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  1. So ... Does this mean Gladiators in Rebels or Hammerheads in Armada? Just kidding. Still a cool thing to see.
  2. Thanks for the answers. Sounds like our group is going to go with the map for now.
  3. Just noticed tonight that there are two small errors between the map and campaign guide for two planets. Having reached a management phase after a battle occurred at Corfai, I noticed the map lists Corfai as worth +2 Campaign Points but the booklet says +1. I checked for other errors and found Talfaglio is worth +0 CP on the map but +1 in the booklet. Having compared both to similar planets, my inclination is to go with the map over the campaign guide. However, this does favor my team. I've put it to those involved in the campaign to vote but I'm curious how others have handled this. Surely, others have noticed Corfai, given its worth, even if they haven't noticed a backwater like Talfaglio.
  4. I tried this with Lambda Shuttles last week. It was my first game with the new objectives. The idea is really good on paper(or in my head), but implementing can be tough. Maybe it was my lack of practice with it, but the barrier benefitted my opponent more than me. That said, Strategic is a very powerful ability that can work with a lot of objectives. I'm really excited to try it with Targeting Beacons, if I ever get an opponent foolish enough to pick that.
  5. Not disagreeing, but check my full edit, I added more I saw it. And after all my time on this forum I am disinclined to disagree with you. But my group prefers a solid FAQ over "some guy on a forum." Forgive them, sir. They know not what they say.
  6. Way way back, I had a Victory-II roll all six dice as Accuracy. I must have obliterated that decorative fin on the target, but no significant damage. Much more recently, I had an Interceptor guided by Flight Controllers roll 5 Hits against a generic Firespray. My luck is in the extremes.
  7. Ten Numb ability causes other squadrons around target to suffer damage the same way Mauler does when he finishes moving, so you wouldn't be able to move it around or reduce it with GH BUT Sure, you're Suffering Damage But Biggs is before you suffer damage, too. AND it happens to take place during an attack, as well. Here we go again ... Let's just hope the FAQ is more prompt this time.
  8. So the question I have as has been established a counter attack is an attack, does this mean that he is immune to counter? My guess would be no as every(?) unit that is I think says so. I'd bet he's immune based on the text. He's only immune if there another friendly squadron engaged. I'd say just bounce around or ignore him till everything else is down. Or wait for E-wing to snipe him. He can't do any more damage then a normal TIE, so mininal issue to me. Essentially he gives everyone else escort for him only. Deal with him like any other escorted ship. Vader should have had that ability. Instead, the ****ing Dark Lord of the Sith gets targeted first and dies quickly.
  9. The best advice I can give is watch your squadron placement when attacking. I was at a tournament Saturday and faced two Rhymer/Fireballs with Dengar support. You have to look for an opening and pounce. Each list had an Advanced but it can only protect so much and from certain directions. Each battle I was able to take out Rhymer before his ability could be used and in the second, I got Dengar in the same turn. Yes, my squadrons also got chewed up but I was flying 84 points compared to 120+ points. So trades were in my favor.
  10. I feel the only ships that should have priority are the Flagships. Granted, you should be trying to avoid damage to your Commander's ship, but bad things can happen. So if the Flag is scarred, it gets repaired, no question. If you're on a 3-person team and all experience rotten luck(or are inexperienced players), you could quickly exhaust all of your faction's Commanders.
