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  1. Nah they would have just pulled more stuff from legends
  2. Wookiees main problem is they look really scary and attract a lot of fire but unlike tauntauns don't have the speed or HP to soak that enemy love
  3. That is actually a really good question. Melee so far isn't as big a deal as 40k at this point in time (could change with future units) Right now the Empire really only has Vader, the royal guards and Dewbacks for units that either really want to or don't mind melee. Rebels have Luken Sabine, wookiees, Tauntauns, and suprisingly ATRTs so currently have the strongest Melee. CIS has two terrifying melee heroes with Grevious and Dooku with the commando droids getting a strong upgrade but haven't been out yet Republic is probably the weakest melee right now with really only Obi wan and ATRTs at the moment
  4. As I see it right now Empire: well rounded faction good mix of corps special forces support and vehicles. Their corps have a good range from the relatively cheap stormtroopers to the hard hitting but premium shoretroopers, but all are relatively similar in play and very forgiving to new players. Vehicles are of a similar balance make up Rebels as stated above your named characters are your real strength. The corps are cheaper but need a lot more tactical control and planning then the Empire. There vehicles can be hit or miss but very powerful with a good plan around their abilities. Republic super elite units that rely on coordination between units. Their corps are specifically designed to share tokens and back each other up with their vehicles being very much support as opposed to direct assult units. CIS this is faction so far is the closest thing Legion has to the Imperial Guard. Cheap almost worthless basic infantry that drowns the enemy in bodies backuped by some of the hardest hitting elites in the game so far. Anything that isn't a B1 hits like a dam truck and their vehicles and support units are definitely designed to take fire away from your corps while being dangerous enough the enemy can't always afford to ignore them.
  5. The Carrack is closer to the Arquitens then the raider with both ships being powerful for their size long range escort and patrol craft. For the strike cruiser a gladiator 2 is close enough in role and size
  6. All the stuff spoiled from France clan Wren Inferno squad Republic ATRT and STAP speeders
  7. Nothing but we might possibly get something later this year
  8. Well part of that conflict is the new canon making Stormtroopers glorified police officers then actual soldiers
  9. Fleet 540 (133/794/800) ====================== Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (120 + 62: 182) + Admiral Sloane (24) + Intel Officer (7) + Gunnery Team (7) + Point Defense Reroute (5) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) + Leading Shots (4) + H9 Turbolasers (8) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110 + 31: 141) + Minister Tua (2) + Boarding Troopers (3) + Hardened Bulkheads (5) + Leading Shots (4) + XX-9 Turbolasers (5) + Avenger (5) + Electronic Countermeasures (7) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110 + 29: 139) + Instructor Goran (7) + Flight Controllers (6) + Boosted Comms (4) + Expanded Hangar Bay (5) + MS-1 Ion Cannons (2) + XX-9 Turbolasers (5) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (110 + 23: 133) + Skilled First Officer (1) + Flight Controllers (6) + Boosted Comms (4) + Expanded Hangar Bay (5) + MS-1 Ion Cannons (2) + XX-9 Turbolasers (5) Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (54 + 12: 66) + Captain Needa (2) + Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) + Centicore (3) 4 x TIE Defender Squadron (4 x 16) Tempest Squadron (13) Tie Advanced Squadron (12) 4 x Tie Interceptor Squadron (4 x 11) So bored today threw this together can't think of good objectives yet as always tear away
  10. It depends on the list I am building and the objective cards
  11. For the commanders I was always under the impression it was the closer of the two
  12. No she wasn't https://www.google.com/amp/s/aarondembskibowden.wordpress.com/2016/01/09/we-need-to-talk-about-captain-phasma-and-boba-fett/amp/
  13. So I am confused how is it easier to get a speeder bike into cover easier then a naked Barc?
  14. Naked barcs are the same speed as speeder bikes
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