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  1. I know the 1 die isn't a bonus, it's a flat guarantee. The "bonus" was in reference to the dice added beyond what is printed on the investigator card. I compared all the factors and in the case of the example I gave, I still get 1 more die by taking the monster modifier before adding dice from items than if I take the monster modifier after totaling the bonus dice from the item.
  2. I suppose my concern is really the point at which modifiers get factored in. I get that you always get the 1 die, but the total will be different depending on when the dice are subtracted. If you have 2 strength to start and the monster has a -2 modifier, you'll still have the one die. If that is the point you add in any bonus dice (let's say you have an item with +2 to strength in combat), then you will roll 3 dice total. However, if the monster modifier is added in after all your dice are totaled, the number is different. With the same +2 strength item and your 2 base strength, you would have a total of 4 strength, but if you subtract the monster modifier at that point you will have only 2 dice. If the book means that you always roll at least one die, then the answer is implied to be in favor of the 3 dice in the above example, but the wording of the text in the rules isn't satisfactory to that end for me. Page 11 does say to roll the number of dice you have in the given stat, in this case strength, taking modifiers into account. In the next sentence it says to always roll at least one. I infer that to mean that all my available bonuses are factored in before the monster modifier, but still rolling 1 die if it drops me to 0 or below. If the monster modifier is factored in before modifiers, I lose both of the bonus dice from the item in the above example. If the monster modifier is factored in before my items, I still get 1 bonus die. I hope this makes more sense to anyone else with information. I have to wonder if I'm crazy to not be understanding what may well be painfully obvious.
  3. Do monsters' modifiers, like -2 to your strength test, happen before bonus dice are added in or after? If before, and you would be dropped to 0 dice or below, do you still get 1 die before adding bonuses?
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