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  1. Wedge Antilles - (29) PTL, BB-8, IA, Proton Torpedoes. (38) you could also run with VI and an initiative bid to troll ps 10 and 11 arc dodgers Deathfire (17) Extra Munitions, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Homing Missiles, Cluster Missiles, Cluster Mines, Guidance Chips. (38) There's no way in hell you get it all off, but you have a little something for everything. Cluster Missiles for K-Wing or any other low agility ship. Advanced Proton Torpedoes for that one time you stare someone down R1 and actually get to shoot. Cluster Mines to push damage through when someone gets behind you. Homing Missiles for the typical R3 alpha. It definitely won't win every game, but it would be good fun. 4-LOM (27) Predator, Zuckuss, Collision Detector, Hot Shot Blaster, Munitions Failsafe, Mist Hunter, Tractor Beam The ultimate troll ship. It's going to hit. And when it does they get a stress for trying to evade And if they let you do large base...... Omicron Group Pilot (21) Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, ST-321, HLC, Collision Detecter (38) (you know you want to. you can absolutely decimate one ship in two shots) Asajj Ventress (37) Zuckuss (1)
  2. 90ish% chance of 4+ hits is solid. but let's look at stealth device soontir fel, one of the notoriously hardest ships to hit in the game. you get r1 in arc. solid. now shoot. you get your expected result. 4 hits soontir rolls his 4 greens, has focus/evade. gets expected result, 3 evade/focus results. soontir spends tokens and/or palps. 4 evade results, as statistically expected. ****. no hit even if you got your best result, 5 hits, it's still an evadable shot for palp aces (the most extreme example) now consider APT. 99.43572975629854ish% chance to land 6 hits and a crit 55% chance to have at least 2 crits soontir gets expected 4 evade results dead ship back it up soontir gets perfect evade results with stealth device and an evade token 2 hits, 1-2 of which are crits, go through dead or severely crippled ship APT is more than 6 points for 1 extra die. It's 6 points for an EXTRA 3 expected hit results and 1.5 expected crit results that's like popping 3 crack shots on the same double modded HLC shot. that's plowing through dengar's shields in one shot and landing a couple crits before your other ships shoot that being said it's still a super gimmicky tactic that is so much fun to pull off.
  3. sounds like you had a solid tournament. sometimes the dice just don't fall how you need them to. I'm thinking the next time I fly I'm going to use a wingman manaroo with PTL teroch and fearlessness on fenn rau. could be interesting. manaroo will die quickly, but i'll probably be able to drop a ship in the initial joust.
  4. I think he accidentally pasted the link to your list. Not a huge fan of mindlink + glitterstim. they both achieve the same thing (free focuses) and glitterstim has an even more negative effect with mindlink. If you really want to keep mindlink i'd try to find other more action efficient ways to spend the points. You can ditch the engine upgrades for countermeasures or gyroscopic targeting (hard to use well, but you can get away with never taking a "rotate firing arc" action if you have good positioning and foresight.) Here's my take on double shadow caster. Ketsu wants to hit no matter what so you can push more damage through with asajj. without gunner you're going to have a hell of a time pushing damage through on token stackers. Asajj is built to be tanky. You'll want lone wolf because it's beyond awkward to fly the higher PS large base ship right in front of the lower PS large base ship. https://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v4!s!219:98,190,194,215:-1:12:;218:220,21,-1,202:44:28:&sn=Unnamed Squadron Also remember that you're doing far less damage than dengaroo or brobots. double shadow casters are already at a disadvantage because they need so much more skill to use effectively (rotating firing arc vs turret, 2 green dice vs brobots 3, no gunner or dengar double tap, no crazy action economy from ig88C or manaroo.) You do have the control factor in your favor. If you do land the tractor beam tokens and stress you can lay down some serious hurt from a control standpoint. not getting shot at because your opponent got tractor beamed onto an asteroid is better than rolling 4 greens with autothrusters in my book.
  5. some good rebel options at that point value are... Tarn Mison (23) R7 Astromech, Integrated Astromech (25) (surprisingly tanky) TLT Y Wing (25) (gotta love easy damage) Jake Farrell (24) A-Wing test pilot, chardaan refit, PTL, Juke (29) (more manuverable than tycho, fun option, can always drop juke to crack shot to stay at 28) Ahsoka Tano (17) (I haven't personally used the rebel tie fighter. you can load up ahsoka and use her for more action economy for poe and keyan and wait for the right moment to add her to the action) Edit: just a quick stab at an ahsoka build... Ahsoka Tano, Sabine's Masterpiece, Captured Tie, Wingman, EMP Device, Rey. (25) Rey lets you focus stack. wingman works with stay on target. would also allow you to put PTL on poe (gasp). EMP device would be super annoying illicit because tie fighters are fast and they won't be able to shoot at ahsoka anyway.
  6. quickdraw. cluster missiles opportunist electronic baffle think about it
  7. So I tested. The protectoretes want tokens bad. Mindlink is beautiful on them. So is PTL. PTL requires very careful flying though. You're better off using PTL to get out of arc or out of range 2 than target locking. They're so much squishier than imperial aces. I wasn't expecting that. (i just bought the protectoretes 2 days ago.) Serissu helps a bunch, but again, needs tokens. Don't run torpedos without mindlink or manaroo. The damage from fearlessness is real, but it doesn't outweigh the benefits of PTL or mindlink. The stress from PTL is really only felt when flying against asajj. the plethora of greens and access to both boost and barrel roll is huge. Advanced Proton Torpedos deserves a mention for fenn. Makes for a HUGE range 1 shot. 6 dice. 3 blanks can be turned to focuses. Mangler and predator/mindlink on serissu is the way to go. Lets you take evades every turn. fun list. not quite as turtley as imperial aces. dishes out more hurt though. high risk/high reward.
  8. That's good for max dice from one roll... but max dice from one ship in one turn... TIE S/F - Quickdraw. Cluster Missiles, Opportunist, Electronic Baffle. Decimated my Miranda at a recent tournament
  9. punishing one and/or starviper. heck, i'd say both of those before quad jumper.
  10. That's rather problematic.... manaroo it is
  11. could also be a gut punch if you land a connor net or ion bomb. lots of jabs from tlt. dash is the right hook to the side of the head
  12. i was responding to the OP expressing interest in flying dash miranda in the post above mine
  13. ^ this. you're even less likely to do red moves now. (well...it went from never to still never)
  14. I highly recommend learning Dash/Miranda. Like you said, it's far from a punch your opponent in the face list, but it's good fun and can be really rewarding to fly. I took a dash miranda list to the fresno regional last saturday. I didn't do great (2-4) but every game came down to the last few rolls or millimeters on a conner net. I was matched against a guy who made top 8 at 4 of 5 regionals this year and lost on time and points (52-50). This list holds it's own and can go 6-0 just as easily as 2-4.
  15. B-Wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22) b-wing E2, inspiring recruit, proton torpedo 3x A-Wing Green Squadron Pilot (19) A-Wing Test Pilot, Crack Shot, Rage, Proton Rockets, Guidance Chips Because this list punches hard, straight to the face, and doesn't do much else. But it definitely punches.
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