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  1. chr335

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    Man these guys are super versatile there isn't a range they can't hit at. While they seem to hit the hardest at close range they can hit range 4 and throw at least two dice per model at mid range (range 2 to 3)
  2. chr335

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    Hmm the long range configuration is weaker then I thought but still range 4 is enough to pin down stuff
  3. You brought a distraction carnifex that is never wrong as long as you have other damage dealers to kill the stuff focusing on it.
  4. chr335

    Pathfinders spoiled early, it seems

    From what I can gather the Pathfinders seem to be that versatile group that can transition easily between Close Quarters Combat and Long range fighting. The logical prediction for the other side of the A300 is a long range version something at least range 4 but a minimum range (probably range 3) to force you back and forth between the two configurations. I also don't see infiltrate and inspire contradictory at all. They are abilities used to increase the versatility of the units based on battlefield conditions. Infiltrate allows them to hit early if you want while inspire keeps the rest of your units in the game. Pathfinders are the multitool of the rebel special forces not the best tool for a specific task but something that can work well when you need it.
  5. Okay so with the announcement of the Downed ATST pack I got to thinking about what other special packs we could get and the first was equipment upgrades. These would be packs with various weapon replacements to corps and vehicle standard weapons, and extra equipment upgrades like more flavors of grenades and other support equipment. What do you guys think and what would you want in a pack like this.
  6. It does look interesting will love to figure out how the new conditions and deployment cards will add to the game
  7. So with rumors of legion getting clone wars factions what does everyone think they will look like. So I will start first. I predict the separatists B1 will be a swarm unit lots of minis in a unit but white attack and defense dice. The B2 will be the slow heavy trooper similar to fleet troopers and snowtroopers. Special forces will be commando droids, destroyer droids and Magna guards Commanders will be harder but Dooku and Grevious are good starting points (we will probably get stuff from the clone wars cartoon but i didn't watch it much) The Republic will have clone troopers i imagine red or black attack and red defense. Not sure what their heavy corp will be Special forces arc troopers, clone commandos, and not sure the melee special forces (padawans maybe?) Heavy and support we have lots of stuff from the clone wars cartoon Commanders: mace windu, anakin, obiwan, yoda (various jedi masters) commander cody, Rex?
  8. I imagine if we get Rukh as an operative we will probably get nameless Noghri as a special forces unit (similar to Chewbacca and the wookiees)
  9. chr335

    So Rebels.

    Ezra only seemed more proficient when you consider he had around four years of Force training to Luke's at most a few months to a few days (depends on how long he was on Dagobah). And Luke with that minimal training was able to fight Vader where as Kanan and Erza couldn't even make Vader try even with a double team.
  10. Wouldn't these be considered operatives?
  11. I believe many legends fans want them too.
  12. So both factions have 3 special forces units at the moment the commando/ snipers, the elite trooper and the heavy melee focused team. Does anyone except new special forces types or variants of the above 3 types
  13. chr335

    is 800 points to small of a army?

    With the game as is I don't really see the need for over 800 pts but if we get some more units for the heavy and support slots it certainly could rise
  14. chr335

    2019 Wish List

    Also dedicated artillery but that may not be unless we get an epic version (also the only way ATATs and ATTEs get introduced)
  15. chr335

    2019 Wish List

    More light vehicles such as the armored transport "trucks" from rebels. More crew served weapons like the E web. Definitely more walkers we still have two more canon walkers the ATDP and the walker from Solo.