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  1. Good point, but I’m still hoping for a vehicle objective.😁 10. Do each of the creates from Supply Drop allow for obtaining 2 items? It does say to flip the token face up, and if you can’t, discard. So the first item you Resupply, you flip the condition token, the second Resupply you remove the token. Right?
  2. I am so stoked for this expansion! So much better than paint!😁 A few questions/observations though. 1. Do you suppose the X on the right side of the Grapple-Harpoon means that it’s one use? We’ve seen the tap arrow before, but never an X. 2. Does Hostage Exchange only have 2 hostages (one each)? If so, R2-D2 and bounty hunters will be very important in those games. 3. Is it just me, or does Payload make mention of Bomb Carts and Pivot? I wonder if that means the mines and carts are part of the same objective? 4. Wonder why the creates have no bases? The last sets of creates we got had bases. Could they only be for the Supply Drop condition card and don’t stick around for the game like the other creates, so that’s why there is no need for a base? 5. If one objective uses the two figure minis and another uses the mines and carts, I wonder what the third objective uses? 6. If the unknown objective card isn’t for vehicles, it will probably be a while before we get some objectives that are specifically for vehicles (another year maybe). Since all the minis in the set are used for other things, it may be possible that the unknown objective is a vehicle objective where vehicles must be near to a token to gain points, since an objective like that wouldn’t likely need a special mini. 7. Though we know the name of one of the Deployment cards (Danger Close), what could that mean? Could it be that you start really close to your opponent? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that phrase usually mean that a unit is going to be operating close to where an air strike will be hitting? 8. Field Scanner could be really useful for clones, especially if they don’t end up using the token. 9. The supplies could be rather unbalanced as they all don’t seem to be the same power level or usefulness, but maybe that’s all a part of that scenario. It will sure make Recon Intel on a few of your units or abilities like Infiltrate very useful, since you might be able to snag a few of your opponent’s creates as well. So we’re getting: Objective: Payload (uses mines & carts), Hostage Exchange (uses 2 figure minis), Unknown Condition: Fortified Positions, Supply Drop (uses creates), Unknown Deployment: Danger Close, Unknown, Unknown
  3. I’m not sure what Star Wars Lesion is, but it sounds painful. Is that what happens if you don’t conform?
  4. The amusing thing is that FFG thought everyone would be so excited, they gave us advanced notice that these articles were coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased that they’re making paints, but they don’t think something... more, is required? Maybe a Specialists pack for the two new factions would have been a better idea, but instead, paint, a worlds article and two more OT units? Heavy on the🧂 please.
  5. It’s not a matter of if, but when. We will see a Republic AT-RT, but how soon is anyone’s guess. And judging by the fact that most vehicles like the AT-RT (with rider on the outside) have defense dice consistent with the armour that the rider is personally wearing, the Republic AT-RT will more than likely have red defence dice. And because it’s Republic, the point cost will be high, but will not have clone token sharing (a mistake imho, but something they already did with the BARC - if they did token sharing for the BARC, it could justify why the BARC is over priced by 10 points - just sayin’).
  6. The live stream was the one from Nov 21st where they played a Skirmish game. In the game they used the units in question, but didn’t have the cards to show. Luke was kind enough to show the cards belatedly. This is the stream in question.
  7. Good point. And since fleets are renown for deleting units, same deal.
  8. The B2s hit like a truck and have much better dice than the fleets. Fleets have 2 white (outside their heavy) whereas the B2s have 1 black and 1 white, meaning a better chance of getting a hit. With the B2s you may not actually get close enough to shoot. If your opponent is any good they will kill the B2s before they’re in striking range, but the value of the B2s is not in their attack. If they do attack it’s all gravy and they’ll more than likely kill their value in points if not more. The true vale of B2s is to present a high value target other than your B1s. This allows your B1s to secure objectives and shoot without much opposition. The B2s ability to effectively have cover 3 and two health each means they can take a lot before they go, and each attack they take is an attack not made on your weaker (more killable) B1s. And if by some chance your B2s get into range 2, your opponent will regret it since they can delete units with 3 red, 3 black and 3 white. Also the B2’s othe Heavy may not tap. They have the new Cycle keyword and may limit you to shooting every other round. This is oddly better than tapping as on the off rounds every mini in the unit (including the heavy) can just use their native gun for 4 black and 4 white and it doesn’t require you to use an action. Of course whether it taps, or how Cycle works is all just speculation.
