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  1. I almost couldn't believe there wasn't any topic like this already, but after searching the forum and finding none, I wanted to start one! The contenders: The Noble Daqan Lords The Chaos-worshipping Uthuk Y'llan The Wrath of the Undead So which faction do you prefer the most? Also, why do you prefer a specific faction? Or maybe you don't prefer any specific faction? I'll kick off with my own opinion: I haven't had the chance to play with the Undead yet but they seem really cool. At first when we bought the game I thought I'd like the Daqan the most, but after some playtime and trying to read up on the backstories of these factions, I really love the Uthuk Y'llan! Not even looking at play-style here, I'm that kinda guy that just rolls with whatever army he can use (and my GF really wanted to be the Daqan faction). But in that regard, I really love the artwork and style of the Uthuk Y'llan and in a weird way I can sorta relate to their 'backstory'. So there you have it, I really love the Uthuk Y'llan! Savage brutes who've done anything possible in order to stay alive, even if that meant pairing up with the demons of Chaos. To me the Daqan feel like chivalrous knights, obeying their commander for the greater good. The Undead are simply crazy dark and foul. The Uthuk are survivalists, adapting to their changing circumstances, which really resonates with me in a 'cut off one leg to save the rest of the body'-kinda way.
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    Well, when speculating about the contents of future releases, I'd like to put in some thoughts derived from my marketing background. When looking at the release-content so far, there are 3 things that I see: 1 is army expansions for the core game factions, 2 is an entirely new faction, and 3 are neutral units which can be used in all factions. But aside from that, FFG has released a scenario builder, a cross-platform digital game version and for WoU they've also released a Promo Kit which retailers could buy so that they could introduce new players with the game itself and existing players with the new faction. When I look at this data, I kinda get the feeling that the marketing guy behind BattleLore has been trying to push the game over to a broader audience. With that I mean, not just veteran Warhammer-players, not just specifically wargame-players, but everyone who's looking for a fantasy game with more strategy than your average Eurogame . It is, after all, a game that in my book is like a wargame designed for previously-non-wargamers. It has a pretty low threshold to play, comparing to other wargames and games in this genre. The app kinda gives me the idea that they wanted to expand their brand to those who would previously not be so much interested in a wargame or game with miniatures. If this is their approach, I expect to see smaller but more frequent expansions as soon as the FFG marketing team has hit some specific sale-targets. After all, when looking on BBG the game has slightly over 2000 ratings. Compared to 'big commercial games' that's not a whole bunch. So I expect future releases to aim towards getting the more casual gamers on the BattleLore bandwagon. Honestly I also hope they do take this approach, because in my experience (as a non-Warhammer, previously-non-wargamer) this is THE gateway-game to the genre. I think this game could potentially reach a much wider audience, but that would also require future releases to be aimed towards this concept. Yeah, so, no, I usually don't write short posts, I know. But in short I expect, as others have also stated, small expansions which will increase the exposure of this game in the store shelves. Also, smaller and more easily affordable expansions will result in every household having a 'kinda customized' game, where not everyone will own the same expansions. I'm thinking FFG could also start mini-army-expansions. Comparable to the neutral units, but being faction-specific. So something like a Uthuk/Daqan/Undead Legend, a Uthuk/Daqan/Undead Elite ranger, and so on. Also Lore deck expansions would still be viable. And different kinds of small terrain expansions would also really be nice. So like, when looking at expansions 5 years from now you could have a lot of options what to buy and what not to buy. A totally new map (or alternate core set) could also work, but then again I think this will mostly resonate with existing players and players with a wargame-background, not so much with potential new players. And attracting new players (and a wider audience) is what I feel FFG should be doing with their BattleLore 2nd releases
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    Haha, well your view on the time of release after announcements at least sorta proves my math. But the last point you made, about rather having a good quality product than a hastily produced one, I totally agree on. I didn't speculate on release dates because I don't want to wait any longer, I was speculating to keep the BattleLore 2nd Edition hype going (or even, to revive it a little ). I don't even own all the expansions yet, so it's not like I'm a spoiled brat who wants more and more game regardless of quality. I simply hope to boost the 'talk' about expansions, because hey we all want to see the BL line continued, right? Also, and this is purely my personal opinion, we as a community should keep the BattleLore 2nd Edition hype going! So keep on speculating and discussing possible expansions! (along with other cool BattleLore-related discussions!). Because, when I can't play the game I wanna be talking about it!
