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  1. There is already a thread started for discord links, I just thought if anyone has any links they want to share, people can copy and paste them into a text doc from here or add them to their favourites before the Forums self destruct. Links could be for Discord, a new server forum, podcast, or anything really. Post away if you want to share.
  2. I just thought if anyone has any links they want to share, and people can copy and paste them into a text doc or add them to their favourites before the Forums self destruct. Links could be for Discord, a new server forum, podcast, or anything really. Post away if you want to share.
  3. Upgrade cards that are currently under and over priced will still be under or overpriced after the current changes. Armada is probably the best balanced out of the three Star Wars games, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cards that are never used, that wouldn’t benefit from a points rebalance. Also the slow release you’re suggesting is not a good idea. It’s not like AMG can send out a card reprint every time they change the card cost. I really hope you weren’t expecting that. I can tell you with absolute certainty that your cautious attitude is not shared by game companies when there is a release to be created and sent out. Yes testing is done, but it can’t take very long in the release time frame. So yes, what I’m suggesting is the better approach so that the new cards everyone just purchased remain correct and don’t have to be changed again through errata in only a few months.
  4. I would agree more with the first poster above then the later. At a very least I would have thought all cards that needed it, should have been rebalanced points wise. It was the perfect opportunity with a card reprint. Now things will probably get rebalanced every 6 months and we’re not starting at zero (so to speak), there are some cards that are over and under priced. It doesn’t pay to do things half way, though I do like most of the changes in 1.5. As for the idea of there being a class of ship and it having a unique ship card, I don’t think it’s necessary now. With the increase in size of upgrade cards, it is possible to depict more changes on the upgrade cards themselves even to the point where a title card could depict a new and unique maneuver chart or defensive token layout for the titled ship. If there is enough of a change, I’m sure a new ship card would be warranted, like in the case of the newer(ish) ISDs. Though I’m not a fan of the uniform sized cards, it does open more possibilities in design space and allows for a larger rule set or depiction (in the case of the movement chart) on upgrade cards themselves. I just hope the design team takes advantage.
  5. I keep copies of every card (including damage cards). I won’t have the new stuff until after Christmas, but I would think you’re over thinking by using scan software/hardware. If FFG didn’t give a photo, I just took a photo and cropped all by using my iPad. I’m no photographer (actually the furthest from it), but it’s not hard to get a photo that’s good enough to easily read. I’m sure someone could take a better photo than me, but like I said, with digital cameras now days it’s not hard to take a legible photo if not anything else.
  6. I would think the ISD has speed 3 because it was keeping up with the Mellenium Falcon in ESB. Maneuverability is another matter entirely. Apparently they can’t see well enough if those gigantic vehicles are heading in a collision course toward one another until the very last minute. It’s probably because the bridge doesn’t have a commanding view. {I have now reached peak sarcasm.}😏😉
  7. As far as the OT being tapped goes, what about: Rebels: Corellian Gunship and the Assault Frigate Mk I (which I guess was a heavily modified Dreadnought along with the mk II). Imperials: Carrack-class light cruiser though it’s legends, it’s been around for ever. There are many others that actually got screen time, but they were just for background shots, so they didn’t give a lot of details. Like these:
  8. Actually I never mentioned changing back to tarot size. I think the size change is permanent as it was a monetary decision, ie, uniform card size saves them money in manufacturing and they continue to charge the same price (or more) for the ships. But they could still make format changes via printing to the current size, which is what I mentioned. I did that with the latest updates. I sleeve all my cards and print out the latest errata and slip the printout into the sleeve with the card. As for the ships, it would be nice to not automatically have to treat the card like it has errata and have a card that works well for its intended purpose. To be able to see all the ship info on one card at a glance would be invaluable. Also I do like the idea of the ruined picture of the ship on the back with the ship’s value, that would just be fun. As far as points-less cards go, I think FFG learned that it’s more work for them to manage a points system. If they do errata, they only need one document (the RRG) and they definitely don’t want to make another e-builder again as it was costly to make and maintain the X-Wing version.
  9. It seems as though not too many are fans of the new card size. Regardless of how you feel, how many people would like to see the upgrade load out displayed on the front where the stats are? Even in list builders, you need to guess what the upgrade options are for a ship before selecting. It is a minor annoyance, but I would think its easily corrected. At the bottom of each card there is a black or grey strip (dependant on faction. Grey for Republic, black for CIS). I don’t see why the upgrade options can’t be added there. Even the ship cost could be added in this spot and to keep all info on one side, you could even put the trait text in the strip below the title. I guess what I’m suggesting, is to put all the game info on one card side and leave the back for a full size picture. What does everyone think, and if everyone likes the idea, do you think FFG AMG would change the future ship card layouts? Edit: Or you could even have a ruined version of the ship’s picture on the back and have the point total displayed there as well as the front. That way you can flip the card to show the ship was destroyed and still add point values. Either way, I wish all the game info was on one side.
  10. Dam those @$#%! I preordered as well from 401 and my order hasn’t even shipped, never mind getting notification! They’ve done this to me before. Guess I have to contact them again.🤬😡
  11. Sorry, I meant his wasn’t legal, but I believe mine is, though if anyone has 10 Hammerheads, 1) they have too much disposable income and/or 2) they’re taking this game way too seriously.
  12. Not tournament legal, but you could do: Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • Mon Mothma (27) • Task Force Organa (1) = 64 Points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • Garel's Honor (4) = 40 Points 8x Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • Task Force Organa (1) = 37 Points = 400 Points
  13. Dam, I missed that! I’ll have to re-watch that episode, thanks.😊 Edit: I checked it out and it was a real, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. Lol But still very cool that it’s canon now.
  14. I always keep the plastic each ship comes in. It’s actually a great way to store them, though it does take a bit more room than other methods. I just buy the cheap bins from Michael’s to store them in, plastic, ship and all.
  15. As far as Imperial vrs Republic colouring goes, I remember seeing the Arquitens in the animated show and loving the design of the little ship. I was excited when the Imperials were going to get their version, but when I saw it for the first time in art work, it almost looked like a different ship. It was so bland and grey. It still had the same shape, but it’s odd how colour can change things. I’m not sure how the miniatures do in recreating the animated or movie colours (still waiting for mine to ship), but it should be very different than the Empire version of grey. The Hardcell colours, from what I’ve seen, don’t seem accurate to the movies. The colours look more muted in the movies. Then again, I’ve only seen photos of the minis.🥺
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