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  1. Contracted Scout (25) Adaptability (0) Courier Droid (0) Thweek (28) Advanced Proton Torpedoes (6) Fire-Control System (2) Glitterstim (2) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk. II (-3) Virago (1) Fenn Rau (28) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Concord Dawn Protector (1) Total: 97 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  2. Definately PS11 Poe. Nymranda lists can be as low as 94pt bid. Just get to 11 to erase two locks. I prefer Ezra over Braylen just to save points, but if you are planning on having Fenn, then Braylen probably the better option, but with no protection other then Fenn, braylen could drop fast, and now you are playing catchup with just Poe and Fenns weak shot.
  3. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    Im surprised Miranda has not been touched in any nerf. Jumpmasters got castrated in upgrades but Miranda still has 234,756,234 upgrade slots. Bring adv slam back to normal and take the turret or crew slot away fromm the kwing. It doesnt need to bomb and have sabine. Thats like imperials having Quickdraw carry Palpatine. Let rebels bring a crappier crew carrier along.
  4. Game is in a great place. Lists are varied and ships are fun to fly. Just seeing the various scum lists now that every list doesnt include a scout is great. A few bad apples here and there, but nothing like deadeye torp boats or unkillable Palp Aces.
  5. I respect your decision to not like a game, and I respect Velvetelvis decision to not like the game anymore. But to introduce it, and teach it, and they enjoy it, then you not recommend it based off your own feelings toward FFG and the current meta? "I dont like FFG, so you shouldn't buy into this game." "I dont like the bomb meta, so you wont either." Makes no sense.
  6. Let them make their own decision. You may not like it cause you are an 'old timer' and want the game to go back to Bwings and Tie Fighters, but many people around here just got into it, maybe 6 months-1year ago and are playing about 3-4 times a week now and going to regionals and systems opens. They are passionate about it and making podcasts, running local events, and growing the community. They actually are getting me to play more because I know they are gonna be at the LGS on certain nights, so I dont have to worry if someone is going to be there or not. The community in Xwing is what makes it great, not nerfs or FAQs. Play casually however you want with any rules you want and this game is absolutely fantastic. We run local tourneys with house rules, or special formats around here and its a great time. If we dont want to play against bomb cheese or TLTs we nerf them ourselves. LGS tourneys here have dozens of prizes to win, like an alt art card for rolling 3 or more natty blank green dice and your ship dies, or kill someone by tractor beaming them on an obstacle. A beginner can come to this tournament and walk away with more prize loot than the actual winner. Its fun times for all. Why take enjoyment away from people because of your own sour grapes? The only "downer" for Xwing is the higher end competitive environment if you let it get to you.
  7. Ketsu for regionals

    As a Ketsu player, Gyroscope is actually useful because you start in forward position and head for combat for her ability, and then turn it after the scrum where bumps and blocks and such could prevent you from actions, where as Asajj keeps it to the side almost all game and does circles. They are the same ship but fly way differently.
  8. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    OP, the game is as easy or difficult as you want it be to get into. Many very competitive lists can be made under $120. Quad Wookiees, Miranda/Dash, Rey/Poe. ****, Nands Torf got 2nd in Worlds practically from a list he built for an article for lists that cost under $101. As many others have stated, the Xwing community is superb and will gladly help you out in tournament scenes. I wanted to fly triple wookiees at regionals but only owned two. I simply asked to borrow a third wookiee gunship. Ive never bought the Raider for Palpatine, but if I fly Palp Aces all I have to do is ask to borrow the card. If I need 7 Z95s (but I only own two) for a tournament I can simply ask to borrow them and the community helps out.
  9. I don’t get why peeps don’t like Tie Punishers

    Yea, crazy aint it? Take Miranda, lose the slam, the turret, the crew slot, the PWT, the regen and you then have a Punisher. Now see how long Miranda survives in the wild without those and you will understand why nobody flies a Punisher, competitively that is. For fun, everyone should fly adv sensor deathrain. That would even put a smile on Eyor's mug
  10. "I've never" anonymous

    He is meta now. Fly right into Nyms proton bombs and harpoon missiles and just laugh, because you get a shot this round!
  11. "I've never" anonymous

    rolled a major explosion into a direct hit
  12. Your mission. You must accept is...

