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    Can't run the app on Windows 10 tablet

    I think it is a question of OS, whether it is 32 bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64). I also have had this problem on my Win 10 x86 tablet. If I remember right, on x86 the app is not running but the browser version will do it. On Win 10 x64 the app is running without problems.
  2. DerWolfskrieger

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Try it here: http://forum.heidelbaer.de/viewforum.php?f=75&sid=289fbafde946ffce385b05ce59b3e729 Good luck and greetings from Germany (Osthessen).
  3. DerWolfskrieger

    Please post technical issues here

    Solution to my problem was very easy: the remember me checkbox must be flagged. Thaks for a very good support from FFG.
  4. DerWolfskrieger

    Please post technical issues here

    I have the same login problem to the Descent Quest Vault (and the X-Wing Mission Control) as JonaKaBiggz and just sent an email to "questvault@fantasyflightgames.com". Thanks for this hint. I am waiting for an answer.