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  1. Some of the delays (probably most) could also be laid at the feet of LFL. Apparently FFG was all set for CW, but Lucasfilm contacted them and said, “We want you to do some GCW era stuff for us.” And that’s why we have Operative Luke & Vader, earlier than FFG wanted. LFL just keeps screwing up, but I guess it’s like all other bad companies, it stinks from the head.
  2. Not sure what you mean? I have it on every device, and works like a charm. Edit: I spoke too soon. Apparently I can’t download the latest version on one of my devices, so I can’t get the latest database files.😢
  3. I thought one of the two missing SKUs was the resculpt Obi (only available in Europe). My guess is that the other missing SKU has to do with what Alex Davy eluded to in the Notorious Scoundrels interview. He said there was another droid couple coming. My guess is that it will be Empire or Empire/CIS compatible, and probably 0-0-0 and BT-1. Just a total guess. I like your guess better though. We definitely need more CW content and sooner, than later.😊 If anyone knows for sure (especially about the Obi sculpt), sound off.
  4. Unfortunately I ordered three core sets to try to save money in the long run (individual expansions are more expensive), so I’m totally screwed.🥺😭😢 Sorry, hard to deal wth when your temp is 102.🤒 Well guess I can’t play any way. Silver lining?
  5. So CW stuff isn’t out until the first week in Oct (probably), but is there anything coming out this month? It just seems that FFG was pumping out a one a month release for a little over a year with a fair amount of reliability, then suddenly they fell apart. What was supposed to come out in October, or how about November or December? It just seems like last year, we knew what was coming. It’s not just the releases that are all screwed up, but the articles. Sorry, I’m just salty about hearing my CW stuff I paid for months ago and was announced over a year ago, was just delayed again.🥺 And yeah this is another delay, remember Alex & Luke did mention that LFL contacted them and said, we need you to produce GCW stuff now, and to which they said, “ok, but we’re trying to put out some CW stuff right now.” I’m sure that at the very least LFL is the reason that Rex, Dooku, etc were so spaced out in release date from the core set release. Thanks LFL.😏🤨 Or did I miss something?😳
  6. I had that happen to me. I messaged someone on FB and we were all set for me to sell off some stuff, but the store owner was in the same FB group. He read me the riot act. But there is a simple answer. You can meet at a store, then walk to your car and make your deal. That’s what I ended up doing.😁 Don't blame the store owner though, there are a lot of legal issues if you sell in his store.
  7. CW content? I hope so.🤞 But just saying “content”, could also mean there will be plenty of GCW content. Afaik there is the Bunker, Luke & Vader, and there may be one more unannounced unit. I think there is one missing sku and guessing from Alex Davy’s comment on Notorious Scoundrels (“Another droid pair will be coming”), I’d say it’s probably 0-0-0 & BT-1 (that’s just totally a guess), but unless something changes all other CW content looks to be coming in early 2020. But I really hope I’m wrong about the CW stuff.🥺
  8. I just noticed that the corps upgrades for GCW are “on the boat”, whereas the CW corps upgrades still say “in development “. I thought these were all due before the end of the year? So with the change of the Escape Pod to 2020, and now probably even the CW corps upgrades, CW can expect nothing new until 2020? My current emotions (yep there are five and they kinda happen in stages) > 🤣🤬🥺😥😶
  9. Yeah so the only thing aside from what’s in the Core that CW players can expect for the next 4+ months is the upgrade corps heavies. 😭🥺😫
  10. Well maybe we’ll get the cores with the rest of the Expansions in 2020.😏🥺😭
  11. Haha Haha!! That would be hilarious (not at all really). Wait over a year, and the Core set is last out.😏 Edit: And I bought 3!😭🥺😏
  12. Or if you like a more classical version (Conducted by John Williams). Taun...taun... taun...taun...
  13. Good points, but I still want to see how they play. If they’re crap, then R2 will be nothing more than repairs for vehicles (and really good for the Tank), but it’s still early to decide if the unit is any good.
  14. What does that have to do with Jaws? Taun...taun...
  15. R2 also has a lot of utility. 1. He can probably throw a Smoke (Command card) for when your units need to pass an area with no cover and you don’t need to spend an extra 6 points for the Grenade. 2. Looks like he may get a range 1 area attack with Blast (2 pip card), so he might be a great include with Sabinatours. 3. He can repair better than anyone and once done can be thrown at units with his 3 white attack and if he’s attacked it’s one less attack on your main units. 4. He (and 3PO) bring an extra 4(6) health to your army for only 35(50) points, not to mention 3POs distraction, which can act a lot like Solo’s 2 pip, but R2 can use that with his Smoke as well and Distraction can be used more than once (if he & 3PO survive). 5. Lastly he can possibly net you an extra VP. His 1 pip might help him get out of Dodge when he needs to too. I could have missed something, and we don’t know how the Republic version will differ, but so far, he might be a really solid unit for 35-50 points. Again, we need to reserve judgment, until we have them on the table a couple of times, but I’m cautiously optimistic.😊
  16. Isn’t a Sniper Strike Team 48 now? If R2 is only 35, that’s a big difference. 13 points or a Phase1 clone.😋
  17. I’m not 100%, but for my money, maybe. I think R2 doesn’t have any mandatory attachment, but 3PO, being a Counterpart, must have R2.
  18. Even if you do have to include 3PO (and I don’t agree that he has to be included), you could easily get 3PO killed off quickly to have the same R2 chauffeuring situation. After all 3PO does have distract.
  19. Well I’m not sure where I come down on the TaunTaun debate, but I do think it’s curious that the name Tauntaun sounds like the music for Jaws. Taun...taun... taun...taun... taun...taun.
  20. I thought he was expensive at 35, but maybe he’s too cheap.😳😋
  21. So R2’s 2 pip has Blast and you can see two B2 Super battle droids and fire (as in the scene from RoTS). Judging from the Smoke token, looks like his 3 pip is about that ( 🧯 ). And why no Standby token (not that you’ll want to with him, just odd). And since they pushed back its delivery date, not even clones will get a new unit before the end of the year. Well, guess we still have the corps unit upgrades.😒😢
  22. I knew they would end up pushing back on some of the units expected this year.😢 There were 4 unit and only 3 1/2 months left. As for repair, the update seems to address R2 specifically. RRG pg59 Repair X:Capacity Y (Upgrade Keyword) ”Repair x: capacity y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation. When a unit uses the repair x: capacity y ability, place one wound token on the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword, and choose a friendly droid trooper or vehicle unit at range 1 and in line of sight. Remove a total of up to x wound, ion, and/or vehicle damage tokens from the chosen unit or restore up to x miniatures to that unit. This ability cannot be used if the card that has the repair x: capacity y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding y.” So it looks like 1 use = 1 wound token on R2’s card and does 2 repairs. At least that’s how I read it.
  23. That makes it better than Luke’s original 1 pip. Not only do you get the extra attack, but denying an Aim too...😈
  24. If you use Luke’s 1 pip on a Suppressed enemy trooper, can you use any Aim or Surge tokens it may have?
  25. There is still the corps upgrade expansions, which come out before the end of the year, but I know what you mean, it does stink. 😒😥
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