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  1. It's certainly going to require more practice before I feel comfortable with it, between the huge swing at each click of yaw and ALL THE UPGRADES.
  2. I know the fleet I went against was built just to go up against an SSD.
  3. I played a 400 point match up against a Raddus list and was able to win. I wasn't able to kill his MC-75 that he dropped in my rear but I was able to take out his Liberty and two GR-75s. As first player I was also able to get to speed 2 and stay out of close range of the 75. My two Repair crews Gonzatis probably pulled 6 damage off of it over the course of the game on top of only engineering commands from turn 3 on. Final score was something like 200 to 54.
  4. I pre-ordered in March and got it Saturday.
  5. My only initial concern was how well the bridge would handle it and it seems to be just fine. The foam provides enough pressure to hold the model in place without feeling like it's crushing anything. The only adjustment I want to make is to cut a channel in the foam to store the cardboard to keep it from moving around in transit.
  6. I wound up getting this case posted back on the first page https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01K61EB7K/ I painted it up to look a little less like it holds a weapon.
  7. It's interesting to see just how tanky the SSD is and how much variance can be built into them with different upgrades. Our next FLGS tourney will probably have a few of these matchups.
  8. I wouldn't doubt that it is a one or the other type of thing but, if it is, I'm struggling to figure out when it's actually going to be more useful that just taking an ISD. It's going to be hard getting in range for those black dice to matter that often, unless the red tint means that all those dice may be used at long range.
  9. You can blame JJ and his desire for things to be more "epic". He did the same thing in the '09 Star Trek by scaling up the Enterprise for no reason other than he thought it looked better on screen.
  10. I pre-ordered through them as well do hopefully I get that notification soon!
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if the Imperials get a Venator since, I assume, it's already being worked on/almost ready for production with CW on the way AND it's cannon. Plus, with 4 variants of the ISD FFG has already shown they want to get mileage out of their models where they can. As far as the Rebels go, whatever it is I hope it's a medium base. Those are sorely, and strangely, lacking for the space terrorists.
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