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  1. 2 of each starter and 2 of each squadron pack plus one upgrade card pack.
  2. Dang. I wish I would have seen this thread earlier. Oh well, maybe next time.
  3. I’ll give this a go. I think my schedule works better for Europe.
  4. Thanks for these. I will try a squad like this and see how it works.
  5. I can always make a riser for my IA solo.
  6. I hate to say it but the sculpt doesn’t even look like Han Solo. It looks more like Leia in the current trilogy. I hope it is just the paint job.
  7. Ok, I'll try it out as a single player and see how it goes.
  8. Trying to get comfortable with TTS before joining league and keep running into issues. Now these issues may be due to the fact that I am trying to run it off of a Mac and may need to try my PC laptop and see if I still have the same issues. On my Mac Pro, I got everything installed and was playing a hot seat game to learn the rules and how everything works and notice that a lot of the movement templates don't work and keep getting errors. I then thought I'd try it out on my MacBook Pro which has a newer operating system and I didn't get far enough to see if the movement templates worked. As soon as I selected my first movement template everything that wasn't locked down just started moving. At some point I may try it on my PC but so far I find it a bit too frustrating. I think I'd prefer to learn the rules with the real game and then try it out on TTS. It seems well done but it just isn't working on my end well enough for me to want to keep playing.
  9. I’m not sure that 1 stormtrooper pack and some dice count as an early Christmas. But then again, you could split the squad into 2 and have some sort of a scrimmage match.
  10. 1 of each for now. Maybe another of each down the road for casual games. I want to wait and see what else is announced before doubling down.
  11. Count me in. I’ll probably have to go the 6 game route. I’m Pacific time zone and my best times to play are weekdays during the day.
  12. I just saw this and am interested if it is still open.
  13. I'm in Wenatchee. Willing to travel for a game on occasion.
  14. Count me in. Not sure about which group I should be in. I'm in Pacific time zone and work most evenings and weekends. Sometimes during the day for that matter but usually have more free time weekdays.
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