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  1. Best Star Wars Gift You've Ever Received

    I got the Lego Millenium Falcon one christmas from my sister and I think ist was the christmas after that I got the Lego Star Destroyer from her.
  2. Causalty Minatures

    Some fallen soldiers would be nice as some kind of mission objectives.
  3. How many 40K players will defect?

    I also think that people which play other miniature wargames as their prime game might get this as a game besides their main game and who knows perhaps over time it will became their main game. I will probaly get the Core box but I certainly won't stop playing Infinity and 40K.
  4. Prepainted?

    That is the reason I never repainted my X-Wing stuff, while I have often thought about it and have seen great repaints on the net I just have so much other stuff to build and paint. But who knows mabye one day I do a X-WIng with green markings.
  5. Prepainted?

    True but I wouldn't want to sound to condencending, and beeing ships they do look decent enough in my opinion.
  6. Prepainted?

    I wouldn't call the X-Wing paintjobs high quality, they are certainly not bad but not high quality more like around good tabletop standard, depending on how define it.
  7. Prepainted?

    I know I'm playing miniature wargames for years know, but my comment was about someone saying we are against prepainted miniatures would because we are afraid of change in our little nichte and through this comment I treid to show that I, a miniature wargamer, wouldn't mind well prepainted minis because I play quite a few miniature wargames and I'm a slow painter. And not everyone has a table/board many just go to their local shop or buy a mat.
  8. What has everyone pre-ordered

    Nothing yet, but I probably get the core box once it's released.
  9. Characters and Units We Want to See in LEGION

    Gary the Stormtrooper.
  10. Scenic bases for figures?

    In most miniature wargames units have to stay a certain amount of inches away from each other unless they are entering close combat. So this wouldn't be a problem. And i have never heard anyone having such a problem, not even with orcs and I would say it looks bad if one unit has a Hoth base, the next a Endor and another one a Tatooine base. What one could do to differate the bases is have one theme but each squad has their own extra, a little bit of grass, some stones, dropped equipmemt and so one.
  11. What Miniature Game Companies Suck At

    I can help a little bit with this, back in the day before Runewars was released someone made a topic about terrain/ table building. And I did provide quite some links. What you find there is about basing (bases and tables) scenery, mats and buildings but these are of course fantasy ones, though some of the linked shops have also sc-fi stuff, you should read the whole thread though because not everthying is collected in the first post. EDIT: Edit beeing european I think quite some of the stuff I linked is from companies in europe so depending where you are it might not be so helpful.
  12. Scenic bases for figures?

    I don't know, if they are the exact same size it technically shouldn't matter, but as said I don't know and I don't care as I don't play tournaments and do basing myself.
  13. Scenic bases for figures?

    I personally would base these miniatures, as already said they will look much better. About how the bases should look like, that's up to you match your/your gaming store table or match it to your story for your army or take something that looks good with your choosen colour scheme, there are many ways to go about this. My first bases were "grassland" bases, sand + brown colours + some grass and here and there a bigger stone, and my only table is a kind of grassland table, but my dwarfs have bases that are all grey with rocks to simulate their mountain home, my Space Wolves have winter bases because their homeplanet is a ice/winter planet and my Vampire Counts have grey bases with snow because the heraldry colour is a light blue/tourquise with red and the bone colour is a greyish blue and the white of the snow looks good with it. And some of my minis have bases that simulate they are fighting in a city. An interesting thing to know would be the size of these bases and howw easy one can remove the miniatures for thsoe that don't want to do basing themselves but want to buy some of the many bases out there.
  14. Worth it to get into the game if I dont paint?

    I know that feeling "That spot which only visible from a certain angle isn't perfect, **** it!!"
  15. All the expansions (AT-ST and more)

    Nice stuff, the AT-ST and the Snowspeeder (never knew the real name is airspeeder) are quite nice but getting the same guys in both Trooper expansions as in the core set is a sad thing.