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  1. No, I would just throw sand at him 😆
  2. Iceeagle85

    Charge Into Battle Announcement

    They look nice but I already have based my guys and probably still would have based them myself if these were available from day one.
  3. Iceeagle85

    40k terrain use in Legion- Heresy or okay?

    Well I'd say my post should makes my thoughts clear. I would play on a table with 40k terrain and I probably will use my 2 or so ruined 40K buildings I have.
  4. Iceeagle85

    40k terrain use in Legion- Heresy or okay?

    Use what ever you want and think fits for your table/game. It's your game and fun, so do what you want.
  5. Iceeagle85

    Please prepaint the miniatures

    But Dust had all models of one faction in the same colour. having different models of a faction in different colours is probably not the most cost effective thing to do and having all units of the Empire white would look stupid on Vader so they are just plain plastic grey.
  6. Iceeagle85

    Snow Trooper Release Date UPDATED 3rd of May

    I know that too well, always try to go for it but doesn't really happen.
  7. Iceeagle85

    The Desert Cometh

    They're not too bad, thanks to all the printed on stuff you need less terrain, but I won't get them. My Imperials are on lava Bases and my Rebels probably will get forest/jungle bases.
  8. Iceeagle85

    New Imperial Assault Announcement

    I'm still interested in IA and might pick it up (planned to do it like for ever) because as said it's a very different game.
  9. Iceeagle85

    "Mud Trooper" from Solo trading card visual

    The right one looks so much better than the left one.
  10. Iceeagle85

    "Mud Trooper" from Solo trading card visual

    I don't really liek the Mudtrooper design. But what we really need is the Beertrooper, you know the one that carries all the beer, a must for all Shoretroopers Or perhaps a Beartrooper to combat Ewoks
  11. Iceeagle85

    Trying to choose a faction!

    I can't answer your game related questions as I do not own the core box yet but I can answer your question about the faction. Go Imperial, there really is no other way
  12. Iceeagle85

    Wild Speculations

    Only if you take pictures.
  13. Iceeagle85

    Wild Speculations

    Don't you want to play as a wrinkled old guy and scream unlimited power? You know you do
  14. Iceeagle85

    Prequels vs Sequels vs Scum

    This isn't an easy question, but I always liked the various armour designs for the Clone Troopers so I voted for the Prequels. But the First Order also has a nice updated armour design for their Stormtroopers, a squad or two with Phasma would be nice. And having a force of the Black Sun or the Zann Consortium would also be quite interesting.
  15. Iceeagle85

    Going Commando with Han Solo and friends

    That was one of the first things I notice about that squad. So the Rebels have their first overpowered character