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  1. Option A, Option B.. Aces + _____

    Option B. I basically run the same thing only build the scout as anti ghost with score to settle + boba fett List is great overall. Been messing with points like plasmas on both fenn and thweek so scout can boba fett earlier. Now trying asts+boba on manaroo, so an ace can be double focused vs rebel fenns.
  2. [Poll] Do you enjoy X-wing?

    If i didnt enjoy xwing, i wouldnt be playing it, buying it, or posting in xwing forums. Game has problems but still more fun than blastin womp rats in a T-16.
  3. Can be for many cases, but im asking specifically for manaroo. Lets say miranda moves and from experience both players know its range 3 or just inside range 2, and the player takes a lock on manaroo without measuring. Now, I can legally "verify" it is in range, but what I want to do is check if a nearby ship (lets say its behind manaroo) is out of range that manaroo can pass a lock too. How do I go about this legally? Do I measure from Miranda to manaroo, extending the ruler passed manaroo easily seeing if the nearby ship is in range? Or measure from manaroo passed miranda, and eyeball the extra distance compared to my nearby ship? Hope that makes sense. This is in the same category as checking a lock even though its clearly out of range to measure a boost, etc. I just dont want to ruffle any feathers in the way I go about it.
  4. Asajjaroo

    Ive always had a thought that manaroo, if built for offense, her ability is perfect defense, tossing locks away. Quickdraw and Inquisitor would only have their focus. Miranda cant shoot the 5 dice missile at her, etc. I flew her similar build below along with a mini Z missile swarm. All the fcs locks, missile locks, etc just got passed to the Zs. It worked as I thought, leaving manaroo for last. Was fun but it wasnt "competitive" enough for me. So, what if I took same concept, but passed to a ship that can tank with the best of them. Pursuit Craft: •Asajj Ventress (52) Counter-Measures (3) •Shadow Caster (3) Predator (3) •Latts Razzi (2) Glitterstim (2) Glitterstim (2) Jumpmaster 5000: •Manaroo (48) Tactical Jammers (1) •Punishing One (12) Expertise (4) •Dengar (3) Rigged Cargo Chute (1) Total: 100/100 Manaroo can now pass locks to asajj, who evades, countermeasures, and glitters, with three green dice and thanks to jammers, along with latts. Bonus is Asajj also works against expertise ships, shutting them down. No lone wolf, cuz we want to be near manaroo, but jammers gives her an extra green die, so that makes up for it. This almost forces people to attack Asajj first, which can take awhile to bring down. Increasing our squads offense. There will obviously be things where this wont matter like deadeye missiles, and rey and wookiee commandos and thats fine. Both ships are built out to handle their own. Thoughts suggestions? Scum needs "a new hope"
  5. What wing is your wing?

    So, in swarm wing division, it would just be swarms vs swarms in every match? In that case, i will take Meta wing. No way i want to play swarm vs swarm 6 games in a row. Or palp aces vs palp aces over and over and over. Look how much fun the players had in that miranda/low mirror match. Now do that multiple times.
  6. If Garven had an EPT.....

    Decoy - He can move up in PS to fire first, or move last in ps to shoot last and replenish adv optics or intensity on a ship. Ships like rebel Fenn (without HSCP) dont need to shoot first, only move last.
  7. No new articles? Well, two can play that game, FFG...

    as much as I hate the idea, give it a turret. Might as well make it the sad pathetic cousin of the scurrg/kwing. Scurrg has b-roll and turret. Kwings have slam and turret. Punishers have boost and turret.
  8. What imrandy85 said. If you can get a Z95, run BBBBZ. Great list for new players. Lots of hull, no abilities to forget. If not, you can run some control: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Cannon (3) Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Fire-Control System (2) Ion Cannon (3) Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Tractor Beam (1) Rookie Pilot (21) R3-A2 (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder If any of your four ships gets arc on something like Miranda, it can be bad news for her. Ion and stress can end a small ships day real quick. Ion Cannon a ship, then with FCS you have a lock to close in and cause major damage. Maybe even better to move 1 FCS to tractor beam ship to spread the power around.
  9. Free Advanced Sensors Nym

    I would get harpoons for sure over cruise. You have the point. Could drop engines for chips, that gets you enough points for ezra or fenn. Its really close to being competitive. A list like it did well at a system open and regionals with ezra shuttle giving Nym b-rolls before launching bombs. Ive been trying out variations of it with ezra and fenn shuttle. Ezra provides sabine survivability while fenn gives Nym ps10 b-rolls before he trajectory bombs. Trying to figure out what I like best. I have nym with traj simulator, EM,Thermals,Ions and Harpoons and ABT. Crimson with traj,bomblets, plating. Been doing good with it in casual matches. Its crazy having three bombs out there (one nym saved and two launched/dropped). Opponet has no idea where things are gonna go boom.
  10. We want the X-Wing FAQ now!!

    This is probably all that is needed at this point in the game. Defensive (not offensive) range bonus to all secondary weapons. I would rather make it a skill to get to range 2 for secondaries, and skate that range 1 deadzone with TLT. Makes it actually more fun to fly ships with secondary weapons rather just 1 straight until you have range. Smaller FAQ,which I have stated repeatedly, would just be to make TLTs second attack only trigger if first attack hits. This stops TLT spam cause its not guaranteed to do 2 attacks anymore, and ships can successfully dodge it by spending their tokens. Im not worried about Ace-Wing coming back, because their are SOOO many ways to kill aces now, with bombs, and launching bombs, and ps10 ABT carriers, and ps11 coordinates, etc. About Asajj, the only reason she aint as broken as Miranda is because she is a large base, and you only need to do 5 damage to her and keep a ship worth 25+pts alive to win at time. Miranda is broke because she is small base and its either you kill her or she lives with 45+pts. If Asajj didnt lose half points I'd be running 51pt timewalk (with title) non-stop.
  11. Just wondering...

