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  1. I’d love to hear more about the design process in general, so yeah I’d love something like this.
  2. In terms of new sculpts for existing ships, I’d love an updated B-Wing, especially if I could rotate it. I’d also love some Rebels-era A-Wings too actually. As far as new ships go, I wonder if they’re planning on holding the Solo movie era Falcon back for 2.0 - the design for the movie has really grown on me since the initial images came out.
  3. I like a lot of what I’m seeing from 2.0, and I’m optimistic about what this means for the game’s future. It looks like they’ve opened up some interesting design space, and I can see why the ability to adjust squad points via the app is appealing. Unfortunately I don’t get the chance to play enough as it is, so I’m not sure I can justify the upgrade personally yet. But it’s definitely something I’ll keep an eye on.
  4. I'm still waiting on my pre-order of Endless Vigil. I went to my local gaming store yesterday and they had all the new X-Wing wave just in, but no sign of No Disintegrations. They just had the one battered copy of Desperate Allies that's been sat on the shelf for about 12 months now. I think I'd be less frustrated at the situation if there was some sign of communication. Plus it does seem fly in the face of what was said in the Asmodee announcement - in fact I think things have actually gotten worse for getting the RPG books over here since the merger.
  5. I think I first saw the change in terminoligy on The Star Wars Show, I think it was their Rogue One Easter egg discussion. I don't know, seems a little odd for Alderaan to produce these warships, and to be honest I don't think the design really fits with the architecture we've seen from Alderaan. If we really wanted to we could probably come up with some way of retconning the designation, but we all know what we mean when we say 'Blockade Runner', 'CR90' or now 'Alderaan Cruiser'.
  6. I've found it a bit of an ongoing problem - it seems as if many retailers over here rapidly sell out. Currently I'm still waiting on my pre-order of Endless Vigil from one site, I'm not sure I'll ever actually see it to be honest. Personally, I would not recommend using Amazon. I've found them to be unreliable with FFG's Star Wars RPG line. Best advice I can think of would be to find a handful of reliable websites (sites I personally trust are GamseLore, Wayland Games and Chaos Cards, but I'd recommend using your own judgement) and pre-order from one of them the second there's an option to. Hopefully they'll order enough stock and you'll be able to get a copy. To be honest, I think things were ok for the first year or so. But since around the time Age of Rebellion came out, it seems to me that there has been trouble with stock levels.
  7. Started running this with my players at the weekend. We've only gotten through the initial set up, so they're thinking through their options at the moment. I'm told that their current favourite option involves attempting to take out the Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer in space. Should be a fun few weeks, they're nothing if not ambitious.
  8. I try to keep up with things, if only to keep things consistent with what the players might see/read in other areas so it feels like one universe. That said, if push comes to shove I have no problem throwing non-movie canonic elements out the window if it serves the story we're telling and makes for a better game - it's a big galaxy, and to take the Geonosis example, who's to say there isn't some hidden Geonosians deep in the planet? (Or maybe survivors from a hive that left the planet to go elsewhere have returned to try and rebuild their once great race).
  9. I've been GMing for quite a while now, and it took me some time to get there, but these days those lateral thinking moments are some of my favourite parts of GMing. My approach generally is to set the goals for the PCs, set the stakes, but then they've got to figure out how to accomplish them. Generally I think my players accept that sometimes we'll try a crazy scheme it either works out (like the time they staged an opera to distract a visiting dignitary) or it doesn't (like the time they tried to blackmail an ISB agent). If things work out, then great. If things don't there will be consequences, and I'll do my best as GM to make sure those consequences fit the situation and are still entertaining.
  10. Yeah, it'd be cool if it came with a scenario based around the Rebels trying to get through the gate or something. It's minor, but it would make it more than just a play mat.
  11. Re how that thing could carry an AT-AT: I could imagine it being useful for the Empire to design a ship with essentially interchangeable modules. My thinking would be the orange section and the lower-deck it's attached to could be swapped out with a bit of work for one designed to carry an AT-AT into battle. I just felt throughout the film that it just looked like that orange section could be ejected or something.
  12. I'm fairly sure the novel Catalyst (that sets up Rogue One) mentions other facilities. With a project the size of the Death Star, there'd be tons of facilities throughout the galaxy, and probably plenty of secondary scientists from the first one that could have been pulled in. The one that Krenic visits just happens to be the one that Galen is based out of. In fact I'd argue that it actually enhances the concept of the second Death Star because
  13. There was also a Clone Wars episode in season 1 or 2 that involved a Republic cruiser that was under attack making a hyperspace jump whilst in atmosphere. Personally, I think each time it's been done it's been under extreme circumstances. So I think it's something you can do, but it's not advisable in the slightest. So things still go wrong with hyperspace, it's just that our main characters have been shown to be very lucky so far (or it's the will of the Force). Rogue One Spoilers
  14. I know Pablo Hidalgo from the story group has talked about how he used to GM a Star Wars game. I spotted the Ghosf a few times during the final battle and it was parked at Yavin at the beginning. Didn't see it escape, but I imagine it did. I've seen online that some people have mentioned spotting Chopper at the base when Mon Mothma is informed of the attack on Scarrif.
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