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  1. Cue the hate. I’m sorry, but what did you expect? If you didn’t see X-Wing 1.0, you must have heard of the problems. Creating cards to correct older cards, just doesn’t work. The system becomes too convoluted and precarious. A points change is actually the most elegant and direct way to correct the issues of units that are not being used or that are unplayable as is. Yes, it would have been nice if the designers got it right at first crack, but they’re not perfect, but they really do want a balanced game and this points restructuring should prove that. As others have said above, just sleeve your cards, get those little circular stickers from the dollar store and write in the correct numbers. Yep, it’s a little inconvenient, but this is a hobby and this is just one more step. I’m sorry, it may feel like this post is making an example of you, that wasn’t my intention, but I am very happy that FFG is doing this and I know a number of other players are as well. I hope they do more of this in the future, and since they said, at best it would be once a year, you probably won’t have many to change after the initial changes. Oh and just a hint, if you’re going to use a sharpie, or even a ballpoint pen, let the ink dry before you put the card back with your other cards, or you will get transfer. *This public service announcement has been brought to you by people who like to type a lot.🙄😏
  2. You could just put the keyword on the front and leave the description in the campaign/objective write up. With a Rancor appearing on Operative Luke’s 2 pip, I wonder if it means we may get something like that in an expansion pack at some point?
  3. Short answer, no. Long answer, still no.😋 Seriously, if “old Ben” was ever a Commander for the rebellion, it could be in the EU, but I don’t even think there. He could only be an Operative (as far as I can see).🤔
  4. I know they’re saying the points change is more for competitive play and casual players should just continue with the printed points, but why would anyone not want to use the new points? If the points are meant to balance the game better, it just would seem stupid not to. For those who need the points on the card, just sleeve your cards and print the new number/errata out, then cut out the words/numbers and place the printout in the sleeves with the card. That’s what I have done with previous errata. We usually don’t get a lot at one time, so it’s not so bad. Not sure if i’ll do the points myself though, since I usually use BattleScribe or TabletopAdmiral for list building and don’t usually look at the numbers while playing. As long as the list builders have all the right points, cards don’t mean much to me, except maybe checking my opponents list, but if I’m that unsure I could easily recreate their list in BS on my phone.
  5. Sorry, for a few second I thought your post was about security alarms. 😅😳
  6. 😆That’s good, but I’m not sure why people would be afraid of the drool, when the creature is terrifying as it is.😁 That ability would also slow units down, so they can’t run very fast from the Rancor unless panicked and they generally won’t get an aim, to more easily/quickly take down the rancor. It’s a good idea, but maybe Keyword “Terrifying”?
  7. Yeah I don’t know, because we don’t know how much Disney is driving things, and they seem to really want to push that era, maybe because they don’t want to pay Lucas for using the original characters (if you believe that rumour).
  8. Huh... the older I get, the worse my attention span is. 😒 Thanks though. 👍😁 He did say, “we’ve talked about it.” So it still sounds like it’s up in the air, but I hope it’s something they do in 2020
  9. Yeah, I was surprised by that. I would have thought those factions would be next (next year), after movie #9.
  10. Woah, I don’t remember hearing that (not impossible, my memory sucks). Do you have a time index for when this was said?
  11. Unfortunately there seem to be a number of people who don’t want a Scum faction. Not sure why, if they think such a faction doesn’t belong in a war game, or if it’s just cause they don’t think it works canonically. The Hutts at the very least were big enough that the Republic had to ask permission to use their territory to move troops through and were afraid to anger them as they may pic a side in the conflict and could easily sway the result against them. Edit: I suppose they could make a Hutt faction at the very least.
