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  1. It was such a fun and well ran tournament. Thanks to all the Springfieldians that made the trip up!
  2. Impervium on Soulless One is a must. Most games I've got it to trigger twice, well worth the points cost. Grievous makes a great flanker, my main thing with him is to just play him slower and don't over commit. Use his linked actions only when you can guarantee a flanking, range one shot with rerolls because stress is harder to get rid of and makes you very predictable.
  3. I've used him to great effect on Maul. Bumps Maul to 4 Force - a nice key to triggering Maul's double attack more often and having force left to mod your shots. Also have taken stressed ships out of the fight by giving them another stress, or hindering an advanced sensors Guri from moving prior to revealing her dial.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Just got an email from my FLGS that those items are delayed, hopeful for Friday delivery.
  5. FFG published PDF's with costs a couple weeks ago.
  6. I wouldn't say it confirms the wings don't move. He was just afraid to put any pressure on it. We have video of the wings moving.
  7. I'm about six games in - I absolutely love this game and how it captures the Star Wars spirit. Recently have been playing as rebels, taking out a death star in the last two games. I finally managed to capture and hold Coruscant for a turn. I just bought some clear stands from ETSY, I'm loving how they make the minis look. https://www.etsy.com/listing/585792786/star-wars-rebellion-ship-stands-base?ref=hp_rf I also plan to attempt to paint my minis later this month. We'll see how that goes.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/FFGamesCenter/
  9. Kits were ordered a while back, I believe around when the Q1 kits were ordered.
  10. They put out the list every year: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/events/2017-store-championships-may-august/x-wing/
  11. You think by now they could at least have listed the stores that are having championships. Reveal the prizes later if distribution is an issue.
  12. Hopefully they'll drop the official list of stores soon - I'd like to plan out my summer.
  13. Same here. I'd like to actually plan out my weekends this summer. At least give us the list of stores running the championships - that info has been known for awhile, just needs to be made public.
  14. We've had one local store announce they are getting a kit and have scheduled a SC, but most of the other stores have been relatively silent.
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