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  1. Thank you for that. I didn't think that it did but couldn't find it in the rules worded that way. I had this come up today...First game in a year.
  2. This is a confusing issue. So if you are in cover do the opposing player get the "cover" while you are shooting? So if a unit is in light cover and shoots another unit in light cover will that unit get heavy cover?
  3. Thanks for the input. I hope to get a game with it soon. Had to cancel my game for Wed. I meant to add these. Command Cards. Sorry about the Mess, Explosions, Reckless Diversion, Symbol of Rebellion, Change of Plans, Legacy of Mandolore. Battle cards. Break Through, Sabotage, Key positions. Battle lines, Major Offensive, Disarray, Advanced Positions. Hostile Environment, Mine Field, Rapid Reinforcements, Limited Visibility.
  4. Hey..was hoping for the hive mind here to let me know what you think. I haven't been able to play for almost a year and I am trying to get back into it with all the new stuff. I want to play Han and Sabine. Can you all let me know what you think of this list. Han - Improvised Orders, Duck and Cover, Emergency Stims - 146pts Sabine - Personal Combat Shield, Endurance, Targeting Scopes - 147pts Rebel Commando/Snipers - Dh-447 Sniper 44pts Rebel Commando/Snipers - Dh-447 Sniper, Long Range Comlink - 54 pts Rebel Troopers - Z-6 Trooper - 62pts X 4 -248pts AT-RT - AT-RT Flam - 80pts x 2 - 160pts Total 799pts. Let me know what you think. Did I do this right. lol
  5. Honestly I do a simple paint job. Just picked my two colors and taped off the center and airbrushed it. Added the gun metal and the put a light air brushed Agrax wash. Then did a light dry brush with a iron breaker. Then added a few details.
  6. Hey great stuff. I didn't see the actual list of inks and washes though.
  7. I know I have seen them somewhere. I looked through the threads but didn't see them... Has anyone seen them and if so know where to get them?
  8. Well that's upsetting...that it has two release dates.....
  9. SSGClark


    I have gone for a very simple paint scheme on all my army. Primed Black Face Bugmans Glow, Reikland Fleshshade, Cadian Fleshstone, just a bit of Kislev Flesh and Flayed One Flesh Base uniform Mech Standard Grey for the uniform Nulin oil wash and then just a bit of MSG again to bring it up a bit. Base armor Mix of MSG and Castellan Green for the Grey Green look. Wash with Nulin oil again and again highlighted back with the same mix. Edged with Black. Belt, Boots, Goggles Just black with Eshin Grey and A bit Dawnstone. I did wash the Boots and goggles with the gloss Nulin oil. The red is Mephiston and the blue is Thousand Sons Blue. Hope that helps.
  10. SSGClark


    I had gone off of the box art.
  11. SSGClark


    Honestly I just used a bit of leadbelcher and washed the center.
  12. SSGClark


    Well picked him up today and couldn't wait so I painted him up. CC welcome.
  13. Anyone have a good tutorial on using these models for terrain?
  14. SSGClark

    command cards

    Thanks...we had to of missed it when going through the rules.
  15. SSGClark

    command cards

    Ok I looked but didn't see this discussed anywhere. If your commander dies can you still use the command cards that they bring. IE Vader dies but I still have Implacable and New ways to motivate...or how ever they are worded....can I still use them or are they discarded? I understand that any bonuses that they would give Vader wont happen.
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