  11. I like a lot of these ideas, but I will also provided some personal feedback. Blockade Commander is significantly more powerful than he comes across, even with the exhausted tokens handicap. The Imperials are fore-arc heavy, and thus really don't mind sitting still. A similar experiment was tried with Nute Gunray and CIS Munificent-class frigates (also deadly fore arc ships), and it is a bristly trap to attempt to attack. Certainly test it, but dialing up the cost or giving it some other weakness certainly wouldn't hurt either in my experience. Imperial Security Bureau Agent is fleet-wide Demolisher, with the Slaved Turrets penalty. The idea of Imperial-1 class Star Destroyers leaping into black range and unleashing hell makes me as an Imperial player giddy at the thought of it. Dialing this back is a must. Once per round should be sufficient, no cost offset for that either. Veteran Fighter Pilot as written just won't work. That horribly imbalances the game, as no enemy commander could hope to match the squadrons. There is a lot of debate on this subject, but I feel reasonably safe saying facing a large fighter contingent even with the current rules requires at least fair amounts of squadron investment on the side of defenders, and you just can't stop 20 X-wings with fifteen TIE fighters and however many Raiders you're throwing at the problem. Once heavy units like Ghost arrive, and start shuttling around those fighters themselves, that commander is an auto-win. If you want to add fighters to a fleet list, I suggest a commander that reduces the fleet cost of each squadron by 1 pt. That buys you one extra squadron on any existing Rebel mainline squadron, and perhaps make it two points for uniques to help out some. I would cost this admiral around 30-35 pts, intentionally in excess of what he will buy you back, so that there is a penalty for the additional units. Thanks for the feedback. I could see making the Blockade Commander 30 points and adding Drasnighta's suggested impairment. It makes the fleet a good wall but very slow to respond to unexpected threats. And you are certainly right about the ISB Agrnt. Even with that only working on one ship a round, it is still a potentially strong ability. Though it does have diminishing returns in later rounds when ships are close. As for Veteran Fighter Pilot, you are right again. But I did write him up a while ago and then blanked on the new squadrons when reviewing him for posting here. I did think to add that no Squadron in the same fleet could have the Rogue ability, so you would have to balance the number of Squadrons with the number your Ships could command. But that did feel a little damning to him being used. And once again, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it in mind as I refine my other creations.
  12. I came up with these almost a year ago and almost forgot about them. I removed the blatantly overpowered ones and adjusted a few points and abilities. But I was looking for some generic commanders that could do some neat tricks. I tried to theme them to their fleet's combat styles, except the last two, which are meant to be cheap commanders for both sides. A bit silly but perhaps useful in campaigns. Imperial Fleet Commanders: Suppression Force Commander Each of your Ships may receive a Squadron Command Token or a Concentrate Fire Token at the beginning of each odd round(1st, 3rd, 5th). 25 Blockade Commander Your Ships Speed Dials may be set to 0 when deploying. You may Ready and use Defense Tokens even when your Speed Dial is set to 0. You cannot use exhausted Defense Tokens, while set to 0. 25 Imperial Security Bureau Agent Each of your Ships may Fire after it has moved. If it does so it can only Attack once for that Activation. 35 Rebel Fleet Commanders: Defected Imperial Officer At the end of the Planning Phase, you may look at the top Command Dial of one enemy Ship. You may then change the top Command Dial on one of your Ships. 20 Reputable Scoundrel When Activating a Ship, you may Ready one Exhausted Defense Token. If the Ship has no Exhausted Defense Tokens, you may Repair one Shield. 30 Veteran Fighter Pilot The Squadron Points permitted in your Fleet are doubled. Each Ship may gain a Squadron Command Token at the beginning of each Round. 35 Universal Fleet Commanders: Seasoned Captain Once per game, choose one of the following. All unactivated Squadrons may move and attack this Squadron Phase. (or Restore all Shields to one Hull Zone on one Ship when it is Activated. (or One Ship may Attack twice with the same Hull Zone. It may Attack the same target. 15 First-time Commander Copy any Officer, Support Team or Gunnery Team in your Fleet. This effect works only for the Flagship. Then discard this card. 5
  13. It is on Origins' event grid page, in the description section. It is really vague, saying only that a team makes two 300-point lists, then chooses a captain, who turns both lists into the TO. I'm actually hoping it runs quite similar to what you describe from Workds.
  14. And yet, the event asks that two 300-point lists be submitted, not one 600-point list, per team. If it was as cut and dry as the standard rules, I would not be asking.
  15. At the Origins Game Fair in Columbus(Nationals), there is a team tournament. I'm a little unclear on the list building details in the event description. It says that each player builds a 300-point list but teammates cannot duplicate uniques. Does this mean that each teammate needs a Commander? The more I think on it, the more this seems the case. But my teammate thinks only one of us needs the Commander and we share that ability. This would make for a more cohesive force, otherwise it feels more like playing two 1-on-1 games on the same table.
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