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  1. I think a lot of it is what a previous poster had mentioned about the long season. There has been no break like normal and it is starting to touch some nerves. Overall I think the FAQ will help too. Opens things up a lot.
  2. I flew Gunner Braylen this past weekend in the Vegas regional and made top 16. Our event isn't in list juggler, but I flew it and beat Dengaroo and a few mindlink lists.
  3. Ran Jess/Biggs/Rex/Braylen into the top 16 in the Vegas Regional. Rex was a beast all tournament and I was able to take out mindlink and a dengaroo on my way. I think Rebels are in a decent place and it takes players actually looking and building that synergy that comes so easy to some of the other lists. I am not terribly upset with where rebels are. I think we just have to be a bit more creative and think a bit outside the box for answers.
  4. I flew 4-ship rebels at Kashyyyk to 4-3. I never really felt worried about a list I faced. Granted my own flying was terrible in a couple of those losses. I think the TIE as a support is wonderful and opens up a lot of options. There are some really good synergies out there though. I had Wedge/Jess w/Swarm tactics and would use Jess as a relay to PS9 Rex to apply condition. Stuff like that (while maybe overly complicated) is able to help offset some of our disadvantages. Jess is a monster at PS9 haha.
  5. Wow...that is an amazing addition! I imported and boom...everything was done. Well done!
  6. Great show this week. Really enjoyed Christopher's tournament input!
  7. The best I have seen happened to be one of my games with Veers/jango. My first action was jetpack on Jango, opponent activated eKylo, I activated Jango in response, 7 damage immediately on Kylo turn 1 and Veers had not even activated at that time.
  8. For me it depends on what I have on the table. If it is Poe and 2 or more ships, I run R5 and Pattern Analyzer. If I am flying Poe with Rey/Dash or something that can melt pretty quick, I run sensor cluster to give him a little added tank feature. That way if the freighter melts, I can have a focus, turn one eye to an evade with Poe's ability and then spend the focus to trigger sensor cluster and get my additional evade if need be. So for me it is squadron dependent.
  9. 1)Empire Strikes Back 2)Return of the Jedi 3)Rogue One 4)The Force Awakens 5)A New Hope 6)Revenge of the Sith 7)Attack of the Clones 8)Phantom Menace
  10. Ran eJango and eVeers last night for the first time to see what it was about and holy crap is it good. I was able to put 8 damage on Kylo in the first round. I read above that Han/Rey could be a problem for it? I am not sure about that. After playing both, I really feel like Jango/Veers was vastly superior. Of course a lot of it has to do with the card draw and dice luck, but I beat a mill deck and eKylo/Vader pretty easily. Any thoughts on counters to this monster?
  11. I see the point of the deck, but I feel like it is really weak on damage output. Sure, you will eventually get a reasonable roll ( I did 8 damage to a FInn and killed him) but a lot of times people will just remove dice and take you out of the fight. I was not really that impressed with it and may give it one more shot, but looking elsewhere at the moment. This deck also hates Jango. That dude is a complete monster and just activates when you do with your 20 activations, but his damage is typically there when your turn ends and Rey is eating some damage putting you on the back foot quickly. I like the idea, I just don't think it was that spectacular.
  12. I agree with the X-7 free evade action vs. free evade. Outside of that, just give a bit more to the X-Wing and call it good. I could see range restrictions on things like Palp and Manaroo but I don't think they are entirely needed at this point. Still holding out hope for squadron cards to kinda buff your squadron as a whole.
  13. I would like another Luke to add with the one I was lucky enough to get at pre-release. Other cards would include Poe, Launch Bay, and Han. Maybe Jango...but I don't really have anything to add him into at the moment.
  14. I really like the R2-D2 Poe w/ Sensor Cluster. You only have 2 ships, so it helps with making Poe a little more survivable. He will face a lot of shots and will need that cluster to help sustain him a bit while Rey does her job. If Rey gets killed a little early, he has the ability to close with cluster and movement regen.
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