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  1. The Black Sun has new Disney Cannon, and It seem like there are some similar things and some different. They only have bases on Ord Mantel and Mustafar They Are not quite as large(?) They still seem to use the same system of Rule and Hierarchy(?) They are still criminal They work(ed) with Maul They openly work with the Empire The Zann Consortium on the other hand has only been mentioned. has very little in new cannon. Also still criminal Semi-autonomous(?) Otherwise the same(?) What do you guys think? How will you write them in campaigns or play with them? should we just assume that Xixor and other things like Vigos and Zann are the same? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Zann_Consortium http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Sun
  2. This isn't actually right. The US Army has an inner branch called The National Guard. They are the equivalent of a militia, as well as getting deployed when needed. If we were invaded, they would be on the Home Front. The Marines are actually quite a bit smaller than the army. If fact, they are actually the second smallest branch, only bigger than the Coast Guard. They don't do as many missions because of their size, and they are no more elite than any other group. In fact, they don't have the Elite training groups that the Army or Navy does. The Army has Delta Force, Green Berets (Rangers who go through airborne school and then some. Many don't know what they are, just that they exist), Sniper schools, normal Rangers, Airborne regiments, and so on. The Navy has the infamous Navy SEALS among other things. While the Marine does have a few elite groups, (Sniper school and a few others) They don't have as many. I am not saying this to say the Army is better than the Marines, they just serve a different Purpose. Anyway, you would be more likely to see a Soldier from the Army defending home turf than a Marine simply because every state has its own National Guard and the Army is far larger, though they would undoubtedly be working side-by-side (hard to imagine, I know) to push out the invaders. As for the star wars part of this thread, I would say they are the same. while I would like to say they are different, I have heard of or seen no cannon stating otherwise. The Imperial Army includes it all, AT-AT drivers to Stormtroopers.
  3. IIRC, that was Misdirect, not Influence. The description for Misdirect specifically calls out how it is a physical phenomenon as opposed to influencing the mind of someone else, and therefore can be used on droids and other entities that would otherwise be immune to the Force. Ah. I haven't been able to study the F&D CRB all too hard so I didn't know
  4. When Old Ben is snooping around on the Death Star he influences two Storm troopers to go down a hall from a decent distance without words. So I would say no, however, he is a Jedi Master. PCs are usually not.
  5. I just had my group fend off 6 fighters that were far more powerful than them. They had to do it for 4 rounds, then the pilot had to "PUNCH IT CHEWIE!!!" And they were gone. I was pretty sure they wouldn't die, but they lost over half their health on a brand new ship (well new to them) and they only got one of the fighters. That is really demoralizing. But now they have something to keep them hungry. The damage will be what a large part of their money from the adventure gets spent on. And they took 3 concussion missile hits. the guided quality was neat but it didn't really help the fighters too much. I felt the combat was plenty survivable.
  6. I’m going to Google that no matter what, but I do have to wonder what is their translation of “Kosnicheskiy Korabl”? Did they mean this book: https://www.amazon.com/Kosmicheskiy-korabl/dp/5402008256 ? It means Space ship. Apparently one guy in the group was forcing everyone else to name stuff how he wanted it, and he was being rude in game as well, so I kicked him today. He wouldn't stop being rude. It pains me though. But he always named stuff space ship in another language.
  7. My group keeps naming their ship in Earth Languages. And ridculously long. Russian, latin, and others have been the names. Their current ship was called Blood Money, and was pretty cool, but no, they HAD to change it to Kosnicheskiy Korabl. *sigh*
  8. Everyone should know about this ship by now, and It looks like it could be a perfect AoR starting ship. Comfortably carries at least 6 people, and has some weapons. Also, what about specs for the new Imperial Cargo ship? That thing could be a awesome starting ship, were it not imperial.
  9. The Rules say that some items that are listed as 1 encumberance are really more of an incidental type thing. For example, if you have 8 stimpacks, you are likely to have a small case that lets you carry them on your belt. So my question is, does this carry over to Holdout blasters and knives? Because holdout blasters fit in pockets and vibroknives likely have a sheath. So would you count those as encumbering?
  10. Yeah I will probably add new obligations. As they were landing on saleucami, they decided that 65 credits a day was too much money to house a ship, so they landed out in nowhere and using ship-side communications called in a taxi. I said that the taxi would cost them 250 credits, and rather than be willing to pay up he just wanted to murder the driver and steal the vehicle. The group was okay with it, and then I told them they would all gain 5-10 obligation for murder. Then he went on to explain how he could do it without being discovered and was unhappy when I said obligation isn't always just about people knowing what you do, but your demeaner. We ended up having our force sensitive use influence to make the guy more friendly and willing to lower the price to 150. It was a rough session, but in the end the players were happy. On another hand I am glad that I am not weird for slow ship combat. They were fighting 6 of the Cutlass-9 fighters and it took their ship almost to 1/2 health which gave them the urgency needed to keep the excitement up. They just weren't super sure on actions and neither was I. Its better now, but still a bit rough. Anyway, thanks for the help. I just can't wait for one of my players to start GMing so I can be one of his players. Then I will get to see both sides of the spectrum.
  11. My group I GM for has 4 (sometimes 5 but he will probably leave) players, and I am the only one who has read the whole CRB. We currently Play EOTE but I have a character who We have decided he will be trasitioning his character to a F&D guy (sorta) by buying specializations and then force powers and the like but he uses obligation. I started them on a campaign that includes Mask of the Pirate Queen. I made a short adventure to start the campaign, and it gave them a ship. The third and last part of that mini-adventure was supposed to have them use their new ship they just won to beat past some Sorority Fighters (they had no clue at the time about the fighters affiliation) and jump to Saleucami. It got cut off though, and they got the ship, broke atmosphere, and then I had an emergency I had to leave for so we finished that tonight. In the whole 4 hours we gamed, THREE of those hours were spent in ship to ship combat, that I had been hoping would take 20-40 min. It was mostly due to only two of the players knowing before hand any of the manuevers and actions available to them, one of them not paying a ton of attention, and all of us looking up weapon qualities. So here are some questions: How long do you guys and girls usually take in ship combat? And do you require your players to read the CRB, some of it, most of it, or none of it? How do you deal with 2 or three PCs who are always looking to kill when possible?
  12. Stealing that idea of extra exp for a journal.
  13. So a player of mine (I am GM) has asked how he can play a EOTE archaeologist but still get a F&D force specialization, because he can't find a F&D career that matches the Explorer archaeologist. Is there a way to do this? and what are similar specializations and careers in F&D source books to the said Explorer archaeologist?
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