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  1. Please understand, I am in no way blaming you or the other organizers of IL in any way. I think you guys run a great and fun tournament! But as far as numbers go, we’ll see how other tournaments are when Bossk and Sabine finally hit the shelves and we’ll see how the IL finishes. Also as I mentioned in my first post, it’s not just one big thing that gives Imperials an advantage. It’s an accumulation of many small tiny advantages that culminate into a bigger advantage. Tournaments like LVO didn’t have the current advantages that Imperials now enjoy (Bossk & the Occupier not to mention the Deathtroopers). Invader League has the distinction of being able to play with almost every new unit before they even hit the shelves and I’m pretty sure it’s just an indication of things to come irl. But will you (that’s plural - not just you 😁) continue to excuse these types of results when they show the same poor showing for Rebels in other future tournaments? Also don’t get me wrong, I love Legion and I think it’s a great game, but it currently has problems and if FF goes the X-Wing 1.0 way of fixing things, that problem will only get waaaaay worse. The X-Wing 1.0 way of fixing things is to come out with a more powerful unit on the opposite side to equal things out and that just unbalanced things further, because then you need to play that specific unit in order to have balance. As it is the Imperials need to play specific units to have their advantages, but the unfortunate thing is that one of those units happens to be a corps unit (Stormtrooper DLTs). Time will tell if I’m just a crackpot, or a real forward thinker.🤪😳😁
  2. Assuming FF keeps to the same schedule for release and types of units in their releases as they did with the Rebels/Imperial, I thought I would illustrate what that schedule would look like and what we can expect for CW. Yeah, I don’t have a life and I reeeeeeeealy want CW to be here now! 😬🥺😳 Clone Wars Release Schedule Core set release with extra trooper expansions and BARC speeder and Droideka expansions 1 month: Heavy units for each faction. Probably tanks of some kind. There are threads with lots of guesses as to what these units may be, but I’m hoping for my AT-TE.😁 2 months: Mats. Yeah, we were all surprised these came out when they did, but I would guess they won’t have this for the CW release, but you never know, they may come out with CW themed mats. 3 months: 2nd Commander and 2nd corps troop. There’s no telling which faction will be first (CIS or Republic), but it will only be one faction. For the Imperials/Rebels it was Veers and the Snowtroopers first. 4 months: 2nd Commander and 2nd corps troop for the faction that wasn’t in last month’s release. For the Imperial/Rebel release Leia and the Fleet Troopers came out on this month. 5 months: Objective/Deployment/Condition card expansion or “Priority Battlefield Expansion” - these expansions are useful to everyone, but this expansion will probably have a Clone Wars look and feel. 6 months: 3rd Commander or 1st Operative and the 1st Special Forces unit. The rebels got Han Solo as a commander, but the Imperials got Boba Fett as an Operative at this point. The special forces unit was a saboteur/sniper unit (Scout Troopers/Commandos) for both factions, but only one faction got something in this month, in this case it was Han and the Commandos. 7 months: 3rd Commander or 1st Operative and the first Special Forces unit for the faction that didn’t get anything last month. For the Imperials it was Boba and the Scout Troopers. 8 months: 2nd Support unit. Rebels got the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon and Imperials got the E-Web. 9 months: 2nd Special Forces unit and 3rd Commander or 1st Operative. The Imperials got the Imperial Royal Guard as their 2nd Special Forces unit and the Emperor as their 3rd Commander. Only one faction got their two units on this month. 10 months: 2nd Special Forces unit and 3rd Commander or 1st Operative for the faction that didn’t get anything last month. At this point Rebels got Chewie as their 1st Operative and Wookiees as their 2nd Special Forces unit. 11 months: Specialists. Both rebel and imperial factions got a 4 pack of Specialists that could be added as an extra trooper to a corps unit, the unit leader of which could also be used as a generic Commander. 12 months: 4th Commander for both factions and 3rd Special Forces unit. At this point the rebels got Jyn and the Pathfinders. 13 months: 4th Commander for both factions and 3rd Special Forces unit for the faction that didn’t get one last month. The Imperials got Krennic and the Deathtroopers. 14 months: 2nd Heavy Units. Imperials got the Occupier and Rebels got the Landspeeder. 15 months: 2nd Operatives. Since the rebel/imperial units haven’t been announced yet, this is only speculation, but good guess, it will be Sabine and Bossk. The rest is all in the future and my Crystal Ball is on the fritz.🧙‍♀️ Then again FF could put out totally different types of units each month, and just change things up on a whim. 🙄
  3. So to illustrate my point I give you the Invader League. Of the top 16 there are 12 imperial and 3 rebel (I’m not sure about the 0-0 between Ripasmaster | BR and Thomas). At the very least there are 1/3 the amount of rebels and at the possible worst it’s 1/4, not what you would expect to see in a balanced game.
