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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned with the immediate lack of chainbound events in MN, dreamers in St Louis Park is running events on Mondays and I'm sure that more retailers will be added as they learn the software
  2. Hopefully it will be listed on the pairing sheet or called out by the TO
  3. So do you drop it for one turn right when they are about to forge and pop it the next turn?
  4. Drakespirit

    More Fluff?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if they were going to publish any novels based off the existing world. There is so much there to explore as far as world building goes, I'd be excited to read it (having already read all the short stories)
  5. You sound really upset about this. What outcome are you expecting from all this? (also they fixed the 200 point issue, in fact if you were the guy harassing the TO then you were also the guy that gave the scorekeeper the contact info for the developer to fix it, so I fail to see how its relevant to your experience)
  6. I was at this event and I must say that we must have been at two completely different regionals. I found the TO to be a bit odd at times, but well meaning and doing his best managing a 90 person event. I do remember there was a player that was harassing him about a quarter of the way through the event. I also vaguely remember the player in question and the TO talking it over and him apologizing. Was there another issue at the regional that was missed? I thought it was awesome that they went out of their way to make sure that the whole event was supported so that none of the players had to go offsite for food.
  7. So I just picked up my core and a couple of packs and have played a couple games and I keep wondering what the hand limit is (I cant find it in the learn to play, rules reference or here on the forums). So I'll ask, is there a hand limit?
  8. I think that the consumer grade cards will open up new design space for Damon Stone to explore. With the first two cycles being removed at the end of the year they will need to find something else to replace them with and this seems like it could be a good place to start exploring
  9. Was not 100% sure where to put this, but here goes. Anyone here know who to get in contact with to get access to TOME? I have been to a couple of Netrunner store championships where they were using it and it worked really well. I ask because I will be running a store championship for netrunner as well in the near (2/13) future, and would like to use the official software, and not do things by hand :/
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