  9. Here in Canada we pay $13.59 (or there abouts) for a 1 mini expansion, so $22.09 isn’t too bad for a 2 mini expansion (including cards and cardboard parts), especially if everything is going to sprues (prices are going up for sprues).
  10. Though I’m glad to see both of those characters, and I know Lucas Film is requiring FFG to do more OT content, and there have been delays, but it’s irritating to not get more CW content. Both new factions are in desperate need of new content, and sooner than later. When the OT stuff came out, I don’t remember waiting a couple months to get new content.😒 That being said, I like that we’re getting more droids and droid companions at that.😍
  11. Wow that was a fast response!! Rules Question: R2’s unit card has the Repair ability as a full action, but in the RRG on page 59 under Repair X:Capacity Y it reads, “Repair x: capacity y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation.” Also 3PO’s unit card reads, “Calculate The Odds Choose a friendly trooper unit...”, but the RRG on page 19 under Calculate The Odds reads, “As a card action, a unit with the calculate odds keyword can choose a friendly unit...” Are these misprints, and if so, which is the misprint, the reminder text or the RRG? A full action seemed a little steep of a requirement for R2’s repair, when you can get the same effect for half the cost on two R5 Astromech Droids (8 points each and R2 is 35). Thanks in advance for your help. Great question, thanks for reaching out. You’ve discovered two errors in the Rules Reference: 1. Repair X: Capacity Y should specify that it can be either a card action or a free card action. In R2-D2s case, it is intended to be a card action. This is because it repairs 2 wounds and/or tokens, repairs R2 himself, and because we want players to have to make a tough decision about what they are doing with R2 during his activation. 2. The RR should specify TROOPER unit. We’ll correct the RR accordingly as soon as possible. Cheers, Alex Davy Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games
  12. I’m totally hoping they do the AT-TE, and I don’t care if they have to play with the size. It would just look too cool on the table with the clones and opposite the CIS and their tank.😎
  13. Already done. Still waiting for a response. It seems really steep cost to have R2 needing to use a full action, when you can have 2 R5 Astromechs do the same for half the price and a free action.
  14. Calculate The Odds is a 3PO only ability. I’d say it’s caught up to R2 & 3PO at least. I think it was an error on both, but the question is, is the error on the unit cards or RRG. Either is possible. Edit: there’s nothing wrong with it being an error. We’re all human, and all make mistakes. We just need an update to the error.
  15. As some of you may know R2’s unit card has the Repair ability as a full action, but in the RRG on page 59 under Repair X:Capacity Y it reads, “Repair x: capacity y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation.” As the text on R2’s unit card is reminder text the RRG actually takes precedence, but was this change intentional? R2 is the first unit to repair more than 1 point of damage at a time. Until we get a correction/explanation R2’s ability is a free action. But there’s more. 3PO’s unit card reads, “Calculate The Odds Choose a friendly trooper unit...”, but the RRG on page 19 under Calculate The Odds reads, “As a card action, a unit with the calculate odds keyword can choose a friendly unit...” Again the RRG takes precedence over the reminder text, but was that intentional? Is the RRG wrong, and the card correct? For now the RRG should be the last word, but we need errata or clarification. Please discus.
  16. I played a game with 4 players, each with their own army of 800 points and we played as normal except one person was an ally and the other two were opponents. We played Command Cards as normal and rolled off until there was a pecking order each turn. There were 2 rebel and 2 imperial (I was actually on the 2 imperial side). It was a lot of fun, but we had to pack it in early since after 3 hours, the place where we were playing was going to close. I totally recommend playing multiplayer. I think maybe for most multiplayer games it would be better to play 500 points each since time usually is an issue, but once in a while a big game can be a lot of fun. I would love to try a 500 point multiplayer where healing or using things like Spotter or Inspire can be used on an ally’s troops and even Clones can share from one ally to the other, but everything else is as normal. That would be a lot of fun.
