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  1. It's also important to remember FFG has to have every design approved by Lucasfilm. The level of detail may have been required.
  2. Make no mistake; I love Qui-Gon. I agree he was definitely a Light Side User and a great example of what a Jedi should be (Maybe the best). However he was racking up Conflict fast in EP.1. He uses the Force to convince a NPC to give his an on'bunko. Then uses it to protect a criminal from getting punished (OK maybe that doesn't count but he rolled a Despair on the Discipline check), he again tries to uses the Force to cheat Watto into taking worthless money. Encourages and helps a child to run in a life and death race for pretty selfish reasons and then straight up cheats Watto. Now, maybe he was rolling 10s the whole time or this was just a rough mission but if that's he normally operated like Master and Apprentice hint at, he probably wasn't a Paragon.
  3. Sorry to go off topic..... But that is a interesting insight into how the movies depict Force use.
  4. I did notice that. That's why the first thing I addressed is that I think no bonus or penalty for middle Morality is exactly what you should get. And you can skip the rest of this post as it is all debate points about proper nomenclature of Force Users... Now Dark Jedi. As I understand, it is originally from KOTOR and if I remember correctly was a layman's term to refer to any Darkside Force user, especially Fallen Jedi that had joined the Sith. So in thoses instances I think Fallen Jedi is much better a term. Jedi and Sith are religions. They have tenants, rules, creeds, etc. If you fail in following those rules all the time you may not get kicked out of the order or even in any trouble. But when you change the Rules you live by, you are no longer part of that religion. Examples: Ahsoka makes it overly clear in Rebels she is no Jedi but she stayed a Lightside Force user. Qui-Gon did some morally grey stuff bending the expectations of the rules but never strayed into the Darkside (in current canon) and his Conflict would seem to keep him in middle Morality (otherwise he might have had enough WT to beat Maul hahahha). And while his reputation in the order suffered (some would say the opposite), he never crossed the line enough to get kicked out.
  5. Don't pick a side. Don't get a prize. I personally dislike the concept of Grey Force users getting any bonuses. No penalty is your bonus. I also HATE the name Grey Jedi. Jedi are Lightside Force Users. Therefore if you claim to be Grey and follow a different code you are no longer a Jedi. Now if a player wishes to follow the path of redemption, and can get too and from Darkside / Lightside (like Revan/Vader if he had Lived, and I'm sure some other I don't know or cant think of) I may give bonuses to the player. But that should be the exception and to reward their hard fought roleplaying ( and I would make it hard, but I learned form the harshest killer GMs
  6. I can see them adding Master in FotR just to Troll Anakin. But seriously, I feel they could stop there. They could all all kinds of Specs, however, most of the things they could add would be covered by other specs from other careers. Which could lead to Jedi being "too good" of a career leaving no reason to cross career spec if you can get everything in one. Now the 2 we've seen let you play a decent (and flavorful) force user without FaD if you are coming at it from the other lines, so that is a plus for more casual player groups. I do like the idea of a Temple Guard of Archivist spec, but again these could be well covered by other careers and specs as does General. It seems unlikely they would do 2 the 4 in the next book. Although they could add more with an Old Republic book later. I think they could and maybe should just leave it at 3...
  7. I'm thinking it is a mash up of Jav and Eskro
  8. I'm game.... !!! I was weathering my Scarrif Rebel trooper at a paintball game the other day!
  9. Planned on going to an X-Wing Tournament in this... but I was playing Scum...lol
  10. Feudal Japan is a hobby study of mine (from the SCA, a medieval reenactment group), along with studying and teaching Shinkendo (Japanese swordsmanship) and Aikido for the last 15 year or so. And my last name is Solomon....
  11. I have my original books (beat to ****, I got them in middle school in '88) as well as a near mint set I pick up a couple years ago off Ebay for next to nothing. I all so have a bunch of the of the source books and the 2nd Edition.
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