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  1. Spot prizes for creative lists? If this is about trying to get people to bring more than the usual spam lists.
  2. I love the grenade pose, so that's an easy choice for Bossk I've only just gotten round to painting up my Rebels so it'll take a little time before they hit the table (I've taken ages to settle on a scheme for them), but I'm glad to have an excuse to pick up all the cool Rebel minis. Sabine's had a few different colour schemes across the series, and like Boba, they'll give me the opportunity to take out all the paints in my set, so that'll be awesome And Mandalorians would be amazing! Maybe they'll be part of a 'jump troopers' wave that we'll see once Clone Wars starts releasing?
  3. Both Bossk and Sabine look fun to paint; can't wait to get both! Will you build Bossk toting his blaster or throwing grenades?
  4. FFG is probably just signalling that Bossk and Sabine should be out by the end of the month. I'm still happy to see this article, even if it doesn't spoil any new cards.
  5. Tournaments are frequently the best opportunity for me to get games. It's also a good opportunity to socialise, check out other peoples' armies and occasionally travel.
  6. This looks like it'd be great for new players who've just got their core set and an extra expansion or two. Could be fun to run events with this format once Clone Wars is out
  7. Now that 'Armor X' is its own thing (see the X-34 and the Dewback) the extra effect you want to give armour should be its own keyword. It would probably be something like Resilience X: Reduce X crit results to hits before Impact is applied. Although I'm still not sure if it's something vehicles really need.
  8. It'd be great to see more on the upcoming Vets and Cav minis, or the Clone Wars set. Or maybe a series of articles about using the new paint bundles that FFG are putting together to paint your minis?
  9. We see stormtroopers taking out an X-Wing with their blasters at the beginning of TFA, so I don't think it's a stretch to imagine enough firepower finding the weak points on an AT-ST, for instance. Would a 'Bluetooth' upgrade that allows vehicles to interact with scoring objectives help us see more Armour in gameplay?
  10. This'll be a question for me to ask myself when I get my Rebels going. Would painting the band on the helmets work? As for stormtroopers, I've seen some cool alternative schemes so that's always an option. Otherwise I've found Ulthuan Grey to work well for stormtrooper armour rather than White Scar
  11. To add to Qark's reply above, it can also sometimes be about having extra squads to cover more objectives. It could be handy to have a couple of scouts holding an objective in the back field whilst the bulk of your army can push forward to take the objectives being contested.
  12. I assume you mean the part of the rule that allows you a 'free' SF slot? Either way I thought the rule was a neat way to encourage players to take IRG or DT's with their respective leaders (Palp, Krennic) to add theme. I don't really have a problem with Entourage; it helps add variety to the table.
  13. I don't have nearly enough experience to know whether strike teams *need* fixing but it would be nice to see other special forces units. Would giving the strike teams the detachment special rule similar to what shoretroopers and rebel vets have be an option?
  14. I think it's discussed in Notorious Scoundrels' State of Legion episodes from April. Sorry I can't be more specific
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