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  1. actually the reason Toys-r-us went bankrupt was due to the massive debt incurred when private-equity firms bought them out in 2005, then set in place horribly unbalanced financial polices and unrealistic profit goals alongside short sighted and inconsistant management. then the private equity firm owners declared the company's bankruptcy in a maneuver to get out of said debt, liquidate all existing physical assets for a short term gain, get out of employee contracts (especially retirement ans severance packages), all so that they could rebrand as an online seller. it had nothing to do with the state of the retail market.
  2. That is a show aimed at a far younger demographic than any of the current and previous SW material, and an age demographic where physical play is still the preferred mode, both by the kids and parents. so it really isn't comparable.
  3. Reminder that these are not photos of official documents but graphics made by the rumor channel. So any details on them are very speculative. LEGO always releases some sets from older films as part of their new film branding. So assualt on jakku might well be a battle seen in TFA. The Y-wing might be a remade ANH model which the rumor monger just assumed is resistance due to it coming out as part of the ep9 waves. etc. right now we are in the same point and similar arguments we had regarding the lego releases for tFA and TLJ. Remember how during the TLJ wave they released a desert version of the snowspeeder and everyone was convinced there was going to be a battle on jakku in it? Even though the lego kit was clear it even on announcement was not related to TLJ?
  4. That would be the 2D animation clone wars, which is non-canon. in the 3D one that is canon, Anakin's fighter was a standard -7B. the -7 and -7B both lacked any sort of munitions, relying entirely on their built in lasers. the rogue squadron games are also non-canon as well, and as with all of the videogames, took severe liberties with the details of the spacecraft in order to fit them into videogame mechanics.
  5. Original trilogy Stormtroopers were just soldiers, recruited from the general populace and trained in the job. (at least, once the clone trooper units were retired) i suspect most of them were attracted by promises the Empire made, promises likely not much different than in real life. promises of both adventure and things like good pay, learn new skills, and probably promise of retirement/veterans benefits once mustered out. that said, the First Order troops are not volunteers, but rather abducted kids that have been brainwashed their whole lives. so it would feel a little out of place for them. but i personally take such humanizing moments as proof that the FO indoctrination process is flawed, and that their basic humanity remains, no matter how often the FO tries to 'brainscrub' and reprogram them into basically organic battledroids.
  6. i'd actually got the other way on the starter.. one big Separatist ship, and two smaller Republic ones. because the Separatists don't really have much in the way of small ships. even dipping into legends material, their smallest ships would still be pretty darn big in armada. they don't have much of anything comparable to a CR90 or Neb-B, and the handful they do have are fairly obscure stuff. and you don't want to stick original ships or obscure ships into the starter. but if the Seperatist ship is the big ship, it works. you could have a Munificent class Star frigate (about the same size and power as a VSD) up against a C70 refit Consular Class and a Republic variant Arquitens Class Light Cruiser and get a fairly good match up.
  7. we're already seeing him grow past much of it. i suspect that the events of TFA/TLJ that hit in the finale will see him grow even more. and yeah, we see this in many of the characters in SW.. Ezra was super cocky and self-centered in season 1 of Rebels, and while he still had elements of that even in the final episode, by season 2 he'd grown a lot less self-centered and had grown a lot less cocky as well. and we see Luke progress from whiny farmkid to idealistic warrior to nihilistic hermit over the course of four movies and a lot of comics. this sort of character development is common in shows aimed at younger audiences. especially those that are intended to have the characters grow with their audience. both Ezra and Kaz have personality traits common in pre-teens. in Ezra these seemed natural, because he was that young. in Kaz they feel more out of place on the surface, since he isn't a kid. but it is also clear, on deeper analysis, that the creative team has been trying to give the traits a reason to exist that fits Kaz's age. and i would expect that some of kaz's issues will remain even after he grows as a character. it did with Ezra after all. actually, much of kaz's behavior feels to me like he could be on the Spectrum, perhaps Aspergers syndrome. he experiences difficulties in basic social interaction, including difficulty in making and keeping friends. he has a narrow range of interests on which he is fixated (flying and fighters/fighter pilots) on which he can talk endlessly, while often having trouble understanding broader topics outside those interests. Socially he misses behavioral cues in others that he is annoying them or antagonizing them. he also seems to have some bodily motor coordination issues unrelated to how nervous he is, yet at the same time he clearly has excellent hand-eye coordination given his flying skills. i'm not saying that he is on the spectrum of course. probably isn't meant to be. but it does make for an interesting perspective on the character. and given that they've added a character that has some elements of other syndromes on the spectrum in Neeku, i wouldn't be surprised if the similarities weren't intentional to some degree.
