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  1. I seriously doubt a ship allowing Jedis to double mod their attack every turn without even taking a single action to be under 40 points, if not 45.
  2. The Laat has the rotate action so it seems unlickely
  3. What if Ensnare needed to spend a green token to proc ? It would be shut down by bumping (baring coordinate), leave PTA as is so Nantexes are not doomed after a succesfull block.
  4. Hello ! I've been playing with two variation of a Republic for a few weeks, and I still don't know wich one's the best for an upcoming tournament. The core of the list consist of Sinker/ 2 GST/ CLT Obi-Wan, wich leaves 45 points to play with. The two variants is either Ric Olié /w Daredevil, or Broadside w/ ICT and Cody. Ric brings a much needed pseudo-3 dice primary, and a second I5, but even with Daredevil I've found the lack of K-Turn meens he can have a hard time having a good time on target in the mid-end game. Broadside is probably the most accurate ion dealer of the game, an ionised ship is perfect to compensate the crappy dial of the Torrents and helping Obi-Wan to align the bullseye, Cody is there so his shots are never wasted, he's perfect for finishing a 1-HP ship, and if he happens to not have a target with his ICT he can still use Sinker's reroll with his primary. But he's still a Y-wing, predictable as ***** and he melts under focus fire. And with an ICT and two GST, that's 3 ships out of 5 who will probably push only 1 damage each each turn. Do you have any thoughts on that ?
  5. It would be a good idea if Debris Gambit had "you may treat the action as white at range 1 of an obstacle" written on it. Sadly, it's a must, and with a medium base, you're gonna end up at range 1 of an obstacle more often than not.
  6. Tried Ahsoka with 7B and R2, two 104th Arcs and two GST, all clones naked. Made 3-1 at a small local tournament (16 players), finished 3rd, lost to the 4 I5 Resitance list that won the event. It's a very fun list to fly. You can switch Ahsoka for Windu or Kenobi with CLT, depending on your preference. Never used Ahsoka's ability on anyone but herself. The GST are not amazing but well worth their cost. They take more shot to take down than if I'd switch them for a third Arc, and with five hull, two agility, and the ability to evade, they are pretty resistant despise being crits magnet. Take an evade with a damaged GST that your opponents want to finish and it will probably take one more shot to take it down, meaning one less shot on the Jedi or the Arcs. Having 5 ships on the board also means that, if the Jedi take a few hits on the first volley, he can desengage easily to take is shield back with R2 and your opponents still have 4 ships to deal with. Not a very easy list to fly in formation, as you have two slow ships, two medium bases that are a bit faster by nature, and the Jedi who want to go full throttle, but I like it a lot.
  7. A Tie Swarm murdering a bunch of X-Wings and Y-Wings. It's totally what used to happen during Wave 1.
  8. It will be hard to explain to a new player that is new ship is sold with upgrade it cannot use. I'm all ok for a Jumpmaster nerf, but a least let the Punishing One take the astro.
  9. I just realized that Shield Upgrade's illustration is Chewi fixing the Falcon. I play the game since Wave 1. I really need to change my glasses. how did you not see the bandolier Well, I guess I was attracted by the blue light and forgot to pay attention to the rest. Also : this is not a card I use a lot.
  10. I just realized that Shield Upgrade's illustration is Chewi fixing the Falcon. I play the game since Wave 1. I really need to change my glasses.
  11. Available in France next week, but the distributor have it since the end of August.
  12. The natural answer to how to proc Chewi's ability is : Biggs. (and Z)
  13. The French distributor has announced Sept 12 : http://www.edgeent.com/prochainement Wave 9 was available for purchase exclusively at the French Nationnal last week-end
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