    Heff Tobber (24) Trajectory Simulator (1) Extra Munitions (2) Sabine Wren (2) "Zeb" Orrelios (1) Ion Bombs (2) Ion Projector (2) Pivot Wing (0) Miranda Doni (29) Twin Laser Turret (6) Harpoon Missiles (4) C-3PO (3) Bomblet Generator (3) Long-Range Scanners (0) Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) (17) Trick Shot (0) Tactician (2) R3-A2 (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Heff and Miranda roll up, Heff tosses ion bomb, moves and focuses, gets blocks, gets a TL/focus, attacks with Zeb crew. Miranda Harpoons, Ezra stresses. Next round, enemy is iond and stressed if not dead and just rams into Zeb, giving him a TL for another range 1 shot.
  13. Favre-wing

    Something I have been tempted to try in replace of one of my TIE/Ds: Major Vynder (26) Veteran Instincts (1) Extra Munitions (2) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) Harpoon Missiles (4) Advanced SLAM (2) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (2) Total: 40 View in Yet Another Squad Builder With Slam he is just as beefy (3 green dice, 7HP) as a defender. Can ion a large ship in one stroke. Both missiles dont spend the lock, so can just move and reload and fire, or move SLAM and fire. 2 sharp and slam 2 sharp lets him come back in to the fight similar to a 4kurn. PS9 with slam makes him hard to hit as Miranda. And being PS9, can stay on Mirandas *** all day long. Extra munitions for multiple shots in a row (enemy doesnt know if you are gonna slam away or not if you have a missile ready).
  14. Palp Aces worth a shot?

    Its not a bad attempt, just losing way too much on the aces to make them really viable. What about just dropping Palp for stronger aces? Yorr Aces Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) (35) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Autothrusters (2) "Quickdraw" (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Captain Yorr (24) Collision Detector (0) Inspiring Recruit (1) Courier Droid (0) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  15. Preparing for Nymiranda

    @Magnus Grendel Five Strikers is going to be one **** of a tough fight against nymranda. But lots of arcs are ideal versus Miranda, so that is in your favor. Still feel Miranda needs to die first. She has the unlimited bombs and regen and sabine carrier and slam. Block her escape routes with your ships and try and get some range 1 shots on her like all swarms. a couple focused 4 dice attacks that swing your way can drop her fast. The ships are definitely squirrely enough to keep the pressure on her though. Just practiced against the list a few times, even if it's against yourself. Get the first engagement down. I played Nymranda vs my brothers wookiees again yesterday (Wulf/Low/Era). This time after discussing tactics, he flanked with Wulf (like Inquisitor) and kept Ezra and Low just inside range 2 of each other coming at Nymranda. The flank with Wulf troubled me at first. Low coming head on, and Wulf to the side, both with those arcs kept the heat on miranda. Because Low and Ezra were apart, my bomb only damaged Ezra, and after I whiffed on Nyms Harpoon missile, he lived with 1 hull and double stressed Miranda. Miranda was down to 3 hull by the time Ezra and Low were gone and Miranda loss her stress, but my brother got greedy and 3 forwarded with Wulf, thinking Miranda was gonna 3 bank and slam away and instead I 1 banked. This put nym and Miranda behind Wulf. We called game. The flank was definitely troublesome though. I was contemplating turning to Wulf at the beginning and bomb and Harpoon him, but I couldn't risk Ezra living multiple rounds stressing my ships, so Wulf came in a bit slow and missed two rounds of action, but was still able to get Miranda down to 3 hull regardless. If he had those two rounds that he missed, Miranda would have been in trouble. That will take practice to get the timing right.