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  1. I literally just barely started playing, I don't even know if I am playing the game properly or not, I am going to go to a local store that hosts game sessions on thursdays and learn how to play there. Im pretty excited for that and I guess I could just ask them there but I would like to condense the container I keep my stuff in. I have 2 core sets, rebel and imperial aces, millenium falcon, slave-1, Hounds tooth, and am waiting on most wanted. I kind of supply everything for when I play with my friends. My question is about the cards. I would think any upgrade can go to any ship as long as the icon is on the pilot card, however, do the upgrades that come with certain expansions have to be used on those ships? Can I mix all of my upgrade cards from every set into one pile and have it be ok or should I keep them seperated by expansion? I know it sounds really stupid and pretty much common sense I believe they can be used on whatever ship can accept them. I just don't want to mix stuff if it shouldn't be mixed but I don't want a bunch of different bags of cards, I would like to be able to have just one pile of each type of card for storage and transportation reasons. Thanks in advance for answering this dumb question lol.
  2. Hello, I couldn't really find a definitive answer to this question in the forums so I decided I would ask. I have two core sets so far and will be getting rebel and imperial aces to enhance the core sets to start. From what I hear that should be a decent starting point for both Rebels and Imperials. My question is, what sets would be the "starting" scum and villainy ships? I would just like my friends to be able to choose out of three factions rather than two.
  3. Do you know if there is any groups like this up in Burlington area? It wouldn't be ideal to travel to brattleboro once a week but I really want to get a group together up here to play, Ive just ordered my first core sets and am brand new, but I am extremely interested in the game and want people to play it with. I am thinking quarterstaff probably has groups or something like this... I hope so at least.
  4. Awesome, thank you so much everyone, all sound like solid suggestions, I will be purchasing from miniaturemarket which I assume is reliable. I am excited to start playing
  5. Hi everybody, I really would like to start playing this game but I am not quite sure where to start with purchases. Of course I would grab a core set but what else would you recommend for a beginner player to be able to have a good time with a friend or alone? Money isn't a huge issue but I don't want to go overboard either, I would like to buy a core set, possibly two from what I have read, and some expansion ships. I am just wondering what you think would be the best expansions to start off with. I definitely want more than one X-wing and two Tie fighters that come in the core set. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you so much! This game looks really fun and it would be my first tabletop game that I have gotten into. Im not sure if there is much of a community for it around where I live but I'm sure I could find people to play with.
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