  12. Actually most bounty hunters could really be considered neutral (they do do whatever someone wants to pay for). The only problem is, some are wanted criminals too. 😅
  13. Right? He’s a total bad ***. 😎🤠
  14. So I’ve been rewatching TCW animated show and there are some awesome bounty hunters. My favourite, by far, has to be Cad Bane. I’ve heard some people don’t think much of him and they seem to think Boba is the greatest. Don’t get me wrong I do think Bobs is cool, but what did he do? Captured Solo, fought a Jedi and wound up in a Sarlacc pit. Cad Ban on the other hand, held the Republic senate hostage, stole a holocron from the Jedi temple, kidnapped the Republic Chancellor, stole the kyber crystal that had a list of all force sensitive children on it from a Jedi, fought Kenobi and Quinlan Vos to a standstill, and broke out of a Republic prison. What more does he need to do to be considered at least on par with Boba? Aside from Bane, there is Latts Razzi, Embo, Aurra Sing, Sugi and even Ventress to name a few of my favourites. Clone Wars has a ton of bounty hunters to bring to Legion and I can’t wait. I just hope some of them end up on the Republic side. And before you say, “the Republic didn’t hire Bounty Hunters”, take a look at Bric and El-les, who were employed by the Republic to train the clones. Unfortunately most of the others will be on the CIS side of things, but some of them have worked with the Republic or Jedi before, like Embo and Sugi. Are there any Bounty Hunters you want to see? If so, why? *This message is brought to you by someone who can’t stand waiting for CW to finally get here.😏
  15. Really, I don’t think the Rancor would last long without red defence dice, so I think it’s understandable. I was just commenting about the existing units. And why can’t the rancor be as tough as a tank? What about the Zillo Beast? It’s tougher than several tanks.
  16. I think the Dewback, and even the BARC have red defence dice because the riders are wearing armour. Each of the riders off of their mounts, have red dice. The Tauntauns only have white dice because the riders usually have white dice. It’s odd, but I think that’s what they’re going by... or I could be totally wrong.😁🤪
  17. At the time they were talking about the webcast they will have on this Tuesday. On Tuesday they are showcasing the new Luke & Vader Operatives, and they are more expensive and cheaper respectively. So he might have just been using that as click bait.😢 I would love to see a points rebalance on some things. T-47, I’m looking at you! Edit: For those of you who want to see just what was said, check it out at approx. time index 1:28:57.
  18. I HATE YOU!! Here, take my money.😒💰
  19. Is the only objective to defeat the one rancor or will the two sides also pick the three Battle Cards? If the single rancor is the only thing then there will be problems. At Armour 2, a single side can down the rancor in 1 to 2 rounds especially with the Republic that could take it down in two to three activations. I would recommend that the rancor be an impediment to the normal objectives, so that while the two sides are trying to do their missions the rancor interferes, and the side that downs the rancor gets a deduction of one VP. Or maybe pick only one objective, like Recover The Supplies and the supplies have to be placed within range 1 of the rancor, and the rancor wants to protect/keep those supplies (it’s sees the supplies as its possession). The rancor will chase down the closest unit with a claimed supply and will claim the supply with an attack on that unit and bring the supply back to the Center. Also as mentioned above, one rancor can be downed easily and once the rancor moves to one side, he would likely stay on that side, meaning only one player will be effected. So I would add a second rancor and it must stay on the opposite side of the table because they’re territorial. These are just suggestions and none of them need be listened to, but it is an interesting idea. Just trying to be helpful.😉
  20. Ooh. Good question. Maybe this is what the Scoundrel were getting at (boy I have to pay better attention)? It looks like, if a unit has activated you can measure using the movement tool for that unit as much as you like, and as long as you don’t actually move the minis, you can take other actions. Theoretically you could, Aim, Shoot, then use the movement tool to measure even though you don’t have actions left as long as the unit’s activation hasn’t ended with the flip of its token. At least that’s how I read it. Edit: Just checked, and this was what Notorious Scoundrels were talking about and they were totally correct all along (dam, I really do need to pay better attention - sorry guys). It was Episode 47, and they talk about this at about time index 20:35.
  21. Double post, but I think I have it, and this would make Notorious Scoundrels wrong (if I’m remembering what they said correctly). Page 55 RRG PREMEASURING Players can measure with the range ruler at any time. Movement tools can be placed against a unit’s leader and adjusted freely only during that unit’s activation. So that means the unit is considered in its activation if you are measuring its movement with the movement tool in any way. But you can use the range tool any time.
  22. Don’t quote me but I thought they said on the last Notorious Scoundrel podcast that you can measure, but you don’t have to activate that unit. But if you actually move the unit leader, then you’re obligated. The only problem is I can’t find anything in the rules to corroborate that, or even on the Legion rules rulings thread. I’m curious too, so I’ll keep looking, but to me it looks like the rules are saying once you measure movement, that’s the unit you’re obligated to activate.
  23. That’s too bad, both Nick leaving and removing that content. The campaign looked good and the Legion community will miss his creativity. 😥
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