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  1. Of course. But if you do, the effects should get applied immediately.
  2. Is this not simply a case of game effect versus card effect? At best the rotate action would occur at the same time as receiving the tractor token. The barrel roll and subsequent stress would then jump ahead of the rotate action as they are game effects. Please chime in if you think I’m wrong on that…
  3. So Dead Man’s Switch also triggers in the same way? And Resistance Chewie?
  4. Thanks. That’s exactly how we ruled and interpreted the card. Good to know we got it right.
  5. Guys, A ship with Autoblasters measures range to a target and is at range 2 when measuring closest point to closest point. Check for bullseye and the target is within the bullseye arc but outside range 2 when measured in the bullseye arc. Does the attacker still get the bonus die?
  6. Ok I’ll bite... In your opinion, what would need to happen for it to become a problem?
  7. But this sort of thing could make it a problem.
  8. I am in agreement. Fortressing can really only be judged on a case by case basis but unfortunately the ruling by ffg has really tied a judge or TO’s hands on this. i don’t know what other people think but I’m of the opinion that what Nathan Eide did in the System Open was fortressing. Now it was deemed legal because of the ruling so I’m not having a go at Nathan but I think that sort of play is bad for the game as a whole. Thoughts?
  9. If a ship is using Emergency Deploy and cannot be deployed because of blocking ships isn’t it destroyed?
  10. Actually it’s covered in the tournament regulations. The ship and dial need to match full name. So a Modified YT is not same as a Customised YT or Scavenged YT.
  11. Every major tournament iI’ve seen being streamed including SOS has ruled that it triggers when immediately when dropped on a ship.
  12. Major peeve of mine! we have one player in our group who is notorious for this. First time he rolled dice one slipped out of his hand as he picked them up. It was a blank, he picked it up and rolled it with the rest of the dice. Fair enough. Later in the game he does the same thing, dropped dice is a crit. He keeps it! Not cool.
  13. Here’s another situation.... U Wing bumps into the SIDE of a Lambda. Next turn the Lambda performs a stop, then the U Wing does likewise and rotates 90 degrees. So both ships are still considered to be at range 0. In this case the nubs on the U Wings base have caused the overlap the previous turn. But when the ship is rotated 90 degrees there is clearly a gap between the bases. So what happens in the engagement phase? Can the U Wing fire on the Lambda? When it comes to measuring range they are clearly no longer at range 0. edit: actually can this occur? Considering the width of the base?
  14. “You must treat the (front arc) requirement of your equipped (missile) upgrades as (turret symbol).” Side note. Does the above also mean that the turret must be pointed forward to fire missiles out your forward arc?
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