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  1. Three questions: Does this make the mini taller? I haven’t checked it yet, but in their example photo the cutout is taller than the Luke mini. Also isn’t placing a flat rectangle against a round base is going to have it’s own margin for error? Lastly aren’t the corners kind of excessive, especially if the cutout is taller, shouldn’t they have rounded it a bit?
  2. Greener or not my friend, do you really think it’s good for a game to have imbalance? But as you said, there we have the real reason, you erroneously thought Legion was well balanced.😜
  3. Unfortunately they don’t keep to these same rules for all their creations. That’s why we have threads like this one. And it’s ludicrous how uneven they are when they decide which faction they will give powerful units to.
  4. We’ll see how the RT does in the Republic faction. This “new” iteration is at best a lateral move power wise, for 10 points more. In the Rebel faction, those 10 points was the difference between playable/not playable. Perhaps the Republic is points starved enough to take said garbage, but I think a lack of performance will spell its doom. It’s also notable that you can take a 5 man P1 unit for the same price. But as I said, we’ll see as time will tell.
  5. No we didn’t. Unless you’re saying you had advanced knowledge. Really they should have had red defense dice and everything could have been the same as is presented. It would mean it’s 2 grades better defensively, but not quite as good offensively. Or even give it token share ability. Anything would be better than what we got. You guys really seam ready to settle for anything. Honestly with the units they have been pumping out, it isn’t too much to expect more.
  6. So let’s go over it. It has surge to defense, one more black die and Impact 1 on the native ranged attack and gets scout 1, but loses native surge to crit all for 10 extra points. So the melee attack, rotary, flamer and Laser Cannon are all worse than the original, but that’s ok, cause we have critical 1 on the native ranged attack. The Republic faction was billed a the Elite faction. What part of this unit cries Elite to you? In the current meta getting surge to defense will not save this unit from a one shot. I think it’s interesting that the original RT was given a 10 point reduction and before that never saw table time. This version trades attack value for a slight defensive increase. Not an Elite unit. Edit: oh and it’s the very first range 3 rocket in the game lol
  7. Honestly I think the new RTs are over costed too. Without a surge to crit, it’s not as good, yet it costs the same. So somehow it’s melee attack is worse for being a brand new unit. And the Republic faction was billed as an elite faction. There is no way that RT is elite anything... ok, I guess it’s elite garbage.😳
  8. He talks about it at about the 5 minute mark. Alex is talking about the 500 point Skirmish game, and explains where the points started. Quote is below. Enjoy. ”...this was not ever the pitch for the full game of Legion. We didn’t start at 500 and grow to eight, we actually started at a 1,000 and cut down to 800 when we realized 1,000 points was taking way too long when we were designing the game.”
  9. I don’t like the pattern the developers have fallen into, of creating a unit that is way too powerful, or not powerful enough for the points requirement, then 6 months later nerf or boost as needed. It means we have at least 6 months of a negative play experience for everyone not playing the powerful unit, or not being able to put the under powered unit on the table. I don’t mean to throw shade at the testers, but don’t they raise issues with the balance of a given unit, or do complaints just fall on deaf ears?
  10. Legion was originally designed as a 1,000 point game, and they reduced it to 800 because of a concern over how long a game would take to play. Alex Davy (the creator) confirmed in an interview.
  11. Bikes are not bad. They had a points reduction not too long ago (reduced to 75 points), and I believe a list was in the top 4 in Europe in the last major tournament (just before everything was shutdown) where the list was sporting 3 bikes, if memory serves. The problem is that the combination of Shores/Mortars/Comms Relay was a bit over powered and it gave token control that rivalled the droid faction and many aims each round, so people wanted to play that to take advantage of the extra power. Only a few weeks ago, Shores/Mortars/Comms Relay was nerfed not allowing Comms Relay to be added to Mortars any more. Shores and Mortars are still quite good so, it’s hard to say how popular bikes would be now especially since the competitive scene is nonexistent because of Covid-19. But if someone can play in a major tournament and come in the top 4 with them, they have to be pretty good by comparison and I think that tournament was before the nerf too. As for Scout troopers, well that’s a different story. I think a lot of people don’t play the full squad because they are one of the few imperial units that have white defense dice. They do have a good attack and some good abilities, but the white defense dice require a different play style akin to how rebels play and so they won’t see much table time from a lot of imperial players. By contrast the two man strike teams are cheap, effective and versatile, so they will be in most competitive lists. But see if you can borrow some minis and play a game with them to see if you like the way they play. They may surprise you and if you’re playing for fun, don’t let competitive players opinions steer you away from something you’ll enjoy.😁