  8. it is worth noting that his "bumbling" has been largely in specific situations.. by halfway through the series we see him doing fairly mundane things and he's not 'bumbling' at all. he gets clumsy, anxious, and inarticulate in the following situations.. when he's nervous when he's scared when he's doing something he wasn't trained to do. (and when he's excited, but that tends more towards a "hyper" variant) as someone who has much the same issues IRL, i can sympathize. which is why he did it so much in the beginning of the series.. he's in a strange place, with strange people, with social rules and conditions he doesn't know. this would make anyone nervous and scared. especially when he commits a social faux pass or accidentally antagonizes someone and he's facing down he is also been asked to spy on the people of the platform.. something he was not trained to do at all. he was not trained to sneak around, so he gets nervous and scared and as a result he is constantly screwing up his efforts to be stealthy. though notice that in the more recent episodes he's been able to follow Synnara and First order troops without them noticing him or much in the way of knocking stuff over except when he's suddenly surprised by something. he wasn't trained to lie and maintain a false identity, so his efforts to do so in early episodes often fail rather spectacularly. but notice that recently he was able to actually pose as a First Order stormtrooper without them immediately realizing he was a fake, despite ignorance of how the first order does things. we see similar character development through the season. notice that he's no longer quite as inept at doing repairs and maintenance work now as well? some of it is obviously "on the job training" but it is also clear that he's gotten a lot more comfortable around his coworkers and with when the job is kaz 'bumbles' because he grew up in a sheltered life and then got trained to be a pilot. and he's very good at being a pilot. then he got yanked outside his familiar environment and mad a spy in what is to him a completely alien world, with no training and no support, not even a pre-made cover story. not even another resistance member to give him advice on how to do the job or what to look for. (and no, BB-8 doesn't really count here.) as the season has progressed, he's gotten a lot better at both living on the platform including dealing with its residents, but also the whole spy gig. and as a result he's gotten a lot less clumsy, anxious, and inarticulate most of the time. at least until something new happens that makes him nervous or scared, at which point he's back to 'bumbling'. which to be fair, is how this sort of thing happens IRL as well.
  9. I think this is a shoe in for the Republic's Epic ship, whenever they get around to redoing Epic. not only is it iconic, but you have the c70 Charger refit version (aka the Republic Frigate) used by the Republic navy in the Clone Wars as an armed version on par with a CR90. this one was actually armed as well, unlike the J-type. though it would still be a low red dice support ship at best.
  10. you know i kept telling people "they want the colossus because of logistics" and everyone kept telling me i was an idiot, there had to be some sort of secret facility present or secret weapon..
  11. actually it looks rather similar in profile to the Skystrike Academy facility. the Imperial complex on lothal similarly looked like imperial construction stations, so perhaps the empire has a set of standard hullforms for support structures, which they customize with specific equipment.
  12. Given his dad's comments about the resistance, i'd say there is about a 90% chance his dad is a First Order sympathizer and will survive Hosnian and end up being part of season 2's list of enemies. did anyone grab images of the Pirate's ship? i'm curious how large it is and if it is a type we know from the EU (well, under all the piratical mods)
  13. Officially 2 days. Either way luke and Ezra would be the same age. But I'd be wary of rumors as to content of the film. THe last few have shown the rumor mill is usually wrong.
  14. bottom left? that looks to be a heavily modified Ubrikkian Skiff, like jabba used. probably atmospheric only.
  15. the ARC-170 expansion from 1.0 got used in the ARc's canon article as evidence the rebellion flew them during the GCW. i don't think wookieepedia has an official policy for Xwing, and whether it gets classified as canon or legends thus ends up based mostly on who is writing the article.
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