  4. So when you play Monopoly, do you start with $500 less than the other players? Or when you play checkers, do you let your opponent start with a couple of pieces already crowned? Competitive or non-competitive makes no difference, both game styles would be affected equally and provide a negative play experience. Also, I guess the checkers analogy was a bad one. No one plays checkers.🤣🤪😳
  5. So I’ve been debating whether I should write this cause there will be many that will want to argue and will be intractable in their steadfastness of their belief, and there will be others that just want to argue and will say nasty or inflammatory things, but I just want to get it off my chest and have someone agree, even if there is only one person out there. Keep in mind there is more to being civil and polite than just not swearing at someone, adjectives matter. If you want to troll, or say nasty things, please keep step’n, you’re not needed here. I believe the Rebel and Imperial factions are not balanced. For the most part I can’t argue with the statistical numbers of the older units. On paper the Imperials and Rebels compliment each other, one being slightly better on attack, and the other being slightly better on defence, but there are some things not covered in a numerical analysis (because they can’t be). So let me go into specifics. Everything looks complimentary between the two factions in order of release until you hit the special forces where the Imperials start to do better than the rebels. The Scout Troopers are hands down better than the Commandos. Two black dice each are unstoppable, but this is where Imperial players say, “Yeah, but Scouts are garbage.” And I say, “Why?” They then say, “The black dice are only range two and they have white defence dice”. I have to point out that ALL rebels (with the exception of Luke and Sabine) have white defense dice, and so do the Commandos and what’s more, Fleets and all Commanders with the exception of Chewie and Jyn have range 2 attacks, but we’ll get back to ranges later. The funniest thing is that Scouts and Commandos are the same point cost (a mistake in my opinion), but maybe this is all moot because people usually play strike team snipers, so let’s just look at them. Both Strike Teams cost the same points and are equal in defense, but their chance to hit is not equal. The Scout’s snipers are 12.5% more likely to roll a hit and that’s just direct math. This means that on average those Imperial snipers will do more damage throughout the game. From here I guess we should circle back to range. Most Imperial units attack at range 3 and use white dice. White attack dice have a poor showing and I won’t argue that, but when you add in a DLT, a cheap and very effective red die weapon that has a range 4 attack, the rebels are left behind again. If the imperial player decides to stay at range 4, the rebel player can’t close that range without losing 1-2 minis from each unit, it means the Imperial player can play defensively forcing the Rebel player to come to them and just picking off one or two minis per attack each round. When Key Positions was broken people took insane buys to be Blue player so they can play a defensive game. Why should one side having better range options be any less important? There isn’t just the DLT that has range superiority, though the Stormtrooper DLT is rather ubiquitous (being on a corps unit), there is also the AT-ST, Bossk, the Occupier Tank, and the Deathtroopers. It is true Rebels have their Laser Cannon, The Pathfinders and the AT-RT. To that I can only say, the Laser Cannon is at best area control, which is not a small thing, but should be understood it cannot compete with a unit that can actually move and having white defense dice and not being able to move into better cover, means it’s not going to live long if focused on. The Pathfinders are a good unit, but at a cost of over 100 points, it’s not worth paying them just to get a small measure of range 4 attacks. That brings us to the AT-RT and its Laser Cannon, which is rather expensive as well at 85 points for 3 total attack dice especially considering the prevalence of Impact in Imperial units. Let’s face it AT-RTs don’t get played because they just don’t last long. When the new units, Bossk and the Occupier are added into the mix, Rebels don’t stand much of a chance. Bossk’s ability to throw 1 red and 4 white at range 4 is unmatched when coupled with regen. If Rebels do attempt to make a run in to get to range 3 on Bossk, Bossk can just jump back into cover the next round and heal for the next couple, just to pop up again at range 4. I won’t even get into the Tank because even with its +1 to Impact against its sides, you still need to get past its 50% defense dice (red) and 8 health (only one less health than Chewie and Chewie has white defense dice, no surge and no armour). Even without these new units the ubiquitous DLT Stormtroopers already have enough on Rebels. Then there is suppression. The Imperials have more options to deliver suppression hands down without the equal in Rebel ability to remove suppression. Don’t get me wrong, Rebels do have some options to remove suppression, but you have to play specific units to get those options and none are equal