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  1. All I want to make sure I understand the revised Palpatine upgrade. So here's an example situation- I'm flying Howl Runner, and he has four agility because I gave him Stealth. He inside the Ghost's primary arc and the Ghost shoots 4 dice. The Rebel player rolls 2 Hits and a Crit for a total of 3 hits. I know the odds are against me so I declare, before I roll, that I'm using Palpatine and I want to roll evade dice - any evade dice. I roll 4 dice. I get two Evades and Two Blanks. I use Palpatine's ability to change ONE BLANK to an EVADE, canceling out the final crit hit. Is that the correct interpretation?
  2. Thanks everyone. So, let me see if I get this straight. Every round, a ship can "perform" one action, which is usually after it conducts its maneuver. The "actions" it can perform are the ones labeled on the pilot card or as an upgrade. However, if another ships "assigns" a focus, evade, or target lock token through its pilot ability, upgrade, etc that is not consider an action. A ship can "spend" as many of the same tokens as it wants so long as the tokens spent are not spent in the same combat, etc. e.g. You can't spend two focus tokens to modify one die, reroll another die, and modify that die with another focus token. Does that apply to evade tokens? Can I only spend one evade token per combat roll?
  3. So a ship can have two focus tokens but can only spend one per round?
  4. All I know the rules state a ship "...CANNOT [caps mine] perform the same action more than once during a single round, even if one or more of the actions are free actions." However, a some upgrade cards and pilots mention assigning a focus token, as an example, to a nearby ship - can they still do that if the ship has a focus token already? For example, Operations Specialist allows an attacker, if it fails to hit, to assign a focus token to another ship within 1-3 of the attacker. Can a ship have two focus tokens if one was assigned? Or is that considered a "free action" and therefore, it cannot assign another focus token to that ship if it has a focus token already?
  5. Does the Operations Specialist have no limit? For example, can operations specialist's ability of assigning one focus token to ship extend to more than one ship? If two small ships fail to hit can the operations specialist assign two focus tokens to two different ships? My interpretation says yes since the card is not specific but I figured I'd ask.
  6. The huge ship has not hit the obstacle. It will pass right by it.
  7. All, If a ship starts it's maneuver on a obstacle (asteroid) after it landed on the obstacle in a previous turn and its template does not clear a huge ship base in the next maneuver, aka the template does not allow the large ship to pass over the huge ship which is adjacent to the obstacle, does the large ship need to roll a die for hitting the huge ship AND hitting the obstacle because it is still on the obstacle at the end of turn since it could not clear the huge ship base?
  8. On CPT Nym's Scum pilot card, it mentions that when a "friendly ship is defending, if the attacker measures range through a friendly bomb token, the defender may add 1 [EVADE] result." 1. Does that mean all friendly bombs - including ones that another ship has dropped? 2. Also, does that ability vanish when Nym is destroyed? Thanks again everyone.
  9. That's what I thought. If you run into a ship, you lose an action, regardless if you have PA as an upgrade.
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