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  1. I can understand your argument against the AT-TE, but it doesn’t make me want it less. 😅 But as for Qui-Gon, I was trying to say that the Clone Wars is an era that also includes things that happened a few years prior. We never see Sifo-Dyas (so I don’t expect him in Legion), but without him there would be no clone army. We do see Qui-Gon just prior to the Clone Wars and he is important to the story that leads into the Clone Wars itself. Yes, there are more prominent Jedi that were front and center in the CW, and I would expect them to come well before Qui-Gon, but I would expect them to come out with Qui-Gon at some point. My point is that the prequels were a trilogy that had a beginning, middle and an end. The CW were encompassed in only two of those movies, but it doesn’t make the other one movie pointless. Without the first movie the CW would make less sense and Qui-Gon is a major player in that movie whether he fought with clones or not. Like it or not, the Phantom Menace is part of that trilogy and era, so FFG will no doubt draw from that source. As for Jedi squads, I agree that would be bad, but I hope the first generic Commander is a Jedi or even just a Padawan. Maybe just one force slot, a command and equipment slots and a lightsaber that does 3black and 2white, Pierce 1, Impact 1, maybe 60points? It’s actually exactly the same. Sabine was part of “a” rebellion. It’s like if the Nazis had won the Second World War and Norway started a small rebellion then after freeing one city, just stopped. Then North America started a rebellion that was joined by Europe and Asia and won. Would you say the one city from Norway was part of the rebellion? Of course not, but maybe Norway did something that inspired the others or used a strategy that worked. Norway would be relevant to the rebellion story, but not really part of it. Qui-Gon is a relevant part of the story that leads into the CW. Wow this explanation got weird.😳
  2. I’d say, I agree with everything you mention save for two points. 1. Each faction is from an era not just the event for which it is named. We say “Clone Wars” or “Galactic Civil War” because it is a convenient encapsulation of the given eras, but in truth the Clone Wars does have everything to do with the events/movies that come before. Without Anakin being introduced to Qui-Gon, would Obiwan become Obi’s Padawan? As far as FFG goes, I’m sure they’re selecting from what seems cool to them and what they think will sell and I don’t think we can blame them. I truly wouldn’t mind having Qui-Gon (even though he was dead and never saw a clone... that we know) and I wouldn’t mind having Jarjar, though he has to have the distract ability (permanently on) and not cost much and definitely no lightsabers or force powers. My point is, it’s ok to include things that came slightly before or after as they’re still a part of that era. Look at Sabine. The Star Wars Rebels show actually starts before the rebellion was a thing. Should Sabine be included? She stayed on Lothal during most of the rebellion to protect Lothal from the Empire’s return (they didn’t). Does this mean she shouldn’t be included? Since Star Wars is decided into eras with many years gap in between, I think we can expect more of this. Also isn’t this all moot anyway when we have droids fighting rebels and republic & Jedi fighting imperials? 2. This one is just my personal wish, so take it as such, but I really want an AT-TE and I think it’s easily possible. I will admit, I think the AT-AT is a non-starter for Legion (sorry to those who really wanted it). The AT-TE and AT-AT are about the same length, but the AT-TE is half the height of the AT-AT (according to wiki pages, which I think may be wrong - I’ll explain why - see video link). The AT-ST already towers over any battlefield and makes it hard to get full cover for a full squad even with lots of LoS blocking terrain, but the AT-AT is twice the height of the AT-ST (wiki pages again), so just think of how even a scaled down AT-AT would be on a Legion board. Keep in mind T-47’s flew between AT-ATs’ legs without problems (from what I’ve heard the T-47 may be a bit small for Legion’s scale, but that’s only rumour I’ve heard). Now look in contrast to the AT-TE. Sure, it’s bulky, but it doesn’t tower over everything. If you look at the episode of Star Wars Rebels (start at time index 1:40) where an AT-TE and an AT-AT fight (almost wrestling) you can see a huge scale difference, though if I’m completely honest I wonder if the creators played around with scale to fit the scene like the did with lightsaber lengths. Still I think the AT-TE would be awesome and like any fan-girl I really want to see it in Legion. Here’s a good verses video which I think more accurately shows the scale difference.
