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  1. I know it is not Star Wars but take a look at Heroes of Stalingrad and Heroes of Normandie. Most of the effects that you are looking for are in that game. My favourite game along with imperial assault.
  2. "Either draw 1 starting action card" What does this mean? Do I get the cards from the discard pile? I don't understand this card. Edit: I just noticed that this card doe snot have a medal symbol on it and itself is a starting action card. If you draw it as one of the starting action cards, you either get a different one or get an extra leader at an expense of losing one reputation.
  3. "Surge Shrapnel: Choose one:" Do you choose when you declare an attack or after you roll the attack dice?
  4. Can a stunned figure use dying lunge? Move up to two spaces and perform and attack.
  5. I am doing the same - adding Legion miniatures to IA.
  6. Thanks for the update. I am very much looking forward to printing and playing your map. Will keep track of this thread.
  7. Does anyone from FFT ever read these forums or is it just us vaping?
  8. The product line is quite simple. Endor + Rogue One + IACP Cards Pack = shut up and take my money.
  9. Your best reference are the Death Troopers. About the same scale. I'll post some pictures late.
  10. Make sure to submit your feedback: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScj44hiqtvA-oCz4ZRBAG8g3K2mWLr4eAKVMml19Ak-jujbZw/viewform My thoughts on the scout troopers: Having a permanent restriction of four or more spaces away is a bit much. I would change it to either 5 or more spaces or apply -4 accuracy. It was weired to have a scout trooper in a straight LOS with only four spaces away and not being able to shoot at it. Applying -4 accuracy is more thematic. A figure can spot a scout trooper but because they are in good cover, they get a bonus of -4. I think a restriction such as can’t attack should be changed to a choice with a penalty of -4 accuracy. People have been using a combination of scout troopers and element of surprise Element of surprise with the scout troopers is an interesting trick. I think that an ability that prohibits one from doing something is too much. A sufficient accuracy penalty opens more room for making a choice. I chose not to attack the scout troopers because they are too far (well hidden) or I chose to give it a shot with a low probability of success might it may work. Not being able to shoot a figure in plain sight when it is “just” four spaces away is very strange unless the scouts have access to force illusion of some sort.
  11. This looks really awesome! Very thematic design. Did you finish the map? Are you going to publish the high resolution printable file? Does the concentration of red not distract from figuring out the tile squares? Once printed, I think the squares in the centre will be difficult to see. Perhaps something darker to create better contrast for the red in the middle? Does your map have any objectives and deployment guidelines? Any thoughts about a similar map for 2 players?
  12. A lot of the videos that I looked at show a very similar trend. When players attached a roller to the mini figure, the bump the figure a few mm. The same is true for placing the figure ahed of the ruler. This might be different from super competitive OP events but so far I see more fuss about those 2mm that it is in the actual gameplay. I have no intention to play Legion. So far I am just getting the figure for IA conversion. I am also learning how "precise" to the mm miniature games are.
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