this list, but the meta in general since double positioning aces aren't popular right now
  6. Super Dash does good. List cant turn fast enough to keep him in arc plus maintain actions. Also, try a rebel TIE fighter like ahsoka with captured Tie. They cant touch her and she blocks them, can bomb them, EMP, etc.
  7. You've lost that Star Wars feelin Now its gone gone gone
  8. Yeah, only 7 or so in the that long list are actually seen in the meta, and only 3 or 4 of those actually are somewhat common. All the common pilots in the meta are the best abilities.
  9. If you buy a Sabine TIE Fighter you can basically run Super Corran, Biggs, and Ahsoka. Youtube Nathan Eide for vids on the list. Your ahsoka would be built a tad different from your cards. Go EMP instead of scavenger crane for instance. Heroes of resistance has a lot of nice stuff in it like ps9 Poe, Jess Pava, integrated astromech, Rey pilot and crew. For imps, FO has everything for omega leader. Inquisitor is a good ace, but needs autothrusters i. The starviper unfortunately.
  10. Like blade said, Inquisitor is a great flanker. Able to go through rocks with ease and cancel that range bonus and autothrusters. Was great for me during store champs, particularly because we have a lot of Dash around here.
  11. If only we could get some movies or books about how awesome the xwing is... Maybe then it can get a proper release
  12. He barely won his top4 match vs Dash Norra. Last round he only had Biggs and Rex and was able to get last 2 shields off Dash for half points.
  13. Just do 60pt matches and you should be good. That can be 4-5 tie fighters and 2 xwings and maybe an Awing.
  14. This^^ Dont buy cards if your not playing competitively. Just get the ships. Usually there is a facebook trade/sell group or even ebay where you can just get the ships without certain upgrade cards for cheaper price. Proxying the upgrades will keep you entertained for a long long time. Ywings can be missile carriers, or bomb carriers, or turret ships. Awings can be blockers or aces like jake. Lots of options.
  15. First, if i can take a TL with BD, then I do that so he can maximize his missile. If i cant, then yeah 3b and live with the bad shot from backdraft, and maximize kestal. But with focus and chips, backdraft should get a decent shot. Ive havent had a game yet where all three missiles were fired in one round. Quickdraw is usually in range 1 and does damage with crackshot, or else the ship dies before another missile can be fired like in inquisitors case. I have no problem with firing a missile and not spending the TL either. Sometimes i had to spend Kestals focus cause I rolled hit and three eyeballs and not gonna mess with four hits. In the 4 matches i have played so far Kestal got both cruise missiles off in one game, but having that second cruise missile made people avoid her and fly differently. Fenn Rau took himself out of one game knowing he can be one shotted. Asajj flew weird routes to close range 1 on kestal allowing backdraft to flank. The power of that second cruise is not seen, but definately felt. Have to try games with a turret instead of second cruise, see how that goes.