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  1. Now that’s raising the dead. Almost two years ago!😳 I didn’t even remember that post.🤣
  2. I’m with you on that one. The thing I find frustrating is that they keep coming out with Rebel and Imperial stuff every month as well. I thought they would slow down and only come out with stuff quarterly, allowing the two new factions to catch up and giving my wallet a little break. I collect all 4 factions, which I may stop if they don’t slow down production. It’s just when they come out with something cool, it’s hard for me to say, no.🥺
  3. Very cool! Nice to see you guys branch out. A really deadly drinking game: drink every time someone says “um”.🤣
  4. ARC troopers will probably be like the Tartakovsky version. Probably not what you wanted, but I think that’s how Lucas himself saw them. Of course the troopers without colour could just be regular clones attached to the ARCs. If so, looks like a 3 man squad.
  5. Yeah, but that’s what I was trying to say. With Tauns and Shores/Mortars/Relay, it’s hard to tell how things would do without them existing. Unfortunately they are too ubiquitous and maybe if they were nerfed the Dewback and evening the two new factions would have a chance to shine. Or Dewbacks could just suck and need their own point reduction, but it just seems like their’s too much “noise” to tell with the hype and need to include the OP units.
  6. I don’t really know if Dewbacks are over costed, but it’s not good to use Tauns as a yard stick, or anything compared to them will be OP too.
  7. I’d say there is nothing wrong with Dewbacks. Dewbacks are a good and versatile unit, but Tauns are broken. There are many units (and two new factions) that cannot find their niche until Tauns (and to a slightly lesser degree, Shores/Mortars/relay) are nerfed. Just my opinion.
  8. So Dooku does Scatter on troops and and coheres those troops into melee with Grievious. Is Cohesion Into Melee possible? I thought I saw somewhere where it’s not, but can’t find it.
  9. Is it just me, or does the B2-HA heavy make a meh unit into something not bad. I wish they could put Cycle on all the old units that tap. They might see play then.😁 Guardian does not work that way. Guardian cancels the hit, so it’s no longer attack damage, then you roll defense dice and take damage for each blank (or surge if you don’t convert). So by that point it’s no longer a hit, it’s damage from the guardian mechanic. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Is it just me or was this video way worse than the others. Very hard to see the cards and everyone talks at the same time many times, or maybe I’m just getting old. I think I’d rather have an article. Anyone else?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I plugged my sink, and heated water in a kettle then submerged the base. I pulled it out with bbq tongs and put it on my counter. Worked like a charm,
  12. Cool, thanks. I’ll definitely give it a shot.🤞😁
  13. I hope you’re right about the themed release. A Force wielders release would be so awesome.😍 As for the release schedule, I guess only FFG knows what their schedule will be like, but I do hope the new factions can get close (within 3 or 4 units) in a year, but I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath. LFL seems to not care about things like that and FFG seems to have to do as directed. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.🤞😁
  14. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. I was thinking about something like that, but wasn’t sure if how water would work as it’s much thicker than a bent lightsaber or gun.😁 lol the low tech approach. Makes me wish it was summer. 😁
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