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  1. When there are leaks of these kinds, FFG usually just puts out an article (probably to help manage the leak). Do you think we’ll get one on this, Rex & Dukoo, and the CW corps upgrade packs next week? I hope so. That will be the most articles we’ve gotten since the In-Flight Report.
  2. It is there first attempt. They may get better. FFG also created a video of putting them together, does that not help (I didn’t watch it yet)? Guess it will be challenging for me. I have almost no experience with spues.🥺
  3. There is no proof that that is explicitly what the developers thought. There are a few interviews where Alex Davy (head developer) has mentioned that the Republic faction would not be viable without Fire Support or token sharing (can’t remember which, sorry - try the Clone Wars YouTube vid where Alex and Luke play with the new faction. Alex May have mentioned the Republic faction’s weakness in there, but there were others too), the not being able to fire while engaged is just connecting the pieces as I mentioned. Most games have this kind of a problem, where rules can be interpreted multiple ways, the only thing you can do is go by what you think the intent was and if following the rules through that interpretation would end up breaking them. As I mentioned Clones would be kinda broken firing out of melee, so I am 100% certain the intent was that they not be able to fire while engaged. If enough people are interpreting a rule other than what is intended, FFG unusually posts some kind of update or FAQ with updated instructions. This is the first I’ve heard of the Fire Support being interpreted to fire while Engaged, but I see where you’re coming from. Others no doubt discounted that interpretation because of the reasons I gave above (too broken). This will not be the first rule that can be interpreted multiple ways and won’t be the last. The only way to make sure things can’t be interpreted other than as intended is to use legal jargon and have the rules read as a contract and nobody wants that. As far as misinterpretation goes for rules FFG isn’t the worst offender I’ve seen and they do respond reasonably quickly (for a company). Hope this helps.
  4. Fire Support was made with Clones in mind. The whole reason for it and token sharing is that Clones wouldn’t survive without them. Since the creation of Legion’s clone army, the developers have thought why not use that keyword elsewhere, so now we have two units (one Imp, one rebel) that can use it as well. Going back to the clones, and that they wouldn’t survive, is because without token sharing and Fire Support, they’re too expensive and there will be too few units in an army. Generally the republic has only 8 units to every other faction’s 10. That being said, if you have a Battle Card (objective, deployment & condition - in this case condition) that takes away that ability (namely Fire Support) it will weaken the entire faction, so an exception needed to be made. It sounds like, from the wording, that the developers are suggesting what you are saying (fire even while in melee), but if you know the above backstory/reasoning it should make more sense. It’s about keeping an even playing field and Limited Visibility kinda gets in the way. There is no intent to allow clones to fire while engaged as that would make them somewhat broken. The developers have talked about stuff like this in interviews, but I guess you still have to connect the pieces. I hope that explains it all.
  5. They just shipped mine today, which means I’ll be able to pick it up Tuesday. It’s been more than a year since it was announced, what’s a couple more days. 😭😭😭😭😭I’m not crying! You’re crying!😭😭😭😭😭
  6. Well my 3 core sets have finally been shipped. I really hope it’s not three sets of Dukoo and Rex.😳
  7. I missed that at first, but it was pointed out. What people are saying is that it’s not good to have Rex at range 2 of multiple targets as he only has 5 health and can easily be taken out. This can be especially bad if he’s Fire Supporting a melee that involves Dukoo or Grievous and that attack doesn’t end them since Rex will be in range for a follow up attack from those lightsabers. Also because Rex is the Fire Support and not being Fire Supported, you miss out on surge to crit, which the clones sorely need (especially for a Z-6). What’s more is that because Rex is the only clone with a face up order token, he will be the only one to Fire Support that round and if he’s killed early, you won’t even have that. Other than that some people still like the card, but see it as weaker than other comparable commanders’ 1 pip around his point value (Leia & Veers). I guess we’ll all have to wait and see it in action to give a final verdict Thats the entire thread in a nut shell where Rex’s 1 pip is concerned.😁
  8. With that kind of wording, things like this have worked in X-Wing. Its also dependant on the translation. The translation also says, “When a friendly infantry unit performs a ranged attack while having a faceup order token and an Aim token, during the "gather a attack dice pool" step that unit can increase the máximum range of every weapon by 1 (to a máximum of 4)" This could mean you can increase the range of a unit you want to include in a Fire Support with the unit. It may be a stretch, but we are dealing with a translation. Yeah, I guess I’m an optimist.🙄😁 I’d say the 2 pip needs a ruling/faq and it’s not legitimately spoiled yet. Lol
  9. Hold ***HOLD THE PHONE! Game changer coming through!*** Just checked the RRG under Clone Trooper: A clone trooper unit may spend the green tokens of a friendly clone trooper unit at range 1 and in line of sight as if they were their own. Does that mean what I think? If so, yeah that a powerful 2 pip that is better that the 1 pip!
