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  1. Because as mentioned above the flamer has the highest damage potential (at least against corp units) with up to 16 dice being rolled at an enemy unit ( b1 battle droids have up 8 minis in a full unit. Two dice per mini in los)
  2. The main reason is nostalgia same reason why many xwing players wanted the starwing assult gunboat. Game play wise it would be a cheap versatile medium ship
  3. I am less worried about enough units but can they distinguish themselves enough as a separate or will they end up as one of the upcoming sub factions that we have heard rumors about. On the flip side the resistance definitely doesn't have enough units to form a faction at this time.
  4. Honestly a vindicator for the empire, dreadnought for both and the assault frigate mark one for the rebels
  5. When a mortor is directly attacking it requires LOS, however if I understand firesupport correctly if using firesupport to add dice it only needs to be in range
  6. Will hold my decision until I see them on the field based on my understanding 1 red and 3 whites have about the same hit chances with 3 white having a higher total potential damage.
  7. Technically in the original trilogy we only see one officially habitable world Tatooine. Hoth, Dagobah, and Endor were either uninhabited by sentient life or had no settlements recognized by Galactic powers. Bespin was a gas giant that seemingly only had one major city. So it isn't so much that the original trilogy doesn't establish homogeneous home worlds we rarely see any actual home worlds
  8. Vehicle upgrade packs with new weapons and equipment for existing vehicles
  9. Simple really they wanted to surprise us fans
  10. And I don't think they are unit limited so thr imperials and rebels might be able to use them too
  11. For melee special forces the Separatists are definitely getting magna guards the Republic is a bit more difficult as they have the Senate guards, wookiees, or jedi padawans so hard to pin down which will be picked
  12. I disagree with the galactic marines being the veteran unit for the Republic given that the phase 2 troopers have the same upgrade bar as the two current veteran units. Perhaps the galactic marines will be the Republic's close quarters combat corp similar to the rebel fleet troopers (which are basically marines)
  13. Based on how the phase 2 is kitted out it is looking like arc troopers will be special forces. Not really sure what the Republic is going to do for a close quarters combat Corp or special forces but I expect to be surprised
  14. I am torn about the arc troopers considering they could be the special forces version of normal corps like the pathfinders and deathtroopers or the veteran version of a normsl corps like shoretroopers and rebel veterans. Considering that the phase 2 troopers are going the veteran route they seem to be a shoe in for special forces
  15. Then by that logic the dlt 19 for the stormtroopers and the dc15 for the phase 1 clone troopers are liabilities
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