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  1. Ok so they can practically always detect that I'm a psyker .. Would you say that psyniscience is more of an active search so people have to expect to find smth to roll for it or if I invoke something they feel it and then roll ? Thx for the replys btw
  2. Hmm but the isnt the definition of psychic phenomena being a disturbance ? In the rulebook it says under psychic phenomena that these are the disturbances, which are mostly harmless. It doesnt say that Psy Powers are causing any disturbances if you do not get a phenomena
  3. Hey I got a question. I am currently playing a char with the wyrdling mutation and for now I have basically never used the powers to not get detected as a psyker ... I wanted to extend my psy powers from now on and was wondering how to mask that I am using powers. So here are my questions.. Psyniscience shows the psychic phenomena.. how long can you feel thoses phsychic phenomena? Can other psyker feel that I have used psychic powers after I have used them ? Are there any drugs or things to hide me being a psyker? Greets
  4. Hey ! I have a question. Can every specialization carry every weapon? I do not find anything in the rules. For example: Could a Apothecarius carry a Heavy Bolter or make it even a signature weapon to have it all the time?? Sounds kind of ridiculous but like I said I did not find anything about it in the rulebook. would really appreciate some info Greets
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