  10. Unlikely that token sharing will fulfill the 2 pip Aim requirements. There is no reason Rex’s 2 pip can’t apply to him, so maybe it’s not all bad. Just to tell a little story about Rex and Fire Support. I just played a game that came down to points killed. I won, because I used two units to Fire Support each of Rex’s attacks, killing two units on round six. That wouldn’t have happened if those units were supporting Rex as I wouldn’t have had surge to crit (every hit/crit was needed) and I needed my clones to have surge tokens (Aggressive Tactics) So that they didn’t get killed and add to my opponent’s points. Rex’s 1 pip makes all of this unfortunately impossible. Even with everyone’s observations I find Rex’s 2 cards underwhelming, but I’m still hoping there will be some way to make his cards better in the future. Rex’s 3 pip is awesome though! I’ve already used it a lot on TTS.
  11. All true, but Rex’s 1 pip also changes the direction of the support, so the supported don’t get Rex’s surge to crit, and there will be no other unit that has a face up order token, so no other Fire Support than Rex. Both of Rex’s one and two pip cards are underwhelming in the face of previous and similar (point wise) Commanders. Leia and Veers have some of the best 1 & 2 pip cards (Veers’ 2 pip is niche, but really good for vehicles) and Rex by comparison is meh. It’s really disappointing (especially since I’ve switched to Republic). But as you said, we don’t know how it will all mesh with future units, so I’ll keep hoping.😁
  12. Wait, how did someone get these already? Aren’t they due in 2020? 😳 They look legit enough.
  13. Thanks, I guess I still saw the 1 pip in the correct light. Then the 2 pip is meh too, unless you get a way to get an aim on them without them taking an action.☹️ Good point, but still range two, disappointing. It also negates the gaining of surge to Crit as the support works in the wrong order. Thanks guys.
  14. Ok, that does sound more powerful, but how many units do you usually have in melee at one time? I know, in the future we’ll have multiple Jedi that can be added, but they better be Operatives and then we won’t have points for corps units. Operatives aren’t usually cheap and with Rex and Obi already, you can only afford 6 more units, unless they’re weakened units in some way (no heavy). It just seems a problematic card when there are cards like Leia’s and Veers’ one pips out there. Thanks for pointing that out though, I totally missed that. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how it plays, but it doesn’t seem like an auto-include like some cards.
  15. At first I was, “wait, what”, then I looked it up. VERSATILE (WEAPON KEYWORD) Some ranged weapons have the versatile keyword. Units can perform attacks with a versatile weapon even while engaged. • A weapon with the versatile keyword that is not also a melee weapon cannot be used to perform a melee attack. •A weapon with the versatile keyword that is both a ranged weapon and a melee weapon can be used to perform either a ranged attack or a melee attack. Good catch, but still a strong card for close action with multiple units in the vicinity. Attack one unit in melee, attack another with range and use Force Push on a third. Maybe not a versatile as Grievous’s 1 pip, but still strong.
  16. Could you guys explain why you think Rex’s one pip is strong? I just don’t see it. To me, it looks like Rex only adds 3 red dice to one attack (like you pointed out at range two). This is while no one else can Fire Support, cause Rex gets the only face up order token. It is in addition to his normal attacks and is in melee, but it just seems so much weaker (by a long margin) than Leia’s or Veers’ one pips, who are also around the same price. I do like the idea of adding three red dice to Obi’s attack, but it does mean Rex has to be in range of Dukoo or Grievous in order to get it and Rex will probably also get killed if Obi can’t finish his melee that round, or if Obi gets killed himself. Remember Rex only has 5 health. One good attack from a lightsaber and he’s gone. As for Rex’s two pip, how are clones supposed to give aims to a specific unit without using token sharing, or something like Electrobinoculars? Seems really weak too if you need to add another card just to make it work. If they can use token sharing, it’s stronger than Rex’s 1 pip. Think about a fire support between those two units at range 4! That’s a unit deleted on turn 1. Or holding the two units at range 4 and pushing Obi or a BARC into range and Fire Support them while Obi is decked out with several dodge tokens etc. Dukoo’s are as strong as I expected, but I guess I’m disappointed with Rex’s 1 pip, but maybe I’m missing something, or over thinking Rex’s two pip. Help a girl out, let me know if I’m seeing this right.🥺