    R2D2 is best. He goes on many. He is expensive, so tossing him on a 18pt ywing with 2 greens isnt the most efficient, so he is usually found on more expensive builds with Poe,Corran,Norra. Pretty much anything with decent greens, some repositioning and high-ish pilot skill (cause greens give your position away). Although, there is no problem tossing him on just about any T70. R5P9 was the staple to Poe for awhile because his ability makes him never spend a focus token, then he spends it at the end of the round to regen. Still great on him, but r2d2 is guaranteed regen, so most prefer that. R5p9 pairs well with expertise EPT. If you dont spend a focus on defense, can use it to regen. Ive liked it on Snap Wexley in the T70. He is fast and can zip out of battle, focus, and regen, then zip back in. R5D8 is mostly unplayed. Cards, expensive cards at that, that require you to spend an action AND roll a die are garbage. Actions are super valuable, and wasting them on a non guaranteed event is a setup for failure. Chopper astromech. Great 1pt card and almost any ship can take it for cheap regen by just adding guidance chips in the mod slot. Best use is something like a ywing that can discard guidance chips, btla title, and bomb loadout (all 0pt cost upgrades) for three regens. Notice this is like r5d8 by spending an action, but it costs 1pt and is guaranteed regen. This makes it acceptable. Try to get away from randomness as much as possible in this game.
  12. First time flying Miranda, any ideas?

    Your Miranda is pretty good, but adv slam is garbage since the FAQ change. So that is 2pts free. R2D2 crew isnt the crew for Fenn. You want him alive and faceup cards can end that real quick. r2d2 droid would be better. Flight Assist is amazing on him cause it ensures he has arc on an enemy, and can help maintain range 2 on friendlies for coordinate. Horton doesnt want stress cause his greens suck. I would go with another droid. Hortons ability pairs perfectly with TLT and torpedos. Im not sure what expansions you have but Im going with Core,Tantive,Sheathipede,Ywing, Scurrg, and Kwing based on your initial list. Miranda Doni (29) Twin Laser Turret (6) Cruise Missiles (3) C-3PO (3) Bomblet Generator (3) Horton Salm (25) Twin Laser Turret (6) Proton Torpedoes (4) R2 Astromech (1) Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) (17) Lightning Reflexes (1) Courier Droid (0) R3-A2 (2) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Ezra can coordinate a focus to miranda for the cruise missile (her ability lets you get 5 dice cruise missiles attacks), while horton has a soft focus with proton torps focus to crit. Gives you a little alpha strike in there. After that, scatter and TLT em to death, while ezra stresses to keep them from kturning, etc while you plink them to death. Options if you got em: Fenn withAVeteran instincts (or Adaptability)+Flight assist is fantastic, and gives Miranda a PS11 target lock for her missile. Harpoon Missiles > Cruise Missiles if you got em. Add guidance chips to Horton and Miranda or long range scanners to miranda if you got them. If you have BTLA title, then FLight Assist, with BTLA, and TLT or ion turret is awesome on a ywing. Keep Miranda safe. She is your ticket to victory. If something is risky dont do it. Always regen when you get the chance. Miranda must live. Have fun
  13. The Last Jedi Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) (35) w/ Push the Limit (3), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Autothrusters (2), First Order Vanguard (2) "Quickdraw" (29) w/ Expertise (4), Fire-Control System (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0) "Backdraft" (27) w/ Veteran Instincts (1), Fire-Control System (2), Advanced Optics (2), Lightweight Frame (2), Special Ops Training (0) "Zeta Leader" (20) w/ Predator (3), Comm Relay (3), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Total: 146 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Return of the Jedi Omicron Group Pilot (21) w/ Reinforced Deflectors (3), Emperor Palpatine (8) Soontir Fel (27) w/ Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2), Stealth Device (3), Royal Guard TIE (0) Darth Vader (29) w/ Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Targeting Computer (1), Engine Upgrade (4), TIE/x1 (0) Rexler Brath (37) w/ Expertise (4), Ion Cannon (3), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), TIE/D (0) Total: 147 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  14. The Upsilon Shuttle.

    35pt+ support ships dont fit well in the 100/6 game. Making the Ups offensive cranks it up to 45-50pt-sh, and by that time you should be thinking about a Decimator for offense instead of a single arc ship. Upsilon woulda been great for the 2 dice ships, if 2 dice ships meant anything to the game anymore, cause Stridan and Hux tossing focuses to 3 ships is cool. Stridan with something similar like Kylos title and Opspec is already 37pts and you can get a fully kitted out Quickdraw for that price. I think the Upsilon should of had Kylos title be free. Just having the Starkiller with title for 30pts could be decent. Once it starts going over 30pts for support, you are entering the "awesome aces" territory for imperials which is almost always better to have Ryad,Vessery,Quickdraw,Inquisitor,Vader,etc than a single arc large slow support ship. The Uwing doesnt even get played and its 23pts with at least a crappy way to turn around.