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  1. I'm in Portland and normally play at PGS so I'll be going to both! I'll put on extra Axe spray LOL
  2. Here's what FFG posted in Reddit for 1.04 update changes, not much to be honest: Squad Builder Update Greetings everyone! We have a few more updates regarding the Squad Builder that we want to share with you. First, the v1.0.4 mobile update was submitted to iTunes last week and will be rolling out along with the Android update as soon as it's approved. Changes in this version include: Added recurring charge icon to stats Addressed layout issue related to ship costs getting cut off Addressed issue in card database search that showed italic tags Fix for color on linked actions icon Layout improvements to iPhone X Minor bug fixes and stability improvements Additionally, other backend work has been underway, including investigation into account management and bugs related to saving squads. Some Android users have reported not being able to save their squads and our backend developers have been investigating this problem, which is likely related to the Asmodee.net account system. More details on this are coming soon. As always, we continue to work to improve the app experience based on the feedback you provide us. If you are experiencing any issues with the Squad Builder, please email xwingsquadbuilder@fantasyflightgames.com with your bug report. To better facilitate these reports, please explain the bug in as much detail as possible, including: Which version of the app the problem is occurring on (1.0.3, 1.0.4, etc) The form of the app the problem is occurring on (Mobile, web) The kind of device you are using (iPhone, Android, computer) Users who have trouble logging in should also send their asmodee.net username and the email address associated with that account. We will most likely not be able to individually respond to every message, but we will send the reports along to the dev team. Finally, we're happy to report that development on Wave II content is underway! We'll be adding support for the First Order and Resistance factions along with all the other content for the wave in mid-November. Keep checking back for more updates!
  3. SpaceBall1

    X Wing Famous

    I miss my White Castle sliders combo with onion rings and Big Red since moving out west....but my digestive system thanks me.
  4. Free is nice, but I'd buy it for a $1 or even $3. I'm a casual player and love using Aurora for now but it's been crashing on me lately, might be my iphone OS causing it but a fully supported FFG X-Wing app with updated card images and other features would be cool and welcomed by me.
  5. I'm with you on trying to make Vrill decent. Late least year and early this year I did ok with a tanky stress dealing list built around him but it was brief. I'm always about 1-2 points shy the list variant being better. Last version I ran was Vrill with Rey, Lothal Rebel with FCS Hera and Chopper and a Grey Y-Wing stress hawg. Lots of HP but once my Y-Wing was dead the list suffered at the hands of my poor decision making and piloting LOL. Tried originally using the Gold Sq stress hawg but it was 50/50.
  6. Thanks for the insight! IA really caught my eye when they dropped BT1 and 000, so hopefully those get some love in the future for Legion.
  7. To add to the original post question for myself: I've been playing X-Wing and have looking to delve into a new miniature wargame. Just before this game dropped I was looking at buying into Imperial Assault. But with Legion....will Imperial Assault still be a thing? I know IA is not the same type of game, but to a noob like me they "look" similar on the surface. Does it make since to invest in both for a casual player or will Legion kill IA?
  8. Seems odd a "bomber" of that size does not have a crew slot. I think I get the reason why, but thematically it needs one.
  9. Went all through all 3 pages of posts and not a single Emperor Palpatine meme requesting to let the hate flow.
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