  17. I can understand your argument against the AT-TE, but it doesn’t make me want it less. 😅 But as for Qui-Gon, I was trying to say that the Clone Wars is an era that also includes things that happened a few years prior. We never see Sifo-Dyas (so I don’t expect him in Legion), but without him there would be no clone army. We do see Qui-Gon just prior to the Clone Wars and he is important to the story that leads into the Clone Wars itself. Yes, there are more prominent Jedi that were front and center in the CW, and I would expect them to come well before Qui-Gon, but I would expect them to come out with Qui-Gon at some point. My point is that the prequels were a trilogy that had a beginning, middle and an end. The CW were encompassed in only two of those movies, but it doesn’t make the other one movie pointless. Without the first movie the CW would make less sense and Qui-Gon is a major player in that movie whether he fought with clones or not. Like it or not, the Phantom Menace is part of that trilogy and era, so FFG will no doubt draw from that source. As for Jedi squads, I agree that would be bad, but I hope the first generic Commander is a Jedi or even just a Padawan. Maybe just one force slot, a command and equipment slots and a lightsaber that does 3black and 2white, Pierce 1, Impact 1, maybe 60points? It’s actually exactly the same. Sabine was part of “a” rebellion. It’s like if the Nazis had won the Second World War and Norway started a small rebellion then after freeing one city, just stopped. Then North America started a rebellion that was joined by Europe and Asia and won. Would you say the one city from Norway was part of the rebellion? Of course not, but maybe Norway did something that inspired the others or used a strategy that worked. Norway would be relevant to the rebellion story, but not really part of it. Qui-Gon is a relevant part of the story that leads into the CW. Wow this explanation got weird.😳
  18. I’d say, I agree with everything you mention save for two points. 1. Each faction is from an era not just the event for which it is named. We say “Clone Wars” or “Galactic Civil War” because it is a convenient encapsulation of the given eras, but in truth the Clone Wars does have everything to do with the events/movies that come before. Without Anakin being introduced to Qui-Gon, would Obiwan become Obi’s Padawan? As far as FFG goes, I’m sure they’re selecting from what seems cool to them and what they think will sell and I don’t think we can blame them. I truly wouldn’t mind having Qui-Gon (even though he was dead and never saw a clone... that we know) and I wouldn’t mind having Jarjar, though he has to have the distract ability (permanently on) and not cost much and definitely no lightsabers or force powers. My point is, it’s ok to include things that came slightly before or after as they’re still a part of that era. Look at Sabine. The Star Wars Rebels show actually starts before the rebellion was a thing. Should Sabine be included? She stayed on Lothal during most of the rebellion to protect Lothal from the Empire’s return (they didn’t). Does this mean she shouldn’t be included? Since Star Wars is decided into eras with many years gap in between, I think we can expect more of this. Also isn’t this all moot anyway when we have droids fighting rebels and republic & Jedi fighting imperials? 2. This one is just my personal wish, so take it as such, but I really want an AT-TE and I think it’s easily possible. I will admit, I think the AT-AT is a non-starter for Legion (sorry to those who really wanted it). The AT-TE and AT-AT are about the same length, but the AT-TE is half the height of the AT-AT (according to wiki pages, which I think may be wrong - I’ll explain why - see video link). The AT-ST already towers over any battlefield and makes it hard to get full cover for a full squad even with lots of LoS blocking terrain, but the AT-AT is twice the height of the AT-ST (wiki pages again), so just think of how even a scaled down AT-AT would be on a Legion board. Keep in mind T-47’s flew between AT-ATs’ legs without problems (from what I’ve heard the T-47 may be a bit small for Legion’s scale, but that’s only rumour I’ve heard). Now look in contrast to the AT-TE. Sure, it’s bulky, but it doesn’t tower over everything. If you look at the episode of Star Wars Rebels (start at time index 1:40) where an AT-TE and an AT-AT fight (almost wrestling) you can see a huge scale difference, though if I’m completely honest I wonder if the creators played around with scale to fit the scene like the did with lightsaber lengths. Still I think the AT-TE would be awesome and like any fan-girl I really want to see it in Legion. Here’s a good verses video which I think more accurately shows the scale difference.
  19. I thought the Obi alternate sculpt (the one only available in Europe) took up one of those SKUs, but I haven’t heard confirmation. I’m hoping the last SKU is a Priority Supplies like expansions that is Clone Wars themed, but can be used by everyone. It would be so cool to get new Battle Cards.😎
  20. I haven’t played battlefront, but I hope the next unit clones get is special forces. I really would like an answer to sabs/snipers, especially if they have red defense dice.😁
  21. Awww. There so cute, murdery, cannibals!🥰😍
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