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  1. Force Lightning: Choose a figure within 4 spaces and line of sight. That figure suffers 3 and becomes Weakened. Each figure adjacent to that figure suffers 1 damage. This means that if the Emperor is attacking an adjacent figure he gets affected by lightning himself. Makes no sense thematically. Shouldn't this be every other figure?
  2. You can play Single purpose on MHD-19 to recover 6.
  3. Reduce the size of the banner Star Wars Imperial Assault Army Builder or better yet move it to fill the empty space on the dark bar at the top between Games and Contact. Play around with colours. I personally like white and light grey of IA armies better than black, dark grey, light grey, and red at TableTop. It would be great to see a filter of lists other people made based on a specific figure. If possible, it would be great to choose more than one figure to see what kind of lists other people came up with. Maybe move the Deployment Cards/Command Cards button above the factions menu or before the Show Packs button at the top. Have you considered removing the black background and bars on the sides? Just a few thoughts.
  4. Your site is good overall but I have been using IA-armies just because of his simple and fast it is. Please keep in mind user interface simplicity while updating your site. Thank you for a great resource.
  5. 1. For strategy discussion purpose my teammate and I sit next to each other. The rules indicate that the setup must be such so that the player to your left is your opponent. What is the logic behind this? Just to make the passing of the initiative token easier (circular rather than zig-zag)? 2. Can the teammates openly look at each other's command cards and discuss (strategy) or each player keeps his/her command cards secret for everyone? 3. I understand that I can use a command card that affects friendly figures on my teammates figures. However, I cannot give something like element of surprise to my teammate while one of his figures is activating and making an attack. Correct? 4. What exactly is the rule for passing when one of the players has fewer activation cards than other players? Do we count passing as total activation of team A vs team B or player with fewest activations against the player on the opposite team with fewest activations? 5. When a player plays Take Initiative, he/she still follows the exhaust a figure rules. Correct?
  6. I thought that these colours in the picture would be enough. I do have yellow. Why not mix with white?
  7. My original question was, can I use the set of paints that I provided in the picture without buying a whole new can just for Palpatine.
  8. I can't figure out how to paint Palpatine's skin. Here is a set of paints that I have. Please advise.
  9. Response from Todd
  10. Can someone explain concentrated fire? use when another friendly Trooper?
  11. Just got this yesterday and it is cheap and great.
  12. No attack support character: Yoda Speeder bike and scout troopers. Entire rogue one. Rogue one elite troopers.
  13. Used this code to get a good discount from COMEBACK-30
  14. I would tend to agree with you but not my opponent I sent this question to FFG. Lets see what they will say.
  15. Lure of the Dark Side: "Choose a small hostile figure within 3 spaces. Perform 1 attack with that figure." Fly-By: When you declare an attack, if the target space is within 2 spaces, add 1 blue die to your attack pool. After the attack resolves, gain 2 movement points. Question: If I play Lure of the Dark Side on a Jet Trooper, do I get to move the JT for 2 movement points?