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  1. 4fox100

    TIE Defender Pilots Ranked

    I personally would consider it a TIE (pardon the pun) between Vess and the Countess. Vess works best in squad that can support him. Usually with pilots like Bacdraft, Omega Leader, Ryad, etc. He is very much an early game ship. Ryad on the other hand can work independently. She is a very versatile ship that can play effectively at any stage. So Vess has more punch and Ryad is more versatile. It depends what you need in your list.
  2. 4fox100

    How do you react to this situation

    Pretty much. Personally i would scream up the edge of the board with D and take a 1 or 2 turn to the right with B and fly around the rocks on the right hand side of the board. This will force your opponent to be wary and not over commit his first few turns. If he does you can converge on his position in a pincer and hit from multiple sides. If he is cautious play a game of hide and go seek and chip away at a distance.
  3. 4fox100

    Playing Favorites? Unlikely

    She also can take sabine. And with Adv. SLAM can end up dropping bombs in areas Nym cannot. Nym may be yhe better ship stat wise but is in no way a superior bomber. Imo they both are about even.
  4. 4fox100

    Playing Favorites? Unlikely

    Correction. He was almost invulnerable to single attacks. Focused fire brought him down consistently.
  5. 4fox100

    Best Combo if you moved a pilot into a different ship

    Don't know if it has been said but Miranda in a VCX-100 would be fun. 5 die primary FTW. Vader in a Deci with EU and Expert Handling would be hilarious. Zuckuss on a Scurrg or JM5k with ordnance....or 4-LOM on a Partybus with Zuckuss, Dengar, and Insp Recruit (or other crew if desired)
  6. 4fox100

    Best Combo if you moved a pilot into a different ship

    That is absolutely terrifying.
  7. 4fox100

    Proposed VI nerf

    So true. Take Vader for instance. VI is great on him but he loses acces to things like intensity and predator.
  8. 4fox100

    It's Official

    Now this brother gets it. My thoughts exactly.
  9. 4fox100

    The resistance Bomber.....

    It is also a non unique system. Deathrain got an upgrade.
  10. 4fox100

    Wave 12 Announced!

    Um....the phantom 2 is an old trade federation ship (so prequel star wars) and the Gunboat is like a mini shuttle (also star wars) and the Kimo looks very much star wars imo. Besides the phantom the new ships were made from old star wars designs from the EU video games. Very star wars imo.
  11. 4fox100

    The GUNBOAT has saved us all!!!

    Now this brother gets it.
  12. Same could be said to you. How about this. NPE has nothing to do with your opponent. Say it a few times and see if it helps. Did it? If no maybe consider that those sort of comments do absolutely nothing to help your case.
  13. As i had said when it first came out the Fang is a Heavy Interceptor relying on more up in your face tactics and overwhelming your opponent with speed and power. Imps have Light Interceptors relying on evading, playing the long game, and only attacking at the opportune moment.
  14. I get that from my experience at tournies. Quite a few people were very upset when i was winning against their net lists (i was using a home brew list). Saying things like 'i came all this way just to lose'. I have yet to see someone complain about something being a total NPE when they just wiped the floor with their opponent. But lose to something a few times? Has to be OP or an NPE. It is YOUR decision to make it so. Your opponent has no control over YOUR attitude. That relies solely on you. So imo nothing in this game is an NPE by itself. Once you decide to let it become that is when it turns into that.