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  1. I was going to like any game set in the Old World, but the thing I love about it is the complexity of the decisions resulting from the balancing of the individual actions. It's genius. For example, how you can attack the enemy in front of you, but it might be more advantageous to Aid another player, using the pushback on the Aid card to get that monster back into the shadows instead - maybe meaning you don't have to fight it at all if you can explore and travel instead. Typically in co-op games there's either one person directing the strategy, or the best option is obvious, but I've found that when you get into the end of a quest and are really up against it, the right option results from really digging into and discussing the potential combinations of actions. Played 1 and 2, won both, but I'm kind of savouring this one, waiting on the first expansion, so not in a rush to finish the campaign.
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