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  1. TIE SF is one of the best ships (balance and fun wise) in the game. It's versatile to be ordnance, support (Target Synch), or ace. Been flying it a year now non-stop in just about every imperial build I do. I have three of them and triple S/Fs is one of my favorite lists.
  2. Play against my brother for about two months straight learning everything we could. Came across weird scenarios and jumped to the FAQ and forums for answers. Practiced maneuvers on my own. Finally ventured out to store kits to get a whooping and learn from better players, then frequented LGS xwing nights for more experience. Experience is the key here. Table time is the best way to learn x-wing cause the rules dont teach you how to dodge the mustache asteroid with a firespray if you are at a 22.5 degree angle approximately 2.5 bases away from it.
  3. Ive tried Lone Wolf / Flight Instructor for funsies and was quite impressed. Flight Instructor saved 3 damage from Dengar in that game, with just the one eyeball reroll. Wired/Maul could actually work. Table time next casual day!
  4. yeah, its like Fat Han with predator I just realized, if Dengar is getting a hit and clearing his stress, that awesome jumpmaster dial is wide open every round. Right sloops? Kturns every round ala Defender?
  5. Yeah, the Dengar is a nice cheapy with wired. And if he gets blocked, at PS9 he can still shoot first to turn wired on with Maul to get defense benefits as well. I like.
  6. Maul is tough for Scum, because if you aren't taking advantage of his stress removal, then just take Dengar or K4 crew for the same price. I like Maul on YV-666 cause they can stop or hard 2 and if they hit, they lose that stress. Just stay parked Can be something like Maul/Gunner/Bossk to almost ensure a hit. Or for a bit cheaper, Outlaw tech/Dengar/Maul to do a red, get a focus, reroll with dengar and maul strips the stress. Moralo Eval (34) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Outlaw Tech (2) Maul (3) Dengar (3) Inertial Dampeners (1) Asajj Ventress (37) Push the Limit (3) Latts Razzi (2) Rigged Cargo Chute (1) Engine Upgrade (4) Shadow Caster (3) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Asajj can attack first, maybe drop an agility. Moralo gets full mod shot. If he didnt do a red, can even use Maul + Dengar for up to 3 rerolls (dengar 2, maul just 1 for a single stress).
  7. Thweekattanni w/ Guns4Hire Asajj Ventress (37) Attanni Mindlink (1) Latts Razzi (2) Contracted Scout (25) Attanni Mindlink (1) Intelligence Agent (1) Thweek (28) Fire-Control System (2) Autothrusters (2) StarViper Mk. II (-3) Virago (1) Total: 97 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  8. If you are not playing in tournaments, proxy the upgrade cards so you can run a decent list like you are asking. If just playing at home or at local game store, that is perfectly fine. If you dont want to proxy, or plan to play in tournaments, then building will be very limited if you are not buying multiple ships in multiple factions. Very few expansions are competitive and self sufficient right out of the box. An interceptor is **** near useless without PTL and/or autothrusters, which doesnt come in the expansion, you would have to buy Imperial Aces pack to get two interceptors and two Push The Limit upgrades, then buy a starviper or wait for the new tie silencer for autothrusters. With 2 core sets and a tie fighter expansion, I would probably just buy a TIE F/O expansion and run this: "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) "Howlrunner" (18) "Dark Curse" (16) "Backstabber" (16) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder About as good as you can get without going any further or proxying upgrades
  9. I would say, aim for this at the moment. Get a few crackshots and have at it. Then eventually you can drop an academy and add more blackcracks as you get crackshots. Also, feel free to proxy if your just playing at home casual matches. If you get a couple TIE F/Os you can go with something like this: "Howlrunner" (18) Crack Shot (1) Omega Squadron Pilot (17) Crack Shot (1) Omega Squadron Pilot (17) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder All the same PS, so its easier to fly then the list with zeta leader that macchu listed above.
  10. It's beastly. We call it Countess Rey'ad around here. Kturns for days. Dont go too crazy though, a pile of stress sucks when your first damage into hull is Console Fire or Weapons failure
  11. Rorran Rey (45) w/ Wired (1), Finn (5), Hera Syndulla (1) Corran Horn (35) w/ Push the Limit (3), Fire-Control System (2), R2-D2 (4), Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 40oz of Pain Lothal Rebel (35) w/ Collision Detector (0), Autoblaster Turret (2), Wookiee Commandos (1) Lothal Rebel (35) w/ Collision Detector (0), Autoblaster Turret (2), Wookiee Commandos (1) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. First thing I would do is make it legal. Bomblet generator is unique.
  13. Gunner/Bossk is an older combo, but its checks out (see the FAQ) If you dont have a stress, you get a stress. If you have a stress, Bossk doesnt add onto your stress, but you still get the target lock and focus. So you can use Maul once like Predator, and receive a single stress on first attack to either get 3/4 hits or roll a hit into a miss to try and trigger bossk/gunner. Bossk Bossk triggers each time the ship performs an attack that does not hit. If the ship is not stressed, it receives a stress token. If it is already stressed, it does not receive an additional stress token. Then, whether or not a stress token is received, 1 focus token is assigned to that ship and acquire a target lock on the defender.
  14. I would say cannot equip if PS is 8 or higher, since those are the culprits of PS10+. Is 3pts to low for any reroll? Lone Wolf is 2pts and only blanks, and 1-2 from a friendly. A card like this might be a 4 pointer, or the first 5pt EPT? I could see x7 Vessery loving it.