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  1. It has been explained in the Runewars thread, in the Legions thread and here. First the X-Wing minis aren't that great, they have a rather basic paintcoat, second ships (or at least the X-Wing/Armada) are easier to paint than infantry. Look at the human sized prepainted Arkham figures, the really do not look good and it would cost more money to produce and so we would have to pay a higher price to get it. And according to someone else some FFG guy was asked why the IA minis are not prepainted at a GenCon or something like that and they thought about it but for whatever reaseon (reason was stated but I don't remember it) they thought it was not feasible.
  2. I do that to and because the people I play against just play for fun it's not that big of a problem for me.
  3. If you build or even lovingly convert a miniature, paint it as good as you can, make a backstory for it then yes you can be "attached" to it, this is of course more the case with heroes, great monsters than your standard trooper but it still can be done for them, I know people who did this for all of their minis in skirmish games with small model count and a campaign where your characters evolve. And I know people that put parts of their regular opponents on their minis/their bases to form a narative.
  4. So I searched a little bit and found these things: Droid Spa, BD-300 Luxury Droids (one can be seen in the Spa about 0:27) so there seem to be female looking droids. And this claims there might be a female droid in the Han Solo movie.
  5. You are right of course this is all fictional and for fun not to comment on real life problems. And as said I personally don't have a problem with a gender split, some of course might have but that probably is just human nature. I think I just got triggered by that 50/50 because I have heard that so many times in real life that we have to achieve it or get as close as possibly to it and as said I think it's a little unrealistic and I would be happy if everyone got the same fair chance, if that leads to 50/50 fine if not it's also fine to me. But as we are taking about gender, what about droids? I know technically they have no gender but C3PO, K2SO and the one from Kotor have male voices so are there female droids/droids with female voice ?
  6. Is it? Never knew that but as I said even in a world where jobs would be given to the most qualified person regardless of gender,skin color, religious beliefs and being ill or healthy we wouldn't have 50/50 everywhere because some people are interested in engineering others in medicine and so one. And because of that you will never have a 50/50 ratio in jobs more so if we are lokingt at the higher positions in a company, not everyone wants to be there. And even if the population is 50/50 who says the people who can work are split 50/50? This number would fluctuate daily as people die, are old enough to stop/start working, people immigrate and emigrate. As said I'm for more diversity everywhere but why many groups always want 50/50 I don't understand because I think even in said perfect world we will never have that. And don't worry no preachiness detected here
  7. @Kojib Why exactly 50/50? I would like to have female miniatures and it seems there are some in the Core but why the percentages? 50/50 seems a bit unrealistic even if we would love in a perfect time and balanced society. And no this does not mean I want more guys than girls I don't car about the distribution of genders/alien species as long as we get a good amount of all of them.
  8. I'm not irked by it but I wouldn't mind more female and more alien rebels. And about 40K is for dudes, I know quite the number of players who really want some plastic Sister of Battle models for years now. But yes it's a shame that the Cadians, which recruit everyone from a young age on, are only male.
  9. Yes they do, as was already said here thin them as 2-3 thin coats are better than one thick. And if you store them right and be careful they can last quite some time.
  10. That's just stupid, I would love more prepainted minis of decent or better quality as I have tons of minis I should/would want to paint but it seems it's not doable or more companies would have done it.
  11. I would like Fo Stoormtroopers and Clone Troopers and I'M sure they could make them different and even if not while I like the Stormtrooper design I like the CLone Trooper design even more so even if they sold they them as just a visual variant to the normal Stormtroopers I would buy them.
  12. They only published Dust Tactics so I think they had nothing to do with their premium miniatures line, and these days painted Dust minis cost a little more than double the price of unpainted ones so I'd say there isn't that big of a market there. The core box would cost a little bit over 179,90$.
  13. Do you really want to enrage Lord Carron even more? About transports, it is certainly possible.
  14. No they won't be prepainted.
  15. And Battletech will kill them all Go house Steiner!!!