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  1. wurms

    All the X-Wings!

    T260 3 I would make the caverns be able to keep wes and wedge alive by giving them DTF and Selflessness instead of crackshot. If you lose Wes and Wedge, you game is over. Cavern Angels Zealot (22) Draw Their Fire (1) Renegade Refit (-2) "Chopper" (Astromech) (1) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Integrated Astromech (0) Cavern Angels Zealot (22) Selflessness (1) Renegade Refit (-2) M9-G8 (3) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Wes Janson (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Renegade Refit (-2) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Wedge Antilles (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Renegade Refit (-2) Flight-Assist Astromech (1) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Integrated Astromech (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder DTF ship can chopper if he needs more shields to DTF. Selflessness ship makes wedge/wes hit harder with rerolls. They will force spread fire if opponent goes for Wes or Wedge first. Think that is more important than 2 damage from crackshot
  2. wurms

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I think rocks are the best choice. Split that group up and only take shots from 2 of them at range 3 (or through a rock). Once the group is split and arcs are not pointing at same area, picking them apart will be easier. 5 arcs cover a lot of area, but if they are spread, just position yourself to only take shots from a couple each round. If you can trade two of them for one and be at 3v2 you should be looking good with two higher PS ships to dodge arcs and still have a focus banked. Perhaps a DTF on Quickdraw instead of VI could help spread fire and get a fourth attack.
  3. wurms

    Final List

    Looks like a solid list. Should be fun and hit hard. Good luck
  4. Hardest was: Heff,Biggs,2 TLT Hwks in the triple defender age. List required expert flying close to heff, but far enough to be range 2 from enemies with TLTs all while blocking people into heff who would jyn ersa focus tokens to Biggs. Managed 4-2 in regionals. Easiest was: Triple auzitucks. Not much flying, just had some triggers to remember.
  5. wurms

    Strikers Aces or Not?

    "Duchess" (23) Veteran Instincts (1) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) "Pure Sabacc" (22) Adaptability (0) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) "Countdown" (20) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Captain Yorr (24) Collision Detector (0) General Hux (5) Inspiring Recruit (1) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Something like this is pretty good. I faced off against it and it was mean. Yorr tosses all three a focus, and puts the condition on countdown. Then all three strikers take an evade. Makes them quite tanky. Yorr moves first, so can clear the stress and get closer to strikers to help with his ability when needed, or when countdown gets attacked (Yorr + countdown is heaven). Gotta manage yorrs ability with hux, but inspired recruit lets you hux and take 1 stress. Ive flown the three named above, but with Omega Leader, and that is fun. Love throwing that on the table in casual games.
  6. wurms

    Multispectral Camo Spoiled

    Good card, even for RNG. With all the FCS around you should get a single use out of it, and that is worth the points when Quickdraw is on yo ****. Its just not a guarantee, so dont go jousting alpha strikes and be mad when it fails. Sad thing is it makes Lowhhrick and Fenn better who dont need MORE buffs. Also a good anti Omega Leader card if he is prevalent in your meta. Palob could use this, steal focus and evade, and a chance to erase locks which was his weak spot. Could definitely see this on Vessery since he is usually the first one taken down. Lot better than MK.II on him. Countdown? If you dont have an extra point for LWF, this aint too bad. Thane - you want to deter people from firing at him for his ability. 1pt to good use. Rex - 1pt well worth it. He is always targeted, and three green dice with evade is super nice. like @SOTL said, wish this came out last year
  7. Looks like a nice fair card that should help Bwings and G1As, even Uwings, while being useless on high agility ships. FFG was smart and limited it to 4 hull ships as well so palp doesnt get stronger. All these nice cards coming out and they will be useless in a couple months. Shame.
  8. wurms

    Begin Attack Run - Y Wing article

    Biggs, Evaan ,Low, Rex See if all four can get in same squad. Rex gets 4 green dice and lows evade and biggs super DTF. Sure why not
  9. Moving through ships will officially be a whole lot easier with those side notches on the cardboard now. Just line them up and your done. I know some do this casually in 1.0 just to speed things up, but in a tournament its a no-no. Now however, we can do this and be precise. My templates have not arrived yet, so here is a nice vassal pic 😁
  10. wurms

    heX-Wing 2.0 - the hex variant for X-Wing

    No reason not to have a variant, the big difference is if you know a 3bank type maneuver goes 3 up and 3 over, you know exactly where you will land every time and will never land on an asteroid, or bump a ship (unless blocked). Formations will fly perfect without self bumps. It changes a lot of what I myself find fun in the game, and that is the little human errors and setting your ships just a tad off angle at the start of the game then find yourself heading straight for a rock after round 2 when you thought you could just fly by and now have to alter your course.
  11. wurms