  12. I didn’t even notice that. I thought he meant helmeted/unhelmeted. What he said ^^.
  13. It’s super easy. Just cut the tab off the head that usually inserts into the torso with an exacto/art knife. Use a pin or a nail to create a starting point on the head bottom (where you just removed the tab) so that the drill bit doesn’t slip or drift, then drill a hole in the bottom of the head using a drill bit the same size as the width of the desired magnet. Use a slow speed so you don’t over-drill. Put a little crazy glue (use your brand preference) in the hole you just made, then inset the magnet. I usually use the flat part of the Art knife to let the magnet stick to it, and then I can insert the magnet with the blade. When you have the magnet in place don’t just pull up and away with the knife or the magnet will go with it. Slide the magnet sideways and away from the magnet. It can be tricky if the hole you drilled is too big. The magnet may flip out of the hole, so be careful at this part. For the torso you can use green stuff to fill in the area around the other magnet. I usually put the green stuff in the hole first then push the magnet in with the art knife and remove the displaced green stuff. These magnets don’t need to be too strong (it is only a head) but if you usually pick up your miniatures from the head, you will either need to start grabbing from the torso, or use a strong enough magnet. When you insert the second magnet, check and recheck that the polarity matches the other one and they’re not going to repel. It’s really a pain to get them out if you get it wrong. I magnetized Sabin’s arm (she has the option of a pistol or Saber) and her head (unhelmeted and helmeted). Works like a charm. I just used a small magnet, can’t remember the millimetres. I can check if you are curious.
  14. Yeah, they always mention the States, but Canada is always a toss up. Just like the Saber Tank, I’m still waiting.☹️
  15. LJ did say that it was confirmed by FFG marketing. LJ’s full post on those units: “Bad News (If you didn't know already) - Vital Assets stream today is cancelled. Good News - Cassian, Iden, AAT, and Vital Assets are due 4/3 in the United States (Confirmed by Marketing). International release dates cannot be confirmed for hopefully obvious reasons. Also, VA card previews should be out before the set is released, likely through unofficial channels.”
  16. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to be rude. But I just wasn’t sure what to say. Being helter-skelter isn’t a good tactical plan. And I think there are very few units in the rebel camp that have unique positions/rolls or they have too much overlap. I can’t speak to what has been done. Players will play what they like. The gun line is only one possibility in the Imperial army (granted it is a strong one), but it is only one. Take a look at the European championships, a Speederbikes list came in the top (8 or 4 - can’t remember). Whether players utilize it or not, the options are there. On top of all that some of the Rebel troops are either over priced or just not as good. Take a look at the two different snipers for Rebels and Imperials. The Imperials have 2 black dice on an attack. The rebels have 1 black, 1 white with surge to hit. They cost exactly the same, but with the white die, Rebels have a worse chance of getting a double hit, but a better chance of getting a single. That’s not a better chance of a critical mind you, just a better chance of a hit on the black die. A black attack die has 3 hits, 1 surge, 1 crit and 3 blanks. So without a surge the Imperials have a 50% chance of getting a hit on each die. A white attack die has 1 hit, 1 surge, 1 crit and 5 blanks. So with a surge the white die has a 37.5% chance of getting a hit. This means, Rebels have less of a chance of getting 2 hits. Everyone likes to point at the higher chance of getting a hit on the black die and somehow that makes it even, but with most units being in heavy cover and having Sharpshooter 1, you need two hits. Unless you roll a crit, but both sides have equal chance of crits as there is only one on each die. So that all being said, the Rebel snipers are not as good as Imperial, yet they’re the same price. And I won’t even go into if the second mini can attack (the Imps have 2 dice to the rebel’s 1 - though rebels may have range). There are more little things like this throughout the Rebels and they do need a points adjustment and this makes for more imbalance.