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    So... lemme try and steer this topic back to the subject it was originally intended for .... Expansions! I mean, no offense to anyone going offtopic here, but I think most of those questions could be answered elsewhere in this forum. I'd really like to get back to discussing/speculating about upcoming expansions! It took me some time to catch up reading all the pages of this topic so now I wanna drop my 2cents on the subject of expansions. Rather than speculating about 'what' will be in a new expansion, I was pondering about the 'when'. I did a little researching, purely based on the documentation on the original FFG news page for BattleLore 2nd edition. I’m gathering some intel because I can’t believe there isn’t a BattleLore 2nd Edition Wikipedia entry, so I decided to start building Product / Expansion Time release after announcement | Time after previous release BattleLore 2nd Edition Core Set 4 months - Scenario Builder (open beta) - 1 month Dice Pack 4 months 5 months Army Packs: Hernfar Guardians & Warband of Scorn 9 months 1 year Reinforcement Pack: Razorwings 3 months 3 weeks Reinforcement Packs: Mountain Giant & Great Dragon 7 months 2 months Army Packs: Heralds of Dreadfall & Terrors of the Mist 4 months 2 months (couldn't copy+paste my excel table, sorry) So from what I've gathered and put in this list above, after an announcement has been made, FFG releases 'thing' from said announcement in roughly 5 months on average. The time in between releases is kinda all over the place. In this table, I didn't include BattleLore: Command, nor the Promo Kit, nor anything Battle of Westeros or other stuff from FFG. So, that could be the reason the actual releases aren't in set intervals. Also the timeframe of the reinforcement packs is kinda interesting because Mountain Giant and Great Dragon were announced about 2 months before Razorwings, but Razorwings were released 3 months after they were announced and the other two were released 7 months after they were announced. So although Razorwings were announced later, they arrived sooner. I guess this puts in perspective that the production time makes a planned time schedule quite difficult, so 'set interval releases' are quite difficult. The latest two releases were 2 months apart, but then again the latest release was about 3 months ago. BUT this intel at least gives us something to fall back on, once something new has been announced . WHY did I put this together? Well I wanted some insight in when to expect the next release, sharing my thoughts in the process! So, even if FFG were to announce a new release tomorrow, chances are we could expect to wait another 5 more months before we see an actual release. Onto upcoming expansion release speculation: as the latest release was kinda a two-in-one I speculate the next announcement to be around June/July this year and then to see a release December 2016 / January 2017. Although, I sure as hell wouldn't mind anything sooner . Hope you guys like long posts
  5. Well, as far as I can tell from the card it doesn't say 'massive'. But I totally agree with you that it's kinda weird not seeing the 'massive' trait on this unit, as it is.. well MASSIVE. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's ranged... Or when looking at it from a 'use your imagination' perspective I suppose one could argue that siege-machines/devices/towers originate from a city/town... Apart from that it does have a movement restriction listed at 'Behemoth' which states: "If this unit moves during your Move Step, it cannot perform an attack this turn. This unit ignores units when determining line of sight." so maybe the Dev's thought this would be enough movement restriction to keep it balanced. Although.. when it's moved into a building eventually you'll probably keep it there as an insane long-ranged siege beast. IMO Siege Golem is like an improved & ranged version of the Uthuk's Chaos Lord, when comparing stats. So I'm still kinda surprised not to see the 'massive' trait on this dude. But then again I always play Uthuk so every Legendary Daqan unit ruffles my feathers.
  6. Hi all! I'd like to take up the opportunity to discuss my homebrew Battlelore 2nd Ed. scenario! I really wanted a map which focuses on a small route in the center of the map. Also I really like map-layouts which do not give advantages/handicaps to one of both factions. So the starting position will not be something you can 'blame your loss' on. My map "Narrow Hill Pass" is my personal vision on such a map. But a new/custom map always requires a LOT of playtesting and me and my GF can only get so far with this. So additional playtesters are very much welcomed! For some reason I cannot directly link you guys to the map, but searching in the scenario builder for "Narrow Hill Pass" or my username "Kaas" will help you find it! I hope some of you will give it a look-over and provide me with some feedback concerning the fluff text and explanations I gave on the scenario card. And of course I really hope some of you will play it and experience the joy of a Narrow Hill Pass BATTLE. Many different ways to claim your victory in this map, so you don't necessarily have to rush into the pass. Also many different ways to muster up your army to give yourself the upper hand. My personal criteria were: Re-playability (because of different possible army-setups and VP-scoring) Epic battle feeling (because close corner combat and possibilities for strategic placement) It should feel right (the fluff, the style of battle and the narratives should fit the existing Battlelore vibe) Somewhat innovating (not trying to create a whole new game here, but I did try to add some new 'flavor' for a change of pace) Hope you'll enjoy my first custom scenario! Hope you guys can even make it better by providing me with some awesome feedback! If both are true, I'll be making a lot more custom scenario's for you guys Cheers, Kaas (or in English: Cheese)
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