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  1. I've found the rollers work okay with the smaller bases, but for the larger base minis it's trickier to get it looking right, especially if you want to represent firing arcs. I know they're not for everyone, but I've found the premium bases to be effective and relatively stress-free.
  2. Maybe we might see special forces upgrade packs that can add a character as a heavy weapons upgrade to each special forces unit, e.g. Royal Guard Champion, Gaarkhan for Wookiee Warriors
  3. No worries Thanks for staying up to date with releases; Battlescribe is an awesome resource!
  4. Just thought I'd post here; the TX-130 Saber Tank for the Republic looks like it doesn't currently have a unit cost listed
  5. Hey, it's a DLT-BBQ I wouldn't be surprised to see Jedi like Kanan or Ezra show up in Legion (they were fighting for the Rebel Alliance, after all). And who knows, if Fallen Order does well we might see Cal Kestis too
  6. I noticed that too 😅 Bar a few details that need painting, I've already got one ion-trooper looking forward to seeing the battlefield soon!
  7. Usually when troopers are engaged in melee, they can only be targeted by the unit they are engaged with, and can only target that unit with their attacks. In order to escape melee, they either need to defeat the opposing unit or spend both their actions to withdraw from melee. Creature troopers such as Tauntaun Riders are an exception to this rule - they can spend a movement action to move away, leaving another action free for them. The trick Mastershake2 is thinking of involves pulling the tauntauns out of melee with a move action, using their Relentless ability to grant them an attack against something vulnerable (like a sniper strike team), then moving them back into an enemy unit that won't be able to deal with the tauntauns effectively (and because they're in melee, they can't be targeted by ranged attacks).
  8. Did some quick searching, these guys will be coming to EA's Battlefront 2 in September. The upcoming updates sound nice actually. Solo and co-op content is appreciated.
  9. You'd want to refit the larger stuff like bantha riders and Jabba to a different base type, but for things like tuskens and Jawas on an infantry base I'd say the scale is fine for a casual game. In IA, things like tuskens, jawas and Jabba's minions come under the Scum and Villainy faction, which also encompasses things like Nexus, Wampas, Trandoshan mercy and even Clawdite Shapeshifters. I think with Legion out, IA doesn't really stand out for it's Skirmish mode for competitive gameplay, which is probably at least partly why it's on the wane. IA still has a solid Campaign story mode which my friends and I enjoy now and again though.
  10. Get scum and villainy minis from Imperial Assault and create house rules for them?
  11. People have already mentioned e-stims and hunter, so I'll leave that alone. Tenacity might also be a fun pick if you want him to dive into melee.
  12. This will sound completely silly to some of you, but I'm kinda hoping for new premium bases for some of the new vehicles (the occupier, AAT and Saber-tank). The premium bases look nice and they're easy to use, but I don't have the skills to base my occupier so it doesn't look out of place with the rest of my army (also on the bases).
  13. Maybe when they do Stormtrooper sprues that'll be an option? At the moment I'm waiting for sprue before I get more stormtroopers or Rebel troopers for *fingers crossed* more customisation.
  14. Inconspicuous: While a unit with the inconspicuous keyword has at least one suppression token, when an enemy unit performs an attack, it must target another unit, if able. (pg. 43, RRG) The way I read this, if that unit is the only one you can target, they're fair game. For example you could enter into melee with them, or adjust your position so you can only see them, or only they are in range.
  15. Same here; the escape pod looks great. I'm still trying to decide on the downed AT-ST. It looks cool, and I like narrative scenarios, but the cost, as always, is where it gets tricky. The bunker is where it gets complicated for me, and probably for a lot of other players. The piece by ffg looks cool, but is expensive and needs a lot of time spent painting. I already have an Imperial bunker-type terrain piece from a third-party terrain manufacturer that also looks cool, doesn't cost as much, and basically comes pre-painted (and also the roof opens up, just like I've heard the ffg one does). The only thing I'd be missing is the scenario cards, and I'm not sure that I can justify spending $100+ on that. I'd imagine there are a few other players who've been able to construct their own Imperial Bunkers from third party sources, so they'd be in a similar boat.
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