  3. I thought the Obi alternate sculpt (the one only available in Europe) took up one of those SKUs, but I haven’t heard confirmation. I’m hoping the last SKU is a Priority Supplies like expansions that is Clone Wars themed, but can be used by everyone. It would be so cool to get new Battle Cards.😎
  4. I haven’t played battlefront, but I hope the next unit clones get is special forces. I really would like an answer to sabs/snipers, especially if they have red defense dice.😁
  5. Awww. There so cute, murdery, cannibals!🥰😍
  6. But where’s my clone upgrades!!😭😭😭
  7. The only thing about adding more white dice to a pool of white dice, is that there is nothing offsetting their poor odds. When you add two red to a pool of white, you get consistency and the possibility of a decent attack each round. If you’re just rolling all white, you can expect nothing but swing, and if you have a run of poor luck, it can make a real negative game experience. So if you have the choice of something that has a wild swing that costs more, or something that has better range and a high level of consistency at a lower cost, most people will chose the later. But if it works for you, that’s cool too.
  8. The commander option is huge. There have been many times when having two actions on round 6 can decide the whole game, even if it’s just a double move to engage so that your opponent can’t cap an objective. A lot of the upgrades add more to function than to punch, like the rebel DLT, it’s not about the damage or the critical keyword, it’s about range 4. I think these upgrades are awesome, even though I question some of the point costs.
  9. Yep. If you have a grenade on the squad, they get that too.
  10. Does anyone else remember when the part of the Rebels faction identity was that they were less expensive? The rebels finally get a range 4 option and it does have 3 dice (one more than the infamous and ubiquitous DLT), but its only 2 black and 1 white, but somehow it’s more expensive than the DLT that has red dice (not to mention the red defence die the DLT miniature brings). I think everyone’s right FFG places too much value on Critical. And don’t get me started on the price of the T-21.
  11. They did say the upgrade packs, Luke & Vader, the escape pod and the bunker would all be out by end of year (not to mention the CW). Considering how chopped up December is with holidays that only leaves about two months to get everything out. I just don’t see it happening. Most of that will probably be pushed back. Then the question is, if some of that is pushed back, will that push back on things listed for 2020 (like Rex etc)? It seems like the CW stuff is pushing things like Luke & Vader back already, and if so everything is being part of a domino effect and even the 2020 merchandise will be late.
  12. Product page has all the info. Or the article.
  13. There is also Mortis, if you want something totally distinct. It has a varied terrain type like the earth, but also has massive temples. Or Moraband/Korriban the Sith planet Yoda went to in season six, or any of those very strange planets he went to on the same trip. Moraband is desert like, but has creepy Sith buildings and ruins. There is also Florrum, though thats more desert like. There is also Dathomir (witches and creepy atmosphere with strange pod trees). If you want obscure, you could do Raydonia. It was visited by Obi and Ventress and had an outpost... had. And my last suggestion, Nal Hutta (Obiwan visited there in disguise with Cad Bane). Home to the Hutts the planet is very swampy with green water, but some towns/cities.
  14. There is no problem with something new, and I’m sure I can speak for others who have also expressed the same opinion to you, the problem with each of those things are the consequences they bring with them. Hyperspace ramming has the most consequences. In 5, 000 years that hyperspace was supposed to have existed no one being has ever thought of doing that? Now a big whole is created in the Star Wars Cannon that is created because the movie did not address that, and making up an answer in a comic or a book and calling it cannon is not good enough. Not all fans read or care about the books or comics and it shouldn’t be required like some kind of homework or a “gotcha” that you need to give them even more money to get the full story. To the other commenters who are obvious fans of TLJ: Anyone who gets indignant about someone else’s opinion is just trying to reinforce their own opinion to themselves. I don’t agree with people who liked the movie and most of them will not admit that TLJ was a bad movie, but on some level they know that it is, and because their belief is now threatened in their own mind because of someone else explaining the flaws, they must stamp out that contrary belief. You can still like something that is bad. People will disagree with you, and that’s ok, it’s called diversity and it’s something to be embraced without labeling someone or calling them man babies or someone who even uses a term like SJW or some other name. I have heard many labels and expressions from fans of TLJ. People who dislike TLJ are part of the dark side, or like the post above, it’s a peaceful life to be a fan of TLJ implying that non fans are somehow not at peace. Please understand, most fans that hate TLJ are passionate fans who only want to discus their feelings about a movie that they feel was a wrecking ball for the franchise, but it in no way detracts from your ability to like the movie. Aside from a very small minority of very vocal fans, the people who dislike TLJ, don’t have a problem with those that like the movie. We don’t understand you, but we respect your opinion as your own, but vitriol, divisive and discordant comments and expressions usually come from the fans of TLJ and those comments come in increasing numbers. People who do not like what you like do not need some kind of social correction, it’s just another opinion, again diversity. Before someone reads my comments above and makes some other derogatory comment, as this topic is very divisive on its own, I will not be responding to further comments in this thread. You have your opinions. I have mind. We are both entitled to them without reprisal or recriminations.