  17. Start at time index 2:14 > It’s a Republic vehicle in the movie, so I’m sure Republic will get it soon. The rebellion has it now, cause they get all the old stuff no one wanted.😊
  18. Every time the multi faction unit question comes up in an interview, the devs mention Hondo Onaka. So I would expect to see him at some point and in every faction, but CIS, because “Dukoo holds such a grudge”.
  19. Unfortunately not quite that simple. RRG pg 44 Inconspicuous “When a unit with the inconspicuous keyword rallies, it may choose not to remove any suppression tokens. »That unit still removes 1 suppression token during the End Phase, as normal.” So if R2 activates late in the next round, he doesn’t get Inconspicuous. Also Inconspicuous only works if there is something else of yours in the area to be shot at. Still it’s a good ability, but far from invincible, and R2 takes some skill to play well to get the extra VP.
  20. I think R2’s 3 pip is a good card. With Comms Relay, it’s as good as No Time For Sorrows and you get to throw down Smoke before anyone can act. So if you leave Luke or Obi out in the open and usually just play their 1 pip for that turn, but your opponent has Cunning, you can give Luke/Obi cover 1 at least, and even move them 1 before any unit even activates regardless if you lose priority. It’s a good card, and oddly a lot better than his 1 pip (in general use - not if going for his VP).
  21. I just noticed R2’s 3 pip doesn’t allow him to make the 1 move. 😢 His Card reads, “...another friendly trooper unit...”. But I guess you can use Comms Relay and get the move on another unit. It’s still good to be able to throw up cover 1 before anyone can act, so still a good card.
  22. Good point. Sorry, I always discount BARCs. I think they’re over priced, so not worth it.
  23. So here’s my take (wow free unsolicited advice that’s not worth anything🙄). R2’s 2 pip can get him 3 moves in a turn, if you take a standby, but if you wanted a card that gives activations or actually does decent damage, this isn’t it. R2’s 3 pip is like a worse version of No Time for Sorrows, but you also get a free Smoke action, before anyone activates no less. R2’s 1 pip only helps him complete his mission, which can be clutch, but so can another 1 pip that helps your units get an edge during combat. I think R2’s 3 pip is the best of the 3 and the rest I don’t see putting in a list. At 35 points, R2 can be that VP that wins the game and once Republic gets vehicles he’ll be even more useful (yeah, yeah, for those rebel people too😆). 3PO can be useful, but swinging 50 points can be a lot harder than 35. Just my opinion, but I could be missing something.
  24. I’m just curious what other people think of the new(ish) keyword Critical? There are no wrong answers, because I asked what people think not what is best for the game, so please don’t beat up on anyone that responds. That being said, I really think it was a mistake to include it in so many new units. Any unit that has three or more dice has a very easy time to to fish for a crit. Don’t believe me? Take three white with Critical 1, and try it for yourself and try it 10 times. It’s gotta ge a 75-80% that 1 crit shows up (I have no idea what the statistics are). That’s 1 crit that goes through Cover, Dodge and Guardian. Having 2 dice on a weapon like the DC-15 doesn’t seem as broken, but as soon as a third or 4th (T-21b) die is added it just becomes like a sniper and doesn’t need Sharpshooter to get through cover. I think Critical works ok for melee, but it still negates a Dodge or Guardian (works for some Command Cards). There are some units that have surge to crit natively, but I think that Critical just gives it to too many units that really shouldn’t have surge to anything. After all, how many surges get rolled on average in one dice pool, especially when that dice pool is only the heavy? Having Critical 1 might as well just give a native surge to crit. Currently there are 9 (that I can think of) units that have access (or will have) to this keyword. This just seems like a keyword that should be used sparingly and it’s being given to way too many units. Anyone else think Critical is a little too powerful, or do you just love the keyword, or absolutely hate it?
  25. That was a good write up, but I hope Shores/Mortars/Comms Relay get nerfed sooner than later (along with Tauntauns of course). They’re all the worst kind of power creep. When all of it is less than two DLT storms (the units that should be the meter... sorry, the yard stick by which all other units are measured, it is power creep, pure and simple).
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