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  1. So I'm thinking about four upsilons for escalation and have a list I like. The question is how to build it up to 150, and I could use some help with it. The Final List is Lt Dormitz -FCS -Engine Upgrade -Hux -Hyperwave Comm Scanner -Pattern Analyzer 3x Starkiller Base Pilot -FCS -Hyperwave Comm Scanner -Pattern Analyzer I'm thinking of escalating like this 60 Points 2 Starkiller Base Pilots naked, having to play 2 ships throws a wrench in my plans. 90. Add fcs and both tech slots to the ship, try and win at 70 points. 120 Throw Dormitz in with everything on him, bringing us to 115 points 150 Add the last ship Thoughts?
  2. Good point. Also the shock and awe of deploying that far up the board is hilarious
  3. I'm just glad the Upsilon doesn't come out before the escalation tournament coming up. I might have bought four. Now the real question is is it better to deploy at PS 12 further up the board and pattern analyzers, or to have gunner on your four upsilons?
  4. There's a large difference between hull and shields matter again and "unless you have obscene amounts of hull or green dice your ship might as well not exist" Anything's better than the PS9+ 3+ agility 2+ action ace party where hp matters not because you're not landing any hits unless you can repeatedly 4/4, crackshot or you're omega level troll I'm confused as to why you think that stuff is gone
  5. There's a large difference between hull and shields matter again and "unless you have obscene amounts of hull or green dice your ship might as well not exist"
  6. That's how I feel about hockey. It's a bloody game, yet people treat it like some **** religion, and over pay people way to much to play a game that we use to play as kids The best part about beer league arevthe guys who get into fights though. I get to watch as they sit out 2 games over nothing
  7. I feel that Mulg is more effective with the pointy mountain and all.
  8. I like one of each. My go to lust lately has been Vessery -vi (considering crack shot if I don't play omega leader) -tractor -green engines -/d Ryad -ptl -x7 -green engines Depending on what I expect to see, either Omega leader -juke -comms Or gamma squad vet -deadeye -proton torps -extra bullets -chips
  9. Autothrusters are pretty much completely different. New timing chart is approximately 47 million steps. We've dealt with that it will be fine. And "some people won't memorize errata" (and they've already issued multiple errata) is a terrible reason to not release errata. If someone uses the wrong point cost on a list, just let them know and then they know.At this point we need some errata to deal with the arms race of firepower/survivability that's happening and onenof the best ways to do that is to tweak point costs/cards (palp to 10, scout loses ept or +1 point, x7 to -1 or -0 points and so on)
  10. The uboats and ordinance are keeping jousters out of the game. Ffg has a very real problem where they buy the dog to chase the cat they bought to chase the mouse. @vineheart I don't see why nerfs or buffs would require reprints. If the faqs haven't resuted in reprints there's no need for this to.
  11. The most important thing to remember woth empire is to not put saber squadron pilots in royal guard paint schemes and vice versa.
  12. Palp. Unless you hate flying a shuttle and just want to play 3 defenders.
  13. I'd upload the troll in the dungeons gif but that's more effort than this post deserves.
  14. DarkArk, let me give you some advice. You'll never get anywhere with an argument with PGS, and not just because he's a troll. You see, people who launch on a massive crusade about something being THE MOST OP THING IN THE UNIVERSE generally have most of their discussions in the wonderful world of theorywing where everything goes perfect for the OP LIST THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT.
  15. I'm going to disagree with this. Depending on what you expect to fly against a gamma squadron vet that comes in about 25-26 points is a really good investment. Also the great thing about imperials is most of our stuff is pretty cheap so you can take a gamma squadrin vet and other things
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