  15. Sorry, I was being sarcastic. Bob Iger has stated several times that the reason Solo did poorly is because of “Brand Fatigue”. It’s all a way for them to save face and not admit they made the most divisive movie ever. My personal opinion is that TLJ was one of the worst movies ever made and took more from the Star Wars franchise than it gave and what it gave was problematic (hyper space bombing, and tracking). It is the one Star Wars movie I wish could be unmade, but for me the Skywalker Saga ended at RoTJ, since even TFA had issues, many of which were ignorable but it was the movie that created a shaky foundation for this trilogy.
  16. And suddenly they’re talking about making more movies? This is not something that would be done to fix “brand fatigue“. Just sayin’.
  17. Since CW is a Core set in its own right, missing delivery date by a month or more will turn away many would-be new players. There were many people who were waiting for CW to get into Legion, and with this lengthy delay, they may find another place to dump their money. What can I say? People are fickle. Though Legion is doing well and this will not cause FFG to go out of business (by any stretch of the imagination), nor will Legion be ended from poor sales, the player base will not grow to what it could have been had the CW starter set been advertised as well as the original, and if it was released even close to the suggested release date. Many FLGS will undoubtedly have fewer players enter into Legion and in some areas it’s the difference between having someone or no one to play with. In many areas in the States there are robust amounts of players, so I’m sure it’s hard for you to imagine an area in the US or even around the world where it’s already near impossible to find someone to play. And I am fully aware of TTS, which is great, but I believe it is only a matter of time before it is shutdown and it is always nicer playin irl. It’s all point of view, so if you are lucky enough to be in a area with a lot of player, that’s great, but remember CW could have really helped other communities not so fortunate.
  18. That’s rad.😉😁 Still why not RZ or RZA Trooper. Everyone seems to love acronyms.😊 The Empire would need some kind of hazardous mission troopers for areas that are totally unsafe for humans. It’s a cool idea, in spite of the name.😎😁
  19. They certainly are radtroopers.😳😂 What were the writers thinking? Were they not old enough to have lived through the 80s?😂
  20. I agree with everything you said, except your third point. Legion has a lot of rules that were borrowed from X-Wing and other FFG games. This includes Suppression, which acts a lot like Stress. Instead of ships Legion contains Units, which would be the same as any military unit. Every unit in Legion comes with a card that explains any abilities with simple reminder text as well as stats which is also similar to X-Wing with upgrades that can be purchased as part of its point based system. Where Legion and X-Wing differ is that your movement is not hidden and each player takes turns moving one unit each, until all units in your army have activated, then you repeat for 5 more rounds after the first. Legion is an objective based game where even if you opponent has every unit left, and you only have one, you can still win the game. If Objectives do not give enough narrative, there are also free Operations that you can download from the Legion web page. If you want to learn more, you can download the Learn to Play Guide, which is also free, and it will explain everything in easy to understand terms. The Learn to Play rule book is 32 pages long, but has lots of pictures and about the last 10 pages are just fluff about the “hobby” aspect of the game, so it’s not a hard read.
  21. I’m sure sitting on thousands of units of CW does hurt FFG. There is a big investment in creating all those core sets and the longer it takes to get it to market, means no return on that investment. I’m by no means a financial expert, but I can guarantee this kind of delay (especially of a starter set) will hurt FFG bottom line. Also most investors don’t care about what game is out or which IP is used. They care about a quick and lucrative return on their investment and delays make them squeamish. FFG like any company relies on cash flow from investors. If returns are proven to be slow and don’t measure up to expected returns, again FFG will feel that pinch. Look at me sounding like I know what I’m talking about. 😂😜
  22. Umm... hate to tell you.... 😭😭 Now I just want my SSD and it was delayed cause of my stupid FLGS!😭😭
  23. Rakghouls. Lots and lots of Rakghouls. And when they damage any trooper mini, it becomes a Rakghoul. This would be awesome for Halloween.🧟‍♂️🎃
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