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  1. robertpolson

    Imperial Assault Big Trade thread

    Have: Bossk Alt Art Wookiee warriors. Chopper Alt Art Looking for : - Ahsoka and AT-DP Alt Art.
  2. - Battle for Endor with Yoda and Scout Troopers (speeder bikes) - Rogue One - Fixes to make old figures playable - (e.g., RG Champion.) - More campaigns with existing content. I will be content.
  3. robertpolson

    Toronto Ontario Meetup

    If you are interested in playing friendly skirmish games at For The Win Cafe, send me a PM or an email: robertpolsone [at] gmail.com
  4. Thank you for your efforts and support! Any news on the 4 player map?
  5. robertpolson

    Will Sequel Trilogy Ever make it to this game.

    If the new trilogy stuff will leak into IA, that will be the end for me. The new trilogy is not Star Wars, it is a Disney mutant. I would like to see Rogue One though.
  6. robertpolson

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    I played with Sabine and this card. It was fun the first few times I played it but then it felt like I was cheating and playing a cheap game. I will not be using this card out of respect for my opponents.
  7. robertpolson

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    I don't get the benefit of heavy fire. Yes, you blast your opponent but get stunned and bleeding in return. Unless you use a lucky combo of Heavy Fire and Induce Rage CC.
  8. If a space has a demolish token on it, can I use demolish on the same space again?
  9. robertpolson

    List of Revealed Tyrants of Lothal Components

    Is anybody getting two copies of the new expansion? Does not seem like there is much in it to get two copies. Your thoughts?
  10. robertpolson

    Tyrants of Lothal

    Tyrants of Lothal is not listed anywhere. I assume it will be coming out sometime in the summer?
  11. robertpolson

    Tyrants of Lothal

    When is this coming out? I don't see it in the upcoming products list.
  12. Any updates on the new four player map?
  13. Question: Greedo has 5 damage. Chopper rams Greedo and rolls 2 damage and defeats Greedo. Greedo makes a parting shot, shoots Chopper and does 5 damage. My opponent then plays Glory for the Kill command card to recover 3 damage and keep Greedo alive. "Glory for the Kill" command card "Use after you resolve an attack targeting a figure. If the defender was defeated, recover 3 damage." I insisted that after Greedo had made his parting shot he was defeated and that the Glory for the Kill command card cannot be played on a defeated figure. However, my opponent insisted otherwise.
  14. robertpolson

    Line of Sight Verification

    “To determine line of sight, the player draws two imaginary, non- intersecting lines from one corner of the attacking figure’s space to two adjacent corners of the target’s space." Can you provide further explanation? How are the two corner in front of a figure adjacent to each other and two corners diagonally from each other are not adjacent?