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  1. Iceeagle85

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Awesome mini, would have been really nice if they were going to sell it online like a quite a number of companies do with their GenCon Exclusives. Ah well I keep a look on ebay for a reasonable priced one.
  2. Iceeagle85

    The Land Endures

    Well the White Dwarf still exists and then there is Wargames Illustrated, Privateer Press had their NoQuarter Magazine until a year or two ago and there is the german magazine Tabletop Insider, these are the ones I know.
  3. Iceeagle85

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    I would like to have the Clones from the game Star Wars: Republic Commandos.
  4. Iceeagle85

    Anakin Miniature

    I'd say early Clone Wars or with robes.
  5. Iceeagle85

    Obi Wan Miniature (Clone Wars)

    Either the second one or the forth, though I will get him regardless of attire, it's Obi Wan after all.
  6. But this is FFG not Wizard of the Coast, so I'm sure they will not give up on it.
  7. Iceeagle85

    Clone Wars is coming to Legion!!!

    With Clone Wars coming to Legion the important question is now, who would win Anakin or Dath Vader if they fought each other?
  8. Iceeagle85


    Really like those sets, thoug I also would prefer the Imperial lady over that guy.
  9. Iceeagle85

    Clone Wars is coming to Legion!!!

    Great news, I really like the Clone Troopers and it's never wrong to own some killer robots
  10. Iceeagle85

    What’s left for this year

    In December we need a Christmas Vader.
  11. Iceeagle85

    Chewie is Next

    Wicket operative + Ewok commandos. ? I really wouldn't mind Ewoks personally, painting thier fur in different colours or with patterns could be fun.
  12. Iceeagle85

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    Is it me or the picture or do the miniatures look a bit strange, not really bad just a tad bit off or strange. I can't really put my finger on it. The guy aiming his stick doesn't really look that good, is it pool night again at Sheev's place?
  13. Iceeagle85


    The TX-225 looks awesome but what are those red boxes on it's back, cargo? And if so could it be used as some kind of open topped transporter without it`?
  14. Iceeagle85

    Charge Into Battle Announcement

    They look nice but I already have based my guys and probably still would have based them myself if these were available from day one.