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  1. Maybe it isn't mean, but it is an unnecessary comment in light of the fact that your complaint is "creative" based and not on anything of substance, like the actual content of the show. Hey...some casts aren't some people's cup of tea. That's fine. But dragging them because you don't like their "energy" (after BOTH of them flew across the country, played in/helped officiate LVO for like 12 hours and then busted their *** to not only get an interview, but deal with FFG/Asmodee NA's relatively uptight PR people vis-a-vis what you can ask) seems really petty. But hey man...Podcasts are easy. If you don't like their schtick or their energy, feel free to show everyone how it is done.
  2. Having interviewed them twice, they're REALLY reluctant to talk about anything design related or let you "look behind the curtain". We (Outriders) have an interview with Luke in this week's episode, and I asked him "Hey, every release has been from the same "property" (Krennic/DTs/Jyn/Pathfinders, for instance) so why'd you go Rebels/Original Trilogy with Bossk and Sabine?" Luke's Answer. No comment. Really. They are very, very touchy about talking about design decisions.
  3. Child pilots were so common, there was a kid-sized helmet inside the Naboo N-1 fighter Anakin piloted in Phantom Menace!
  4. Oh, and if you're looking for a podcast that's a bunch of FFG sunshine-pumpers, don't listen to the Outriders. I think FFG screws up just about everything for Legion that isn't contained within the 6x3 playspace, and I am not afraid to voice that opinion.
  5. Can you elaborate on "Well-edited, with presentations and good production values" and how that differs from "some guys chatting"? Are you looking for things like no extraneous noise, some dude didn't decide to eat his Taco Bell three inches from the mic, etc?
  6. I think it more means units that have been designed, but not released or announced yet. The newest RRG references wheeled and tracked vehicles, for example...and the original RRG references droids. Both are things we have not seen announced yet. wild speculation, but droids and wheeled and tracked vehicles sounds an AWFUL lot like something very prequel-ish.
  7. There was a little audio dropout from the internet recording...but he said Rebel Melee. Not that that should surprise anyone. The thing that really surprised me was when he said the game wouldn't be complete until Wave 3, which hasn't even been announced yet. (notwithstanding FFG said they were'nt doing "waves" per se.)
  8. "Yes, here is a short text recap, please don't listen to the interview we spent three months setting up and a bunch of time recording, post producing, uploading and marketing..." *makes jerk off motion*
  9. I don't know who these guys are, are they important to the game at all? You should probably listen just in case. ? http://traffic.libsyn.com/legionoutriders/Episode_20.mp3
  10. The cards and such were finalized and sent for production a good long while ago...if that article hasn't been sitting in a folder for weeks, if not longer espcially knowing Worlds were coming, then someone in the PR department there needs to re-think how they work.
  11. Besides Weiss...that I don't care about. I'm talking about a modeled character as a commander or something
  12. It's pretty clear they're mining Ep 4-6 for all they are worth at this point...if we see FFG-Canon nonsense in this game this early, I'm gonna flip the goddamn table. Whenever they branch out from the Holy Trinity, I'm guessing it will be Rogue One/Rebels stuff, as that is thematically closest to those movies. They'll hit prequel stuff for the factions expansions.
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