    you have to prepare for it. If your list is something like 4 xwings or 4 mangler sycks. Just know you are probably losing one. Nathan Eide has Fenn to boost and barrel roll Corran at ps10. Other lists take countermeasures + glitter combo. Black One. Engine Upgrade on large ships to close distance and cause bumps. A ship to bait the list. Something like Adv Sensors Kylo or Nym that can point one way, and fly off in another. Fast ships like Inquisitor that can 5 ship + boost passed the alpha. rocks rocks rocks. The alpha strike depends on getting multiple shots off in the same round. Use the rocks to split the group up. Pretty much the Tie Swarm Tactic. Make em tight and lead the alpha in/near rocks. If you only take 1 harpoon a round, that aint bad, cause every round you get defense tokens to negate damage. Alpha strikes want the 2nd,3rd missiles to have naked defense die. So try and eat em round by round if that is your option and let rocks provide extra defense to you. approach: dont go head on. Dont make it obvious your only move is a 2 sharp in towards the center where they line up all arcs. Make them guess where you could 3 bank left or 1 straight or 5 straight and boost. Then they may go straight with one ship and bank with the others to fan the arcs a bit, and if one arc misses you, that is huge. flank. Dont have all three ships come down the left side, making it easy for them to just say "Thats where my arcs are pointing". Bring them in different directions. This falls in with the bait tactic. You should get a sense of who they are targeting, and can try and zoom out of range, etc. with one. Just be careful they dont make a quick 2 sharp and catch your other ship coming in with the flank. At system open, I face a deadeye lok with harpoons and deadeye kavil with protons and I had ps2 Nus. I drew the opponent into the rocks until he made a mistake and his left banks were blocked by a rock, and thats when I slammed away in that direction while he banked right and was now facing the wrong direction. He never fired an ordnance shot that game. If they are flying a wide formation, like 3 ships side by side, what you would want to do is have their ships do a sharp/bank maneuver when approaching you, and only have the nearest guy in range. Or only two, since someone like wedge has FAA and hard to get away from. Something like this where you escape Nyms arc, and only in crackens and Wedge (cause FAA). Cracken only has a lock, so if he can only get 3 hits or worse, you could block the entire thing. Bring them into rocks, and now you can see Cracken doesnt really have a good bank maneuver next round, with that right defender flanking. Keep coming in at angles against Nym to avoid bomblets. If that left defender just went head on into all three arcs, it dies before it fires. And that third harpoon would just be naked dice defending against it. Where as next round, your ship that eat that last harpoon could have tokens to defend. When I played Blair Bunke's 7 Z swarm. I was flying triple wookiees, and made his Z's flying 3front/3middle/1rear formation turn into the middle, while I swung around rocks on the outside. This turned his formation into a 3front/2middle/2rear formation. That two Z drop into the rear, made 3 Zs out of range on engagement. It was something like whats below. He had 4 Zs in range, and they were split among two of my wookiees (Lowhhrick is far left out of range) Dont play their game. Make them struggle to keep formation. Eventually they have to break up when not all can 2 sharp around a rock, etc. In lists like Cracken, they cannot split, because of crackens ability at range 1. With tracers, they have to all maintain range 2 of the tracer shooter. Use that knowledge to your advantage.
  12. wurms


    Yeah, I like the TL for RAC, just have to be a round later to get the lock. Vader nice being same PS to shoot first. Went for Rex over other defenders for the PS, and eliminating shields instantly with krennic kicks in the ability. Could send 2 faceups into rebel Fenn instantly by erasing his lone shield. Now I just need to put it on the table. Have you flew it yet?
  13. wurms

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    I too dont have a second silencer. I subbed in Vessery. I ran this tonight and it is pretty ****ing good. Faced off against PS11 Han/Poe. By the time Han was gone, vessery was down his shields, and the silencer only lost a shield. Vessery kturns adds a bit more mix to the list, and quickdraw can easily tag any ship Vessery needs to shoot, like a boosting black one Poe. Sienar-Jaemus Analyst (26) Fire-Control System (2) Advanced Optics (2) Autothrusters (2) Colonel Vessery (35) Adaptability (0) TIE/x7 (-2) "Quickdraw" (29) Adaptability (0) Fire-Control System (2) Advanced Optics (2) Lightweight Frame (2) Special Ops Training (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  14. wurms


    My brother and I just built this same **** thing yesterday but with Expertise Rexler. Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) Veteran Instincts (1) Director Krennic (5) Tactical Officer (2) Kylo Ren (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Rexler Brath (37) Expertise (4) TIE/x7 (-2) Total: 100 Seems like it should be beefy. Like the PS10 coordinate as well.