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  1. So my question is whether or not you think we will eventually see a Yoda expansion? I would definitely have thought not but I would have thought the same of Palpatine before he was released. Reasons why I think he may be incorporated are: - He is an iconic figure in both the clone wars and the galactic civil war. - He is obviously a fan favorite. - He would provide a strong force centric jedi character to the Rebels that seems to fit their playstyle. Reasons I think he will be skipped: - There are already a TON of rebel jedi characters now and i can see them focusing more on heroes from Rogue One and such instead. - He would be old (even for Yoda) by the time of the game.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. That's some good stuff to consider. I will probably change the Queens ability to one action. The egg and facehuggers are both companion cards though so I don't believe they count for control or interacting anyways. I didn't make that clear but the deployment Card Maker I've been using doesn't have a template for companions. As for the facehuggers ability to spawn more units, the campaign will have a lot of neutral Mission tokens as civilians that the heroes are trying to save.
  3. Make sure to post a link here so we can all check it out! That sounds awesome.
  4. Working on a homebrew campaign with a nasty surprise.
  5. I've really wanted to run a campaign based off of the old "Star Wars Battlefront 2" Galactic Conquest game mode. The idea was to have a map of planets that give bonuses when controlled and players maneuver their fleets to conquer enemy controlled planets in skirmish games of IA. If two fleets meet up at any point the players would play a game of Armada giving the winner a bonus in a following game of X-wing and, if the fleets happen to meet over any given planet, giving the winner a bonus in the following game of IA. I just need about 100 hours in the day and someone else as crazy as myself about games to actually ever bring this to the table.
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