  17. Sorry, but that is really bad logic. You’re saying the Rebels lack of cohesive theme/ability or play style as an army is their strength? That is some serious glass half full kinda thinking, but I don’t think it’s very tactically sound. Also despite the Imperials having a common cohesive thread, their units have varied purpose. You might want to take a look at them again, before you pass judgment. If you’re thinking of the Shores/Mortar/Relay meta as an example of limited varied purpose (aside from a gun line), that was a loop hole that gave a lot of extra power, so it was overly exploited. If you take a look at each unit, the Imperials will still come out on top (over Rebels) in units with varied purposes. What’s more, even where the rebels may have units that can fill a roll, in general (not always), the Imperials do it better. Rebels will always suffer against an army that has that kind of advantage. If you don’t agree, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
  18. Why doesn’t FFG do a Tabletop Simulator tournament? I guess that would legitimize TTS’s version of Legion, so I won’t hold my breath, but it’s not like FFG doesn’t know it exists.
  19. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second. Any time the empire gets a good unit? When do they not get good units?
  20. I’m guessing you don’t play competitively. The Shores come with the keyword that gives them an aim if they get an order and they also have the ability to pass an order to a Mortar, if they’re given an order. When Comms Relay could be placed on a Mortar, you could daisy chain 1 order through all your Shores and Mortars, so that all of your Shores ended up with an order and there by an aim token. Then when added to Veers, Electrobinoculars, or the generic leader not to mention the Shore’s second action where they can give themselves an aim, you end up with two to three aims on each shore. Then there is also the Coordinated Fire generic Command card that could add even more for one round. It was quite broken and we’re well rid of it, but now we have something new that looks bad. I hope her 3 pip just looks like bad new on paper and I’m over reacting, but we’ll see. I think it is going to cause the same kind of problem and we’ll have another 6 months of issues with it before it finally gets changed.{heavy sigh}
  21. Give it a few years... X-Wing 3.0.😳😆
  22. But Iden can have Sharpshooter 2 for 1 round, and she even gets a free aim, but that’s not all. If she is using her 5 dice weapon and at range two of her target, she could use her Standby that is also provided, so that she could easily finish off the unit she just fired at by using the Standby when the enemy unit activates (if she didnt kill them off with the first shot) and she would still have Sharpshooter 2 for the second attack as well. Boba Fett would actually be able to cash in on a lot of bounties with that kind of fire power. That’s fair I suppose, but still just shocking and disappointing that the devs won’t learn from previous mistakes. Also I wouldn’t sell Iden short as a sniper, I’ve played against and watched matches with Cassian using the Marksman keyword. It’s a guaranteed kill each attack. Garden variety snipers do not have that kind of accuracy... unless you give them two aims😆 I just think this unit is a love letter to Iden Versio and power creep of the worst kind.🥺
  23. Not true. You can get 3 strike team snipers and a unit of DTs easily and for 1 round all those snipers get 2 aims and can reposition, then fire with the ease of being able to crit fish. But of course the down side is they are reduced to speed 1😮😂 We just got rid of unlimited range snipers, but they decide to re-add two unlimited range snipers. We also just rid of Shore Troopers with multiple aims that could crit fish, but they decided to give that back to special forces. Did the developers learn nothing? I’m sorry, but this is just soooo frustrating to me.😬
  24. Could someone explain why Iden has 5 dice at range 1-3 with Critical and Impact, when Boba Fett only has 4 dice, and two of them are only range 1-2?
  25. Is Iden’s 3 pip very broken, or is it just me? Not only does it give Steady and Tactical to 4 units, but with HQ Uplink more units can benefit too. Not something the Imperial faction really needed. Edit: just noticed it’s only SF. NM
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