in ability to remove as Imperials are to give. Rebel units need a dodge and cover just to stay on par with the imperial red defense die. So when your rebel unit has to rely on two actions to get the dodge or be able to move into cover, because you’ll be easily obliterated without cover or a dodge, it becomes yet another unfair advantage. So the added abilities of Imperials to give extra suppression takes away from rebels ability to defend themselves. Another area Imperials have an advantage is the ability to gain extra victory points. Both Bossk and Boba have the ability to get extra victory points, an ability that the Rebels cannot match. This is when Imperial players usually point toward Pathfinders and Jyn and say that Imperial’s do not have their ability to be placed anywhere on the table. Fair point, but that ability only grants a leg up on gaining an existing victory point. The Bounty keyword gives a whole new victory point and one that only the Imperial player can gain. Also the Pathfinders are an expensive unit and precludes the ability to take 3 cheap strike teams (Sniper strike teams) reducing your overall unit count which Rebels sorely need. Which brings us to yet another ability that Rebels don’t have, the ability to take more than three special forces units, Imperials have two such sources Krennic and the Emperor, both with Entourage. New weapons are coming in the new units that are being leaked and in almost all those units the Imperials either have a better quality of dice or just more of them. Look at the Tank compared to the Landspeeder. The speeder starts with a very low price, but is unplayable at two white attack dice and even when you spend enough points to get the extra weapons, your dice pool does not have the quality of dice the tank has and they both come in at about the same price point after being fully kitted out. To that I have to ask, why are the extra weapons for the tank at most 18 points, where the Rebel weapons are 34 or 36? Even the Shoretroopers are getting better dice on the imperial side (compared to usual). This isn’t as bad, considering the price of the Shoretroopers, but if they come out with one unit after another with attack dice that have been typical for Rebel’s (as they have been) it’s skewing the statistical balance everyone likes to point to, to show overall balance. Lastly I would like to talk about passive and active abilities, something that should not be ignored, but also cannot be added into an equation. The Rebel’s Nimble ability is passive. This means that even if the Rebel player is able to get a dodge token on a unit that could be attacked, it doesn’t mean that, that unit will be attacked, that decision is up to the attacker and the attacker could just decide to attack a totally different unit, so the Rebel player may get no benefit from that ability at all. The Imperial ability of Precise is an active ability, as it is up to the player when and if that ability gets used, making it far more affective. Now I know that there are very very good Rebel players out there and that some very good Imperial players have been beaten by Rebels, but by and large, a Rebel player needs to be a higher level player to succeed at an average level with the above mentioned issues stacked against them. I have no delusions, I am an average, to slightly below average player, but the games I could/would win with Imperials do not equal out with Rebels. And yes I am aware that Rebels need to be played differently and I do try, but every faction should have the same chances of winning or it will be a negative play experience. And to those who say, “Well then just don’t play Rebels”, that’s a cop out and the argument of someone who has no rebuttal. Personally I think the problem above could all be corrected by changing points. The Imperial stuff should for the most part cost more, or the Rebels should be slightly cheaper. Also most of the things I’ve mentioned above are small issues only giving the Imperials an almost imperceptible edge, like the Strike Team snipers and their 12.5% extra chance to hit. It’s not much at all, but each little thing adds up with other little things, making one side weaker than the other overall. This imbalance is an issue for both sides too, not just for the Rebels. As someone who also plays Imperials, I don’t want to beat a rebel player, then wonder if it’s because I have more advantages than they do. Now, I’ve probably missed something in my analysis and I’m sure someone will blow up at me, somehow taking offence at what I’ve written. You don’t have to take me down a peg or put me in my place to explain what I’ve missed, though maybe I shouldn’t have posted on the internet if I didn’t want someone to assault me by written word. But where else could I raise this topic of concern, but in the very community that plays the game. My intention is not to offend anyone but to try to show that there is a problem so that it can be fixed. I do think Legion is a great game and it’s worth the investment, but right now it’s starting to show signs of a serious problem. I could be wrong about almost everything I’ve said, but I’m sure at least some of what I’m saying is valid and I hope you’re willing to listen. You may commence your attack run.
  6. I think question # 3 is the best most relevant question. Speaking as someone who purchased units as the came out for Rebels and Imperials, both rebel and imperial factions were hurting for variety and needing the numbers to make a useful army until the second commander and first special forces units came out. As soon as the second commander (Leia and Veers) and special forces (Scouts and Commandos) came out the factions started to gain a sense of identity as well as getting options that weren’t just obvious and finally making it somewhat of a mystery as to what your opponent was going to bring to the table. There has been mention that FF will slow production for rebels and Imperials. My guess is that those factions will have something come out once per quarter. As for Clones and CIS, they will probably do what they have been doing and release one unit a month after releasing the Core set and extra trooper and support expansions. The first month after that release will probably see heavy units such as tanks for the two new factions, and the following month will see the second commander and a second type of corps trooper. As I mentioned, in the Rebels it was Leia with Fleet Trooper, and for Imperials it was Veers and Snowtroopers. One month had Leia and Fleets, the next Veers and the Snows. That was all followed by a Objectives/Deployment/Condition card expansion, which was followed by a third commander or operative and special forces unit. If FF follows the same release schedule as before (and there’s no reason they won’t) the following is what will happen. Clone Wars Release Schedule Core set release with extra trooper expansions and BARC speeder and Droideka expansions Next month: Heavy units for each faction. Probably tanks of some kind. There are threads with lots of guesses. Next month: Objective/Deployment/Condition card expansion - these expansions are useful to everyone, but this expansion will probably have a Clone Wars look and feel. The rebel/imperial version had moisture vapourators and creates, but even it is useful to clone wars and I’d recommend getting this even if you only go with a CW faction. Next month: Second Commander and second corps troop. There’s no telling which faction will be first (CIS or Republic), but it will only be one faction. Next month: Second Commander and second corps troop for the faction that wasn’t in last month’s release. ***Its at this point that the new factions should be competitive enough, but to be a real threat, I think they need the next month’s release. Next month: Third Commander or Operative and the first Special Forces unit. The rebels got Han Solo as a commander, but the Imperials got Boba Fett as an Operative at this point. The special forces unit was a saboteur/sniper unit for both factions, but only one faction got something in this month. Next month: Third Commander or Operative and the first Special Forces unit for the faction that didn’t get anything last month. At this point both new factions are fleshed out enough so that no one will know exactly what you’re bringing to the table and will be forces to be reckoned with. Hope this helps. I can’t wait for CW to come out myself.🥰😁🤩🥳
  7. I’ve played against him several times and I have to say, he’s well worth the points to include in an Imperial list. Even if you don’t use his Command cards. If he’s used properly, you’ll keep him at range 4 and round after round pickoff unit after unit. If someone makes a play on Bossk (moving into range 3), duck him into cover and let him heal up while moving him back to range 4, then rinse and repeat. At first I thought Bossk’s 3 pip was crap (getting multiple aims for 1 attack) but having 5 crits on 5 dice is insane (no cover, no dodge with Pierce 1). Bossk is a unit that looks like it might be weak on paper (white defense dice and white attack dice), but in game he is a bad *****.
  8. I wonder how the current trade war with China will effect the release schedule? Im hoping it doesn’t. I neeeeeeeed my CW!!! 😭😳😬🥺
  9. Thanks guys. I did not see that. Hope this helps others that had the same question.
  10. Finally got my tank, and it’s awesome. Unfortunately I have two problems. 1. One of my two crew members heads is just a melted blob of plastic. I did send a message to FF’s customer service and I’m just waiting for a reply, so this problem is solved... ish. 2. I got two small cylindrical parts that are not listed in the instructions. At first I though it was just some greeble that was included and was optional. Then I thought, FF (or the company responsible for packaging) must determine that the box has all its contents by checking weight before shipping them out (faster than doing a visual inspection), so they must have added the pieces to counter the weight loss from the above mentioned blob. Regardless of how it got into the box, or why, I’m still not sure what they’re for. Has anyone else gotten something like this in their box? Did I just not see them in the build instructions?
  11. I want to try to figure out a way to make the crew magnetized and replaceable by the hatches which would also be magnetized. Not sure how yet, or even if it’s possible. I’ve had a little hitch in that one of the crew’s heads is just a melted blob, so it’ll slow me down in putting at least one of the crew together (so much for quality control). I’m going to send a message to FF later today to get a replacement. Anyone know if the heads are unique, or are they just the same head?
  12. Well that just ruined my day.☹️ If they ask, “what kind of an impact can an actor make with a non speaking roll”, remind them it wouldn’t be Star Wars without Chewie.
  13. Someone else was saying they thought TCW Core would release late Aug. I’m hoping they’re right, I’d hate to have to wait another month for the release, but I think what you laid out is probably accurate. If the TCW Core comes out late aug, we could see TCW heavies or other expansions in Sept... at least I hope.🤞
  14. No that’s a premise or a theory, but there is more to being polite and civil than just not swearing at someone. Adjectives matter, or were you just trying to put me in my place?
  15. You really can’t compare the price of the X-34 to the price of the T-47. The T-47 is anywhere from 30-60 points overpriced. Also the T-47 actually has better defense and attack than the X-34, (even when it’s fully kitted, 3red 3black Impact 3 with full armour and better health and resilience @175 points vrs 1red 5black 3white impact 2@154 points) > {though the X-34 can have 2 more white, but only at range 2}.. The X-34 should be cheaper fully kitted. And suddenly it pessimism to point out a possible flaw?
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